Guiding Light Update Friday 10/31/03
Happy Halloween!!

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

All the action today took place at Marah's fashion show at the warehouse.

Nico gives orders to the security team to make sure everything is safe for Marah's fashion show. Gus arrives and tells Nico that so far all is quiet on the street. Nico is still worried and tells Gus he (Nico) will make sure everyone inside is safe. Some guests arrive and wonder if they are too late to watch the fashion show. Nico tells them the fashion show will begin shortly. Nico tells Gus to escort the guests inside the warehouse for the show. 

Inside the warehouse, Sandy gives Marah a white rose and wishes her good luck for the show. Marah says she can't seem to think about anything else except what Sandy has planned for her after the show. Sandy tells Marah that she shouldn't think about anything else except the fashion show right now. Marah gives Sandy a hug and Sandy quickly pulls away from her and says he needs to go get some things ready for the show. Alan is the auctioneer for the hospital benefit auction. Marah tells Lizzie she looks great in the outfit she (Marah) designed for her (Lizzie) Marah wants Lizzie to model the outfit in the show. Lizzie happily accepts Marah's offer. Alan thanks Billy for helping drive up the bids for the auction. Beth tells Felicia that she is confused by Jeffrey and their relationship. 

Outside the warehouse, Nico turns down an offer from Harley to cover for him at the door while he goes inside to enjoy part of the show. Nico quickly changes his mind when one of the models asks for his help. 

Inside the warehouse, Jeffrey can't understand why everyone is making such a big fuss over clothes. Alan explains to Jeffrey that all this fuss is for a very good cause. Jeffrey congratulates Alan for doing such a good job organizing the benefit for the hospital. Nico bumps into Marina and tells her that her dress looks hot on her. Marina thanks him for the compliment and asks Nico to help her put on her necklace. While Nico helps Marina with the necklace, she admits to him she is nervous about modeling since Shayne decided to come to the show and he will be watching her. Eden tells Marina that Tammy is looking for her and Marina leaves. Nico stares at Marina until she is gone. Josh and Reva talk about how proud they are of Marah. Josh is happy that Marah has become more focused since Tony left town. Josh thinks Marah and Sandy make a good couple because they have chemistry with each other. Reva tells Josh that Marah and Sandy have natural chemistry. Reva can't stand to have Josh talk about Marah and Sandy as a couple so she leaves. A puzzled Josh wonders why Reva left in the middle of their conversation. Alexandra refuses to go out and model the outfit Marah designed for her. Marah starts to panic and mutters to herself that the ghost lady was right. Marah and Eden put sunglasses on Alexandra and that they are going to make a few quick fixes to the outfit. Since Alexandra is wearing sunglasses she doesn't see that Marah doesn't change the outfit at all. Marah and Eden push Alexandra towards the stage. The fashion show begins and all the ladies of Springfield look stunning in Marah's designs. Sandy is the MC for the fashion show. Backstage, Marah and Eden are happy with the way things are going in the show. Harley arrives and congratulates Marah on her designs. Harley asks Marah if she can keep the outfit she is wearing because she was Marah's inspiration. Harley ermines Marah that when she ( Marah) was little she (Harley) used to play fashion show with Marah's Barbie dolls. Marah lets Harley keep the outfit she is wearing. Harley also tells Marah that one of the models sprained her ankle. Marah decides to model her own design. Marah decides to change the order the models will appear for the second half of the show. Jeffrey tells Beth that she looks incredible in her dress. Jeffrey says he wants to make love to her. At first Beth refuses Jeffrey because of the way he has been treating her. Beth eventually gives in and Jeffrey and Beth make love behind the changing screen. Eden models the last dress of the evening; the wedding dress. Marah and all the models, except Beth, take a bow. Reva grabs the microphone and tells everyone how proud she is of Marah. Marah grabs the microphone and thanks everyone who helped her put the fashion show together. Backstage, Marah gives Shayne a kiss and thanks him for coming to the show. Beth tells Jeffrey that she has a hard time understanding him. Jeffrey says it's good to have a little mystery in a relationship. Reva sees Marah with Sandy and she cries because she is worried about Marah's reaction when she learns that Sandy is really her brother - Jonathan. Nico thinks he heard a noise and goes to check the area again. Alan tells Billy that the person who bid on Marah's dress at the auction isn't a real person. Billy wonders who would use a fake name and bid on Marah's dress. A voice says, I would, and Alan turns and says Tony Santos. Marah is excited because she thinks Sandy is finally ready to tell her he loves her. Marah tells Sandy he doesn't have to be scared to tell her how he feels about her. Sandy's voice quivers as he tells Marah that he loves her like a brother, because he isn't Sandy Foster, he is Jonathan, her brother. Marah runs outside as Reva watches her with tears in her eyes. 

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