Guiding Light Update Friday 11/07/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Josh goes to the front desk to pick up his final bill so he can move back home. Billy arrives and overhears Josh talking to the desk clerk. Billy advises Josh to wait until Reva asks him to move back home. 

At Company, Alan congratulates Reva on Marah's success with the fashion show. Alan informs Reva that he knows about Jonathan's return. Alan offers Reva his help with the Jonathan situation. 

At the Beacon, Harley breaks into the room of the man who has been stealing company secrets from Spaulding. Harley calls Blake and tells her to hurry up and get there for their stake out. Harley also wants Blake to get in touch with her friend the computer hacker. 

At the museum, Marina arrives home and Remy informs her Shayne has a surprise for her. Marina smiles and says she loves surprises. 

At Company, Reva is surprised that Alan has a softer side and that he is willing to help her without wanting something in return, Alan tells Reva they are a lot alike when it comes to their children. Alan says they are both so eager to help their children with their lives that they tend to be pushy. Alan advises Reva not to try to push her way into Jonathan's life. Alan thinks Jonathan needs to find his way to her. Alan says he wishes he had learned this lesson with his other children, because if he had, maybe he would have a better relationship with them. Reva explains to Alan that his situation is different from hers because he wasn't aware that he had a son until recently. 

At the museum, Shayne uses his voice to tell Marina "you look beautiful last night and tonight." Marina is so excited and happy she wants to call Josh and Reva and the rest of their roommates. Shayne shakes his head no. Marina is puzzled as to why Shayne doesn't want to tell everyone the news but agrees to respect Shayne's wishes. Shayne also uses his voice to tell Marina "I love you." 

At the Beacon, Reva arrives and sees Jonathan sitting in the lobby looking sad. Reva asks him how he is doing. Jonathan tells Reva he is fine but he would be even better if Marah wasn't so angry with him. Reva tells Jonathan she will be there whenever he is ready to have a relationship with her (Reva). Jonathan tells Reva he may never be ready to have a relationship with her. Jonathan tells Reva that he can't deal with her until he straightens out his relationship with Marah. Reva cries as she gives Jonathan keys to her house. Jonathan takes the keys from Reva and leaves. 

Also at the Beacon, Josh tells Billy the last time he listened to his advice,  they ended up putting flowers on a grave. Billy refuses to talk with Josh about that situation. Josh refuses to talk to Billy about his relationship with Reva. 

At the museum, Reva arrives to talk with Marah. Reva tries to persuade Marah to forgive Jonathan. Marah thinks Reva wants her to forgive Jonathan so that Jonathan can forgive her. (Reva).  Marah explains to Reva that she can't even look at Jonathan right now because she still has more then sisterly feelings for him. Marah says she can't forgive Jonathan until she can bury these unnatural feelings and think of Jonathan as her brother. 

At the Beacon, Alan arrives to interrupt Harley's stake out. Harley tells Alan to leave because the perpetrator could arrive any minute. Harley also tells Alan that Blake is also on her way there. While Harley goes into another room to look for evidence a worried Alan calls Ross and asks him for his help. 

Also at the Beacon, Reva talks to Josh and tells him what happened earlier when she spoke to Marah. Josh advises her to keep trying to help Marah. Josh thinks Reva is the only one that can help Marah with her problem. Josh tells Reva that if they stick together as a family they can get their children through this adjustment. Josh stops in mid sentence when Reva gets a call from Christopher. Reva thanks him for advising her the night of Marah's fashion show. Reva hangs up the phone. Josh is angry that Reva told Christopher about Jonathan before she told her own husband. 

Also at the Beacon, Blake calls Harley to tell her she can't come to the stake out. Harley is surprised to see that things have been set up for a romantic dinner for two. Harley hears a noise and can tell someone is in the room. 

At the museum, Jonathan arrives to talk to Marah. Jonathan says he misses having her to talk to about his situation. Marah tells Jonathan he shouldn't be telling his sister he misses her. Jonathan tells Marah he doesn't expect her to be a sister to him right now. Jonathan asks Marah to be his friend. Marah explains to Jonathan that she has more than friendly feelings for him. Marah asks Jonathan not to use her as an excuse not to get to know the rest of the family. Jonathan gives Marah his mole puppet and explains he doesn't feel alone anymore because of her friendship. 

At the Beacon, Reva explains to Josh that she needed to speak to someone and she only spoke to Christopher as a patient. Reva goes on to explain that Jonathan made her promise not to tell the family until he had spoken to Marah. Josh thinks that Reva doesn't trust him

Also at the Beacon, Gus startles Harley and she throws a pillow at him. Gus explains this was a plan for him to spend a romantic evening with her. 

At the museum, Marah talks to the mole puppet and tells him that she is excited to meet this cowboy who bought her design. Remy and Marina arrive and tell Marah about the progress Shayne made today. Marah thanks Remy and Marina for all their hard word with Shayne. Marah says they are both the reason Shayne is making such a quick recovery. Marina goes to Company and Marah goes to meet the cowboy. 

At the Beacon, Harley is angry that Gus and Alan wasted her time. Gus toasts to the success of his plan. Harley finally relaxes and thanks Gus for going to all this trouble for her. Gus toasts to the two of them. Gus and Harley kiss. 

At the Beacon, Josh decides to check back into the hotel. 

Outside the Cowboy's house, Marah knocks on the door and is shocked when Tony answers the door. 

At Company, Marina gets a visit from the ghost lady. Marina offers to get her something before she leaves because she thinks the ghost lady is a guest at the boarding house. The ghost lady calls Marina a gentle person. Marina tells the lady that she has been called many things but gentle isn't one of them. Marina turns to get her keys and when she turns back around the lady is gone. As we see Marina turn the key to make sure the door is locked, we hear the ghost lady's voice say "Yes the gentle one. You will be hurt the most I fear." 

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