Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/29/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Marah and Eden work on the last minute details before the big night. Sandy comes by and Marah is thrilled to see him. She hugs him and he tries to [subtly] pull away from her. Marah asks him why he acts as though he is afraid to be alone with her. She thinks maybe the dinner with her family freaked him out a little but Sandy says that everything is fine. He leaves to go take care of the music. Josh comes by and wishes Marah luck on her show. He knows she is nervous but he is sure that she will be a great, big hit and he is very proud of her efforts. He tells her that Shayne has decided not to come to the show. Marah tells Josh that she needs to talk with Shayne and she takes off, leaving Eden in charge.

Reva meets with Sandy again. She tries to get through to him and explain her side of things. She gave him away the first time because he was in danger and so was she. When she returned for him, he had already had a life and she thought that ripping him away from the only family he knew would be too painful for him; she did what she did because she loved him. She shows him a “treasure” that Marissa sent to him; his foot print, which she carried around with her all the time. Sandy is not at all touched by it. He asks her about Richard and if her pulling his plug was out of love as well. Reva thinks that she and Sandy need to start fresh but he won’t hear of it. She leaves and Eden comes by to check on him. She takes his job out of his hands by choosing all the music for the show and *telling* him what to play all night. Bill stops by and he and Eden enjoy some time together.


Marah tells Shayne that she needs her entire family with her at the show. Shayne is afraid that people will stare at him. She says that they might… when they see him in his cool outfit [which she made], with his family and his super-hot girlfriend. They’ll stare out of envy. But Shayne does not appear to have changed his mind.

When everyone comes by for a snack, Eden tells Sandy once again to use the music she wants. Sandy stands up to her, telling her that he will choose what he wants but it’ll be great. Eden passes around a card for Marah that she wants everyone to sign. She tells Sandy that she can see that he cares a lot for Marah and after the show would be a good time to make a move. Sandy tells Eden that he does want some time alone with Marah after the show because he needs to talk to her about some things. Marah overhears him and is pleased.


Beth calls Jeffrey's office and learns that he is on his way to dinner. She takes a chance and heads over to Company to meet him. Needless to say, he is quite surprised to see her. Beth tells him she tracked him down and he asks her if she’s stalking him. She says she is not that unpopular just yet and has never had to “stalk” anyone. She tells him about the fashion show and hopes he will be there. When she suggests that they go away for the weekend, Jeffrey is reluctant and Beth asks him to just tell her where they stand. Jeffrey tells her that he enjoys spending time with her but he does not want to have to follow any of her “rules” of dating. He is a very busy man and does not have the time. Beth tells him that she is also a busy woman and does not have the time to wait around for him. She storms out.

Following Danny’s advice, Nico decides to tell the cops what he can and get some help for Marah. All he tells them though, is that there might be trouble at the show. Gus wants names but Nico will not give any. Gus cannot do anything without names. He tells Danny that the guys Nico is telling them about could just as easily come to the cops and finger him [Nico]. After all, they run in the same circles. Harley decides to offer the Angels’ services, which does not make Gus happy.

Danny and Nico leave and Harley tells Gus she is suspicious of their district attorney, Jeffrey O’Neil. He always seems to be on her trail and she thinks he may have bugged the statue he gave to Mel. Gus thinks Harley is being totally paranoid but she is convinced and tries to take the statue apart to find the bug. She does not find anything but Jeffrey sees that she has damaged the statue. He tells her that statue survived a lot and now she is simply tearing it apart. Harley voices her suspicions and Jeffrey's response does nothing to put her mind at ease.


Marah, Sandy and Eden return to find that the stage and the pros have been wrecked. Sandy hears a noise and goes to confront the prowler only to find Danny and Nico. Nico is upset by what happens and storms out.

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