Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/20/03

By Eva
Proofread By Lisa

At the Beacon, Edmund talks to someone on the phone and tells them to put the account under the name Jonathan Randall also known as Sandy Foster. Cassie arrives and wonders why Edmund was talking to someone on the phone about Sandy. Edmund explains to Cassie that he is trying to make amends to Jonathan. Cassie tells Edmund she understands his heart is in the right place, but giving Jonathan money won't help make amends. Cassie tries to seduce Edmund to get his mind off of Jonathan but her attempt to seduce Edmund doesn't work.

Also at the Beacon, Ross arrives and sits down with Michelle. Michelle takes advantage of the opportunity and tells Ross that Danny is thinking of running for Mayor. Michelle hopes Ross will persuade Ed to lend his support to the idea. Ross doesn't support the idea at all. Ross tells Michelle that all of Danny's skeletons will come out of the closet during a political campaign. Ross thinks Danny should think long and hard about his decision. Jeffrey receives balloons from someone.

At Company, Sandy wishes Marah would have warned him about Reva's cookies because he almost broke a tooth when he bit into one of them. Sandy thinks Marah shouldn't have left with the old guy after the family dinner. Marah tells Sandy that Jeffrey isn't an old guy and she likes him. Sandy doesn't want Marah's feelings for him to cause another drama in her life. Marah claims that Jeffrey just helped her out of an awkward situation.

At the park. Reva bumps into Christopher who has just finished his jogging. Reva tells him she has tried not to be pushy with Sandy and do all the good 'Mom things' but she isn't getting through to him. Reva tells Christopher that every member of the Lewis family is making progress with Sandy but her. Reva thinks Sandy still blames her for giving him up. Reva is determined to find a way to get through to Sandy. Christopher invites Reva to dinner at the Country club. Reva accepts his invitation but wants to have dinner at Company.

At Company, Sandy tells Marah that Jeffrey only wants one thing from her. Marah notices a newspaper article about Danny and rushes to talk to Michelle.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey is horrified to discover that the balloons came from Marah. Michelle walks over to Jeffrey and tells him his balloons are nice. Jeffrey gives the balloons to Michelle.

News Break

At the Beacon, Edmund explains to Cassie that Sandy needs to be mad at him not the Lewis family. Edmund tells Cassie that he wants to make Sandy's life more comfortable. Edmund gives Cassie a kiss and leaves to go talk to Sandy.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle puts the balloons on the counter and sees the news article about Danny. Marah arrives and notices the newspaper in Michelle's hand. Michelle leaves a message on Danny's cell phone and tells him to call her. Michelle tells Marah she is not going to be a good political wife because she is too emotional. Michelle is determined to fight back. Marah suggests to Michelle that Danny and the family go on Reva's show to tell his side of the story.

At Company, Edmund wants to talk to Sandy who refuses to talk to him. Edmund sits down to talk to Sandy anyway. Edmund encourages Sandy not to reject his new family because they are just as upset about what happened to him as he (Sandy) is. Edmund says he (Edmund) is responsible for what happened to him not the Lewis family. Edmund encourages Sandy to build a relationship with his family. Edmund gives Sandy a watch that belonged to his great grandfather and explains that Richard carried the watch with him most of his life. Edmund also tells Sandy an account has been set up for him to help him with his education. Sandy angrily refuses both gifts saying that Edmund's checks won't work with him. Sandy thinks Edmund is getting ready to stab him in the ribs with a knife. Sandy thinks Edmund is just trying to make nice to become a part of the family and then he will go back to his evil ways.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle tells Marah about how Jeffrey reacted to her gift. Michelle and Marah notice a bowl with fortune cookies that wasn't there when Michelle arrived home. Michelle and Marah each take a cookie. When Michelle and Marah open their cookies they find two rings. Michelle's fortune says that she forgot to clean the curtains last week. Marah's fortune says that she is better off without him. Michelle and Marah think that the rings are a bribe from Carrie to keep her visits to them a secret. Michelle picks up the phone to call Marina when Marina suddenly arrives at the house with a ring of her own.

At the Beacon, Ross tells Ed the last thing Springfield needs is for Danny to run for Mayor. Ross and Ed ask for Jeffrey's opinion on the issue. Jeffrey welcomes the idea because Danny knows how to get things done and doesn't take any bull from anyone. Cassie stops by the table to say hello to Ed and Ross and then goes to her table to wait for Edmund. Jeffrey goes over to the table to talk to Cassie.

At Company, Sandy says that every member of his new family has been trying very hard to understand his situation and make him feel welcome. Sandy says he knows his family isn't perfect at least they are human unlike Edmund who isn't human at all. Sandy tells Edmund that if he ever becomes a part of his family he will make sure to keep Edmund out of the family. Reva arrives shortly after Sandy leaves and also thinks that Edmund is trying to make amends because of his relationship with Cassie. Edmund tells Reva that he wants to make a life with Cassie.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey asks Cassie if Marah has any father issues regarding older men. Cassie says Marah doesn't have any father issues. Jeffrey asks Cassie to talk to Marah about older men and what they need and want from women. Cassie thinks Jeffrey is a cradle robbing creep for hitting on Marah.

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