Guiding Light Update Monday 11/10/03

By Sarah
Proofread by Lisa

Billy thinks that Reva kicked Josh out. Josh tries to drop the subject, but he finally tells Billy that Reva didn't have the chance to kick him out because he didn't let her know that he was coming home. 

Reva finds Sandy eating alone. She invites him to dinner the next night to get to know them better. He politely declines her offer, and says that he's not ready. She asks him if he's not ready to face Marah. 

Marah goes to Tony's to take measurements for the dress he won, but she doesn't know that she's going to Tony's. She's very surprised to see him, but tells him that it's good to see him again. He asks her what she's doing there. 

Reva is still pushing Sandy to come to dinner. She tells him that it would be good for him and Marah to clear the air there. He finally agrees to come. Reva leaves. Cassie finds Sandy there. She approaches him, and they have a little awkwardness, but she sits down and tells him that there's a few people that she wants to talk about with him. 

Josh and Billy are still talking when Bill comes in. Billy comments that Bill seems to be working 24-7. Bill agrees, but says that it's working for him. Josh tells Bill that he got a call from Buddy Carroll, and that he didn't see a reason for him to come to work for Lewis. Bill makes no bones that he feels very competent to take over while Josh is off to help Shayne recover. Josh apologizes for not seeing it before. 

Marah tells him that she's there to take measurements for the dress that he won. He tells her he doesn't want the dress. She asks him why he bid, and he tells her he did it for charity. She insists that he either let her make the dress or she's writing a check to him to cover it. He finally lets her take the measurements, and then he asks if she's done. She tells him that they should be able to talk, but things get out of control. She asks him why he threw her away and why he had to leave town. She asks him why he stopped loving her. 

Reva finds Billy and Josh at Josh's room. She asks them what they are up to. Billy is cold and rude to her, and she calls him on it. He starts into her about how she's treating Josh. Josh tries to break them up, but she tells Billy that Josh is perfectly capable of standing up for himself. Josh finally gets Billy to leave. 

Cassie tells Sandy about Richard - about what a great person he was and about how he was sad about losing his son. She tells Sandy that if Richard would've known that he wasn't happy, Richard would've done anything to make it better. Then she tries to tell him about Edmund. He isn't too thrilled to talk about him, but Cassie tries to get him to see that Edmund has changed. 

Josh orders drinks for him and Reva. She apologizes for walking out in the middle of their fight. He tells her that he's still angry. She tells him about the dinner party she has planned for tomorrow night. He isn't thrilled and asks if Sandy will even come. She tells him that Sandy has already agreed to come. Josh then asks about Marah. Reva tells him that she wanted to ask him first. She asks him how long it's going to take him to forgive her. He tells her that he already did, but that the trust between them has been broken, and she showed that when she went to someone else when she learned about Sandy. 

Cassie takes Sandy to Richard's grave. Sandy doesn't see the point in going there. Cassie tells him that Richard lives on in him. They get back on the subject of Edmund. Cassie tells him how she lost a baby boy in an accident that Edmund had caused, and how it took a long time, but she forgave Edmund. She tells Sandy how Edmund has changed, and that Richard always knew that there was good in Edmund, and that he'd be happy to see how he is now. 

Tony tells Marah they are wasting time talking about the past, and that they should move on. Marah tells him that he will be moving on with a brand new outfit. Tony insists that he doesn't want it, but Marah tells him to think of it as a goodbye present. He says he isn't going to wear it. She tells him that he can do whatever with it, but he's going to have it and it's going to be right. He tells her to remember that he's not right for her. 

Cassie and Sandy talk some more. He tells her that he never felt like he belonged, and he always had a fairytale that his father was a prince and he was out there looking for him. She tells him that he has his real family now. He tells her that so far, it hasn't been a fairytale. Cassie asks him to keep an open mind, and he agrees. Then he thanks her for bringing him there. 

Josh agrees to come to Reva's dinner. 

Reva asks Marah what's on her mind. Marah says she's thinking about clothes. Reva tells her about the dinner party, and asks her to come. Marah agrees to be there, but asks that she have a hot fudge cake ready for her. 

Eden is at the bar ordering a drink and waiting for Bill. He calls on her cell phone. Apparently, he's busy getting permits and can't make it to meet her. She tells him that's fine, and she'll finish her drink and get dessert to take home where she'll feed it to him. They hang up. Her phone rings again, and she asks if he has any requests for dessert. It's Tony, not Bill, and he asks her what's on the menu. She says she thought he was someone else. He asks her to meet him for a drink. She tells him that Bill is meeting her there any minute. Tony tells her that she lied to him. 

Josh finds Billy, and they talk about how they hate this time of year but it will be better when the snow falls. Josh tells Billy that he was hard on Reva, and that he thinks he just needed someone to take it out on, but that it wasn't just Reva on his mind. Billy tells him that he knows him too well. 

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