Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/28/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Tammy and Edmund welcome back Cassie. Nico answers the door, and finds a defaced fashion show flyer on the porch. Danny asks who was at the door, but Nico hesitates. Sandy agrees to stay in Springfield, at least long enough to fix things. She says he's done nothing wrong, but he says she can't negate all he's done just because he's her son. Remy jokes that Marah is starting to panic about the fashion show. After he leaves for dinner, Marah misplaces a design, and finds that Michelle's intruder has it.

Tammy tells Cassie about Joey's invitation to the ball. Cassie is excited, and loves that Edmund was teaching her to dance. After Tammy goes to bed, Edmund and Cassie dance and kiss. Nico shows the flyer to Danny. He tries to explain their side to Danny, but Danny wants the names of the thugs. He says they took him in when he was a kid, and he won't rat them out. Marah tries to get answers from the woman, but all she will say is that her designs need work. She says Marah doesn't pay attention to the details. Marah gets angry, and the woman starts laughing. Marah is distracted when Remy returns, and the woman disappears. She mentions the woman, and Remy thinks she is losing it. Reva admits she will always regret leaving Sandy in San Cristobel. He says families can hurt each other, and she says they can also make each other feel safe. He asks how he can do that for Marah, and she says all she knows is that he shouldn't leave. Marah calls his cell phone, and he apologizes for being late, but promises he will be there. She asks if something is wrong, and he says she shouldn't worry about him. She asks him to pick up her portfolio, saying she wants to check a few things. After hanging up, he says he will stay, but says he must be the one to tell Marah, and he won't until after the fashion show.

Nico realizes that Danny thinks if he's not a snitch, he is one of the bad guys. He says Danny just doesn't get it. Danny says he's wrong, and points out that keeping quiet about bad people is what got his parents killed. Shayne's nurse asks Sandy to keep an eye on a sleeping Shayne while she readies his room. While he sleeps, Sandy tells him he thinks they could be good friends and brothers. Josh arrives, and says he is glad to see their family dinner didn't scare him off. Reva asks for Christopher's confidentiality, then tells him she has discovered her visions weren't about Shayne, but about Jonathan. She tells him he is in town, but she is worried that her actions have once again come back to bite her.

She explains that Jonathan represents the time in her life when she abandoned her family, but that she ended up abandoning him, too. She says no matter what she does now, someone will be hurt. Christopher thinks she might be more concerned with how she feels than how he feels. Over pillow talk, Edmund starts to tell her about Tammy's arrest, but they are interrupted by a call from the police saying Tammy left her ID at the station. She is furious that Edmund didn't tell her, and demands to know details.

Danny finds Nico practicing his guitar. Nico says that's how he thinks. He asks how Danny knew it was the right thing to turn on his family. He says he realized that anyone who wanted him to give up Michelle didn't really care. Nico says he fears he will turn on his friends, that Michelle and Danny will tire of him, and he will have no one. Danny promises he will always be there for him, as long as he continues to do the right thing. Shayne awakens, and Josh tells him a story about a ball game. Reva wants to think that Jonathan's presence is a chance to do right by him, but also knows it will turn the Lewis's lives upside-down. Christopher warns she needs to be nearby when Marah learns the truth. She leaves to check on Shayne.

Edmund thinks Cassie is overreacting as she rants about Tammy's arrest. She worries that if she doesn't do something, Tammy will turn into another Lizzie or Ben. Edmund explains that the incident was not serious, and he felt that he needed to remain calm. Cassie softens, and thinks Tammy is lucky to have him. Tammy smiles as she sees them kiss. Nico says he can't live by the same code as Danny. Danny agrees, and decides he will try to find another way for him to help. Remy teases Marah about her mysterious visitor, saying she is tired. She insists the woman was real. When he leaves the room, she hears the woman laughing. She runs out, calling for Remy. Reva overhears Josh invite Sandy on a family trip to Cross Creek.

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