Guiding Light Update Monday 10/27/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Michelle is speechless as her mysterious intruder rants about her bad taste in furniture. The old woman wants her to help move the sofa. Two thugs give Nico trouble on the street corner. They rag him about staying with the Santos's, and tell him he is going to help them make sure Marah's fashion show doesn't happen. Marah runs into Tammy at Company, and they talk while Tammy waits for Joey. Marah teases her about the garden shed incident, and Tammy admits she doesn't know what she would have done without Edmund. Tammy thinks there is something between Marah and Sandy, but Marah says he isn't interested. She says she feels something, but thinks he is holding back for some reason. Sandy tells Reva he can explain his actions, but she says he is just a thief. He dares her to call the police, saying if he goes down, he'll take her family with him. She asks who he thinks he is. The laptop on the desk features one name: Jonathan Randall.

Michelle's intruder continues to fuss with the furniture. Michelle finally breaks out of her reverie and yells for Danny. She turns toward the stairs, but when she turns back, the woman is gone. The thugs continue to hassle Nico, saying they are tired of Danny Santos pushing them out of their territory. One pushes Nico against the wall, and says that if he doesn't trash the show, they will, but his friends will be worse off. Marah leaves Tammy and Joey alone. Joey jokes that if they screw up again, they'll have to go on the run like Bonnie and Clyde. When she points out they got shot in the end, he decides that might not be so cool, after all. He invites her to a ball being held by the people sponsoring his athletic scholarship, and assures her his mother won't be attending. He starts talking about how great Edmund was that day at the jail, and says he supposes that's because he has so much experience in that area. She stops him, saying the subject of Edmund is off-limits. Marah gives her fashion show press release to the paper, putting emphasis on the contributions of Sandy Foster from the "Sandy and the Mole" show. Sandy throws down the payroll cash and tries to leave, but Reva says he owes Marah an explanation because she really cares about him. She starts to call Josh, and says if he tries to leave, she will call the police. Before she finishes dialing, she sees Jonathan's account information on the computer screen. She demands to know how he knows her son.

Michelle tries to tell Danny about the intruder, but he obviously thinks she was hallucinating. She wants to call the police, but he tells her they will have a lot of questions she can't answer. He thinks she was dreaming, but admits he can't explain the moved furniture. She is still obviously shaken. Tammy apologizes for snapping, but says she is tired of everyone getting on Edmund's case for his past. She agrees to go to the ball, but tells Marah she's not sure if she should. Marah asks if she and Joey have had sex, and she says no. She says she might, but isn't sure if she's ready. Marah stresses how important it is to be sure, explaining that she blew her first time with a guy whom she didn't love just to get her virginity out of the way. Sandy told Reva he knows Jonathan from boarding school. He explains that "Jon" was having troubles at home, so he sent Sandy to scout out his "real" family. He says he thought she was suspicious, so he was going to take enough to skip town, then pay them back later. She doesn't believe him, and when he tries to leave, she catches him by the back of his shirt, and sees that he has a yin-yang symbol tattooed on the back of his neck. She tells him about her vision, but she says he can't be her son.

He says he never said he was Jonathan. He tells her to hang up when she calls Marissa, Jonathan's adoptive mother. Marissa tells her about Jonathan's tattoo, a Chinese symbol. He shouts for her to stop playing fairy godmother, which is what she promised to be for him when he was a little boy. In shock and in tears, she reaches out to touch his face. Tammy says Marah sounds jaded. Marah thinks Tammy might be living in a fantasy world, though she admits she could see being with Sandy. Nico arrives home, and Danny wants to know how he ripped his shirt, but he says he doesn't want to talk about it. Michelle tries to get Danny to talk to him, but he storms out before Danny can say more than one word.

Tammy arrives home as Edmund prepares for Cassie's return. Edmund is shocked when Tammy tells him about the ball. She denies being nervous, but then worries that she won't be able to dance. She points out that the last time she danced at a ball, she was just a little girl. After she cracks a joke pretending not to know who Fred Astaire was, Edmund offers to give her ballroom dancing lessons. Marah goes by the warehouse where the fashion show is to be held. She leaves the door open behind her. Reva explains that she had so many questions about Jonathan while he was growing up. She says she went to a lake every year on his birthday and thought of him. She hopes he felt her love, and the kisses she blew him. He says he did, and tearfully admits he is Jonathan.

Tammy laughs as Edmund begins their dancing lessons. He gives her tips on her style, and she is excited to realize she remembers more than she thought. Cassie walks in just as Edmund dips Tammy, and they welcome her home. Marah moves boxes around the warehouse, wondering where Sandy is. Sandy tells Reva that once he discovered he was adopted, it was easy to find out who his real mother was. He says he came up with a new identity so he could find out what kind of person could leave him with his brutal adoptive father. He says he never wanted to hurt her family, and she deduces that he is leaving because he knows Marah is falling for her own brother. She says if he still wants to leave, she won't stop him, and he can even have the money as a gift. She says, despite everything, she thanks him for giving her even a short time with him. He starts to go, but, when she calls his name, he says he will stay if she wants, and closes the door.

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