Guiding Light Update Friday 11/14/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Gus sits at a booth doing paperwork. Harley comes up behind him and puts her arms around him. Gus tells Harley she smells good. Harley tells Gus she isn't wearing any clothes under her coat. Harley also shows him keys to a room she reserved at the Springfield Inn. 

At the Beacon, Danny informs Tony that Bill thinks it's a good idea that he (Danny) consider running for mayor. Tony laughs and says Danny is crazy to even consider running for mayor. 

At Crescent View Heights, Jeffrey tries to start his car but it doesn't start because the car is out of gas. 

At the museum, Marina tells Shayne that she wants to make love to him. Shayne tells her that he can't make love to her because her first time has to be perfect. The truth is he doesn't think their first time together should be while his is disabled. Marina tells Shayne she understands the things that worry him but she has something she wants to say to him on the subject. Marina gives Shayne a kiss. 

Outside Company, Gus and Harley share a few kisses on their way to the car. The mood is broken when Eden interrupts them and informs Harley that she bought bad girl perfume. Gus follows Eden back inside because he wants to once again make amends with his sister. Harley waits outside shivering in the cold. 

At the Beacon, Bill arrives while Tony and Danny are talking. Bill tries to persuade Danny to run for mayor. Both Danny and Tony are still skeptical about the idea. Bill is positive this is a golden opportunity for Danny. Tony wonders what is in this for Bill. Bill admits that Lewis Construction could use a friend in City Hall. Danny asks Tony to be his right-hand man if he does decide to run for mayor. Tony refuses Danny's offer. 

At Crescent View Heights, Marah thinks Jeffrey is trying to make a move on her by pulling 'the running out of gas' trick. Jeffrey is annoyed that Marah would think he would do such a thing. Marah suggests they walk to the Beacon so she can buy him a drink. Jeffrey agrees and they both get out of the car and begin the walk to the Beacon. 

At the museum, Marina explains to Shayne that they thought they were ready to make love before but the truth is they weren't ready to make love. Marina explains they were just kids and they were only concerned about when and where they would make love. They didn't consider the meaning of their actions. Marina explains that the accident has forced both of them to grow up and has made them grow even closer than they were. Marina says that the accident, and everything they have faced, should have made her angry and scared but she didn't feel that way because Shayne was with her. Shayne tells Marina that she deserves her first time to be better. Marina tells Shayne the first time they considered making love she wasn't even sure she was in love with him but now she knows in her heart she loves him and he loves her. Marina tells Shayne she wants to show him how much she loves him not just say the words and she wants him to do the same for her. Shayne and Marina begin to make love.

At Company, Gus tells Eden he wants to be a part of this new life she has made for herself. Gus tells Eden he is proud of her new career and her relationship with Bill. Everything is going well until Gus mentions that she may need his help now that Tony is back in town. Eden gets suspicious and wonders why Gus is bringing up Tony. Eden gets angry and tells Gus to leave. Gus and Harley once again head for the car when they are interrupted by a woman named Amanda Wallburn, who asks Gus to help her because she is being stalked. 

At the Beacon, Danny asks Tony to help run his campaign if he decides to run for mayor. Tony agrees to think about the offer. Tony stands up to leave, when he turns around he sees Marah arrive with Jeffrey. Tony sits back down. Danny encourages Tony to go say hello to Marah. Tony tells Danny to get it through his head that his relationship with Marah is over. Marah walks over and tells Tony that they started off on the wrong foot when he came back to town. Marah asks Tony if they can start over. Marah wants to set up a time to take more accurate measurements of Tony for his outfit. Tony gets angry and tells her she should have gotten the measurements right the first time. Tony says he never wanted the clothes he was just making a charitable donation. 

Outside Company, Ms. Wallburn explains to Gus that she has been followed by a car for a week. Gus explains there is nothing the police can do since no threat to her life has been made. Harley decides to take the case. Harley asks Gus to drive them to Ms. Wallburn's apartment because she needs to put on some clothes. Harley and Gus's romantic evening has to be postponed.

At Ms. Wallburn's apartment. Harley advises her client to stay at a hotel for a while. When they arrive at the apartment door they find that someone has broken in. The landlord informs them nothing was taken because he chased the guy away. The landlord describes the same kind of car that has been following Ms. Wallburn. Gus makes this an official police investigation. Gus and Harley stay at the apartment and they give Ms. Wallburn the keys to their room at the Springfield Inn. 

At the Beacon, Jeffrey informs Tony that Marah has a contract with a big London department store and won't have time to make an outfit for him. Jeffrey explains Marah only felt an obligation because he made such a large donation to the benefit. Marah gives Jeffrey a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for taking her away from another confrontation with Tony. Marah pays for the drink Jeffrey is already drinking and leaves. Danny thinks Tony still has feelings for Marah. When Eden arrives Bill tells her about Marah and Tony's latest fight. Bill says Tony is going out of his way to show Marah their relationship is over. Bill encourages Danny to talk with Michelle and consider running for mayor. Bill tells Danny that he and Eden will be his campaign managers. Tony agrees to be the head of Danny's exploratory committee once he finds out Eden will be part of his campaign. 

At the Museum, Shayne and Marina tell each other they love each other. Shayne tells Marina she was right that their romantic evening was perfect. Marina agrees and gives Shayne a kiss. 

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