Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By Suzanne

Beth and Alan are at Towers, wondering where Philip is. Beth phones Philip, who is acting very strangely. He is very distracted and slow to respond. He tells her that he left his wallet at home but will join them. He looks around on the floor for his wallet but can't find it. Down on the floor, he says it's "gone", like everything else. He lies down on the floor and doesn't get up.

Beth and Alan discuss Philip's problems. They notice Jeffrey sitting nearby. Alan cheers her up by joking about ways they can make Jeffrey feel bad about dumping her. She decides to stay there and live it up with Alan. They chat about dating, about Lucia, and about Philip. They have a good time. She thanks him for making her feel good. He wishes he hadn't kept her and Philip apart. She says you can't change the past. She praises him for how much he's grown up in the past year, so he laughs that she is the only one who could get away with saying that.

Shane overhears (or remembers overhearing) Marina talking to Nico about the dance. Nico and Marina walk into his room for a visit. Marah walks by so Marina notices her sexy dress. Marah won't tell who she's meeting. Marina punches Nico on the arm for teasing her, which seems to make Shayne jealous. In the hall, Marina asks Marah if she's seen Carrie lately and they wonder what her secret is. Marah says she's going to Towers but won't tell with whom. Nico tells Shayne he's fine; Shayne thanks him for keeping Marah safe. Nico comments on his great progress and says he will be dancing soon. Nico goes through Shayne's CD's so they briefly talk about music. Nico muses that he didn't think they had anything in common but now they seem to. Marina tells Nico she thinks Shayne looks depressed. Sandy comes by looking for Marah but decides to visit Shayne briefly. Sandy and Shayne chat about the welcoming dinner, Reva, and Marah. Shayne thinks that sometimes Marah might need a push. Shayne asks Sandy for a favor but we don't hear what it is. Marina chats with Sandy outside and it is awkward (sexual tensions perhaps).

Jeffrey is at Towers listening to a chatty woman. Nearby Danny is talking to the mayor, asking him if he is running again. Danny says he might run. Jeffrey tells someone on the phone in French that they have Danny where they want him, and the higher he climbs, the farther he will fall. Danny asks the mayor if he will support him. The mayor says he will wait and see what happens first. Jeffrey says hi to Danny after his meeting. Danny is a bit wary but Jeffrey sort of kisses up to him, saying how it would great if Danny ran. Jeffrey points to the woman he was talking with and says she's a reporter for the Herald so Danny better get his speech ready. Marah arrives and offers to buy Jeffrey a drink, basically coming on to him. He is taken aback and says he's too old for her. She lists the ways that he acts "inappropriately" and assures him that she just wants to have fun. He is sorry that he gave her the wrong idea. She keeps at him, rattling him. He says he can't sleep with 21-year-olds because they are in different places in their lives. She is undeterred and says she is not interested in anything long-term. She just wants to offer him one night of pure pleasure. He is obviously bothered but also turned on. They argue a bit about it and then he tells her to go home. She undoes his tied and then uses it to pull him close for a kiss. She leaves, as he looks stunned. Sandy arrives just then and looks shocked.

Beth is surprised and disgusted at seeing Marah with Jeffrey, so she and Alan leave. They return home to find Philip on the floor. He is unresponsive at first so Alan goes to call 911, but then he sits up and explains that it seemed pointless to get up. He cries that something is wrong and he needs help. They agree. Beth suggests that he talk to Rick, at least. Philip says he is scared and they hug.

Bill talks to Eden in her apartment about Danny's election. The phone rings; it's the press. Tony arrives so Eden tells him to leave her alone. He comes in at Bill's request. They discuss the Santos past and how it might hurt Danny's election. Tony is evasive when asked about his past and what might come out, but hints that he could say something (meaning about Eden). Eden takes Tony's side and tells Bill to drop it. Bill wonders if Tony can stay clean during the campaign. Tony plans to talk up Danny on the street. There is another call for Bill from the press. Eden tries to get rid of Tony. She goes to get his clothes from the bedroom, and he follows her closely, so when she turns around, he is very close. She wants him to take them and leave but he insists on trying them on. She has to touch him when he asks about whether it's too big in the shoulders. Danny arrives just then. They look guilty but cover. Bill comes in and they chat about the mayor, Jeffrey, and the reporter. Danny says Michelle approves of him running. They celebrate but Danny is still not sure. Tony wants to sound out the people on 5th street. He wants Eden to help but she disagrees and so does Bill. Bill is completely clueless as to the undertones between everything that Eden and Tony say to each other.

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