Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/11/03

By Sarah
Proofread by Lisa

Reva asks Cassie to come to dinner with the rest of the family. Cassie suggests Reva not push Sandy so hard. Reva tells Cassie that he's already agreed, but Cassie points out that it doesn't mean he'll be comfortable

Lizzie tries to apologize to Joey for lying to him the night she had him drive her to the Beacon. 

Tammy asks Edmund to help her practice her lines. He starts into a monologue from Romeo & Juliet, and then breaks it off to let Tammy start her lines. She insists that he do the whole line so that she can "get into character." 

Tony asks Eden why he lied about Bill showing up. Eden tells him that she just wants to get home so that she's there when Bill gets home. He pushes her to stay and have a drink. She asks him about Marah. He admits that he saw her today. Eden asks if they made plans to get together and talk about stuff. Tony tells her that he and Marah are over, and she should start accepting that. Eden insists that Marah was good for him the way Bill is for her. Tony tells her that he's not going to change for anyone and that she shouldn't either. He tells her he needs a woman, and that woman is her. 

Edmund asks Tammy why she's nervous. He thinks that she's mastered the play. She tells him that the only reason she's any better is because of him, and that he'll have to help with the entire play if she gets the part. 

Joey reluctantly accepts Lizzie's apology. She notices he's reading the play and asks him about it. He tells her that he's auditioning for Romeo and that Tammy is auditioning for Juliet. Lizzie comments about how she used to be in a lot of plays and that she always had the lead. She goes on to say that Tammy should be thankful that she's not auditioning against her because she'd get it. Joey tells Lizzie that Tammy is the best Juliet and he's sure she'll get the part. He leaves to get his mom. 

Cassie asks Reva if she really thinks that Sandy wants to spend the evening in the same room as Edmund. Reva tells her that Edmund isn't invited. Cassie tells her that their family isn't exactly that easy to understand, and that they should hold off on dinner until EVERYONE can attend, so that Sandy will get the whole truth instead of just the parts that Reva wants to feed him. A boy approaches their table. He tells Reva that he saw her show, and that he wants to get a message to his father that died a couple months ago. Reva tells him that she doesn't want to lie to him, and that she can't do that. 

Alex gets an important phone call, and she asks Buzz to keep an eye on Lizzie for an hour or so until she can get back to get her. Buzz agrees only if he can put her to work. Alex leaves, and Lizzie tells Buzz that she's used to being pushed aside at the last possible moment. 

Tammy is working with Edmund on the play. She gets a call from Lizzie. Lizzie tries to make it seem like her therapist is making her try out for the play because he thinks it will be good for her. Tammy asks why she's telling her this. Lizzie tells her that she didn't want her to be surprised tomorrow when she's at the auditions. Tammy hangs up and tells Edmund that she's not auditioning anymore since there's no way that she's going to get the part. Edmund tries to get her to change her mind. 

Tony tells Eden that he wants her. She tells him that she's with Bill. Tony tells her that she could be herself with him. Gus interrupts them, and tells Eden that he needs her signature on two permits from the fashion show by midnight or they'll get slapped with a big fine. She tells Tony that she has to take care of this. He reminds her that he's not going anywhere. 

Reva tries to explain to the boy that she believes that when people die, their spirit remains and is always with us. The boy tells her that he thought he felt his dad with him, but he just thought he was crazy. Reva tells him that it is his father. The boy thanks Reva and leaves. Cassie asks her if that happens a lot, and Reva tells her that it does. Reva tells her that if she won't come without Edmund, she understands. Cassie surprises her and agrees to come sans Edmund. 

Tammy tells Edmund that she can't compete against Lizzie because she will get the role no matter what. Edmund tells her that she's the best, and she will get the part. After some more convincing, Tammy decides that she will audition after all. 

Eden realizes that Gus isn't taking her to the station and assumes that she's done something wrong and that he's going to hassle her for it. Then he shows her the national campaign that Spaulding launched with Bad Girl (the perfume that Eden is the model for). Alex joins them. She tells Eden that she should be ready at 10 in the morning to hand out samples and sign autographs. Eden tells her that she's not wearing the gown and that she is wearing something short, tight, and hot. Alex suggests that she not look like a tramp, but Eden reminds her they are selling sex. They argue more on what image will sell more, and Gus stops them. 

Buzz notices that Lizzie is bored. He suggests that she fold napkins, fill the salt shakers, or mop the floor. She says that there are child labor laws, and Buzz reminds her that she's not a child anymore. 

Cassie asks if she should bring anything. Reva tells her that she's got it covered. Reva then bumps into Tony. She tries to apologize about him and Marah, but he tells her that she's glad that they aren't together anymore so that Marah can have a life. She asks if he's in trouble. He says no more than usual. She tells him to drop the tough guy act because she knows that he's a kind and decent man. Tony asks her what if she's wrong.

Gus and Eden argue, and he mentions the rooftop. Eden has a flashback to Tony. She tells Gus that he's mean. They argue more, and Alex tells them that they remind her of herself and Alan. Eden reminds her that they aren't really brother and sister. 

Tammy approaches Lizzie at Company. Tammy tells her that she's going to go for the part with all she has, and that she hopes Lizzie can deal with rejection. Lizzie assures her that she'll be fine. 

Cassie tells Edmund that she missed him. She tells him about the party, but is tiptoeing around the fact that he's not invited. He picks up on it and let's her know that he's not invited. He encourages her to go and support Sandy and Reva, and that he's fine with it. She tells him that he's amazing. 

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