Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Lewis's house, Reva is upset that her dinner didn't go as well as she had hoped it would go. Cassie thinks that Reva pushed things too hard. 

Outside the house, Jeffrey encourages Marah to scream now. Jeffrey wonders what was going on with Marah. Jeffrey tells Marah he noticed the looks she was giving her new brother. Marah tells Jeffrey she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Marah asks Jeffrey to take her home. 

At Richard's grave, Sandy talks to the mole. The mole tells him he made a mistake by not leaving town. The mole also tells Sandy that this mess is all his fault. 

On Nico's corner on Fifth Street, Nico stares at Marina and temporarily forgets the words to the song he is singing. When Marina wonders why Nico stopped singing he stops staring at her and starts tuning his guitar. Nico continues singing his song to Marina while she thinks about Shayne. Marina notices that the gathered crowd hasn't put much money in Nico's hat so she decides to make the song a duet and sing along with Nico. At the end of the song the gathered crowd claps and puts money in Nico's hat. Nico thanks Marina for her help and offers to give her some of the money. Marina decides to go home and as she is leaving she tells Nico to keep the money for her. 

At the Beacon, an excited Tammy still can't believe she got the part of Juliet in the play. Tammy again thanks Edmund for his help learning her lines. Edmund tells Tammy she got the part because she is a good actress. Lizzie arrives to tell Tammy that she got the part of the nurse. Lizzie congratulates Tammy for getting the part of Juliet and then she leaves. Tammy and Edmund both agree that Lizzie just did a fine acting job because they know Lizzie is not at all happy she got the part of the nurse. 

At the Lewis's house, Reva worries that Sandy will never accept her in his life. Reva asks Cassie how things went with Sandy when she (Cassie) spoke to him at Richard's grave. Cassie tells her he really seemed to open up and feel comfortable there. Cassie explains that one reason Sandy may feel comfortable at Richard's grave is because Richard can't talk back to him. Reva leaves to find her son. 

Crescent View Heights, Jeffrey wonders why Marah wanted to drive to the park and then bring him there. Marah explains that from there they can see the whole town and she feels at peace there. Marah asks Jeffrey if it was obvious that she is still attracted to Sandy. Marah tells Jeffrey that she feels like a disgusting person for being attracted to her brother. Jeffrey tells Marah that she can't turn off her feelings for Sandy automatically. Jeffrey encourages Marah to scream and let her feelings out. Marah screams out her feelings then smiles because she feels a little bit better. Jeffrey tells Marah the fashion show was spectacular. Marah thanks Jeffrey for the compliment. Jeffrey compares Marah's situation to a Greek tragedy and smiles. Marah is surprised that Jeffrey is the only person that has made a joke about her situation. Marah says her relationship with Sandy was uncomplicated and easy. Jeffrey says that Sandy is anything but an uncomplicated person. After Jeffrey states the evidence for his opinion, Marah agrees with him. 

At Richard's grave, Reva finds Sandy and they talk to each other. Sandy apologizes to Reva for leaving the house. Sandy explains that the entire evening made him feel uncomfortable but it wasn't her fault. Sandy explains that once he came to town and looked in the window of the house and dreamed of being a part of Reva's family. Sandy explains to Reva that he feels comfortable with Richard because Richard can't talk back to him. Sandy says he doesn't belong in her family and no matter what he does he will never be a part of it. Sandy shows Reva his mole puppet and explains that he did the voice for the mole on his radio show. Reva smiles and thinks the mole is brilliant. 

At the museum, Marina arrives home humming the song she sang with Nico. Shayne wonders why Marina is singing. Marina explains to Shayne that she sang his favorite song for him. Marina explains Nico was singing the song and she sang it with him because he looked like he needed help. Marina says that the whole time she was singing, Shayne's love filled her up and made her feel like his spirit was there with her while she was singing. Marina tells Shayne she was searching for the perfect Christmas gift for him but was unable to find anything. Shayne tells Marina she is his gift. Marina says the same thing to Shayne and they hold each other. Shayne tells Marina that he was dreaming he could walk and they were both lying on the sand at SunNet making love. Marina tells Shayne to close his eyes and imagine they are on the beach together. Shayne and Marina kiss. 

At Richard's grave. Reva introduces herself to the mole. Sandy thinks he is crazy for creating the mole personality. Sandy explains the mole was a crutch when he was feeling lonely. Reva thanks the mole for taking care of her son while she wasn't there. Reva tells Sandy that our lives are marked by the things we love no matter what those things are they help us make it through the tough times. Sandy says his presence in her life is making things more difficult for everyone. 

At Crescent View Heights. Jeffrey thinks Marah fell in love with Sandy because he needed to be rescued and she liked the risk of a relationship with him. Marah agrees with Jeffrey. 

At the Beacon, Tammy tells her mother she got the part of Juliet. Cassie tells Edmund and Tammy about the very tense dinner. Cassie also tells them Jeffrey had dinner with them. Edmund is annoyed that Jeffrey had dinner with the family. Edmund leaves to make a phone call. Tammy blasts Cassie for treating Edmund so badly and not insisting that he go to dinner with her. 

At Richard's grave, Reva cries as she explains to Sandy that giving him up was the most painful thing she has ever experienced in her life. Sandy apologizes for making things so difficult with her family. Sandy thinks it's time he left town and left well enough alone. Reva calls Sandy a coward.

At the museum, Marina explains to Shayne that she dreams of them making love at the cabin just like they had intended to before Ben went to the cabin. Marina says she wants them to be together. Shayne says he wants the same thing. Marina and Shayne kiss. 

At the Beacon, Cassie apologizes to Edmund for not fighting harder for him to come to dinner with her. Cassie says that Sandy and Reva will just have to get used to him being a part of her life. Edmund gives her a hug and a kiss. Edmund also thanks Cassie for not making him suffer through a dinner with Jeffrey. 

At Crescent View Heights. Jeffrey thinks Marah has a drive and desire for picking the wrong guys. Jeffrey thinks Marah needs to learn when to cut her losses. Jeffrey thinks Marah should choose someone who is worthy of her. Marah tells Jeffrey about her contract with a big London department store. Jeffrey offers to look over the contract for her. Marah invites Jeffrey to have a drink with her. 

At Richard's grave, Reva begs Sandy to stay so she can get to know him. Reva explains that although she has other children there is a hole in her heart that only he can fill. Reva thinks Sandy has a hole in his heart as well. Sandy tells Reva she may be sorry she didn't let him leave town. Reva says she is willing to take that chance. Sandy holds Reva's hand as they leave Richard's grave together. 

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