Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/30/03

By Sarah
Proofread by Lisa

Lizzie and Alan are looking for Marah. Billy finds them and questions them being there. Alan tells him that Lizzie has business with Marah. Sandy is there too. Lizzie introduces him to her grandfather. Billy asks if Shayne is there, and Sandy tells him that he's in his bedroom. Lizzie goes to see him. Once alone, Billy asks Alan why he didn't show up at the grave. 

Tammy gives Edmund a present for keeping her secret. She babbles on and on about how her and Joey are just starting out and how her mom would flip if she found out she had been arrested. Edmund tells her that her mother is standing right behind her. 

Gus and Harley are waiting for Danny. Danny shows up and tells them he was looking for Nico, but he hasn't seen him since he saw what happened to the warehouse. 

Reva, Marah and Eden are at the warehouse. Reva and Eden suggest finding somewhere else, but Marah doesn't want to. She starts working on things and tells everyone to get to work if they are going to get the stage back in shape within 12 hours. Sandy stops by to drop some things off, and he calls the radio station and asks to be patched through to the air. 

Alan tells Billy to back off and stop acting like a gossipy old lady. He says that whether or not he showed up at the cemetery is none of his business. Alan reminds Billy that they agreed never to discuss this. Billy tells him that he should've gone to the grave because he owes it to Maryanne. 

Tammy tries to explain the night she was arrested. Cassie tells her that she should've come to her to talk about things and that Edmund isn't the one that told on her. 

Sandy "and the mole" go on the air asking for people to help get the warehouse ready for the fashion show again. They ask for volunteers, paint, supplies, or money. 

Reva tells Sandy that what he did will make her care even more, and she wants to tell Marah NOW. Sandy tells her that it won't do anyone any good to do that now. Reva agrees that Marah has to find out as soon as the fashion show is over. 

Danny and Gus want to go find the thugs that trashed the warehouse. Buzz tries to tell them that the kids on 5th Street are good kids, but they have a bad rap because of where they are from. Harley thinks that going after them will make more trouble. Nico shows up and agrees. 

Josh, Bill and Billy all show up to help at the warehouse. 

Gus gives Nico attitude, and Nico tries to leave. Danny stops him. Harley convinces them to listen to what Nico has to say. He tells them that if he gives them names, the guys that did this will be out in the morning because they have no evidence. He says they should play by street rules, and cover up the thug's symbol with their own. After everyone is on board with the plan, they leave to get to work. 

Buzz and Marina are getting to work on the food to take to the warehouse. He tells her what's going on with Nico. She tells him that they have their music in common and that they are getting to know each other. She tells him that she admires his uncomplicated life, and Buzz tells her that sometimes, complications are worth it. 

Billy asks Josh how things are with Reva. Josh doesn't want to talk about it with him. Alan shows up. He asks Josh how Reva's psychic hotline is going. Josh informs him that she does a segment on her show - that's it - there's no hotline. Josh leaves to help Buzz. Alan says that he wanted to talk to Billy anyway. Billy asks if this is about Maryanne. Alan tells him that he's perfectly comfortable with what he did on the 17th, but he's got something else on his mind. He suggests that they take some "precautions" tomorrow at the auction. Billy asks if he is suggesting they rig it. Alan tells him that's not how he'd describe it. Alan says that by helping him, he'll be helping his family. 

Tammy tells Joey that her mom knows everything. He thinks that it's Edmund's fault, but Tammy takes up for him. Joey says that it's all his fault. Tammy tells him that her and her mom haven't finished talking yet. They decide to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

Franks thinks the sandwiches look good. He thinks that Marina would be at the museum with Shayne. Marina tells him that she wanted to help out, and that the nurse is with Shayne. He tells her that sometimes you need some space for yourself. She confesses to him that it wasn't popcorn burning the other night when he came over. He tells her that he knows, but it doesn't matter. She's surprised. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes and that it's part of growing up. She thanks him for being understanding. 

Alexandra brings make up and proceeds to do Tammy's make up. Eden tells Darci that she's awfully chipper. Darci tells her that it's being happy and that Eden should try it sometime. Eden says that bad things happen to her. Darci tells her that her life looks good from there. Michelle, Danny and Nico talk about what happened. Nico decides that he's going to stand at the door so that no one can get in without him knowing. Cassie & Tammy finish their discussion. Cassie asks her why she didn't think that she could come to her. Tammy tells her that she overreacts sometimes. Cassie agrees, but asks her if she's ever been unreasonable. Tammy says no. Billy tries to talk to Reva, but Reva avoids him. Josh talks to Sandy and thanks him again for doing all that he has done for them. Everyone finishes up, and Marah gives them a big thank you speech. Harley and Gus show up. Nico tells them that the inside is finished. Harley goes in to check everything out. Gus tells Nico that he was wrong about him. Buzz asks Alex if he can give her a ride home. Alex says that she can't leave her car in this neighborhood, but Buzz can follow her home. Billy teases them and says that every time there's an available lady, Buzz beats him to it. Cassie tells Tammy that she's still grounded but she can go to the ball with Joey. 

Everyone leaves the warehouse. Reva asks Marah if she's ok. Marah says to wait until after the show to ask that. She tells her mom that she really likes Sandy and that he wants to talk after the show. Reva tells her daughter to remember that she's strong and she will persevere through anything. 

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