Guiding Light Update Friday 9/26/03

By Eva

At the Beacon, Beth surprises Jeffrey in his room. Beth is wearing only a raincoat. When Beth takes off the raincoat she is naked.

Down in the Beacon lobby, Cassie asks Edmund for help hanging up balloons for the baby shower. Edmund refuses to help saying Cassie should ask Tammy or one of her other friends to help. Cassie says Tammy is having fun with her boyfriend Joey.

Outside the Beacon, Things get hot and heavy with Tammy and Joey. Tammy cools things off by saying that she has to go visit Lizzie. Tammy also says that it isn't right that they be making out outside her mom's hotel. Joey tells Tammy he will see her later after her visit with Lizzie. Tammy tells him she isn't sure she can get away. Joey says he will call her later.

Inside the Beacon, Christopher arrives to talk to Olivia about Lizzie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie plays with her doll that has no head and asks the doll is the doll thinks she should be put back together. Lizzie says no I don't thinks so. Lizzie quickly puts the doll in a drawer when Lillian arrives to tell Lizzie she is going to Olivia's shower. Lillian asks Lizzie how she feels about her going to Olivia's shower. Lizzie says that she spends enough time with a shrink she doesn't need her grandmother to shrink her.

At the radio Station, Marah is so shocked to see Sandy alone in the studio with only a puppet sitting in the chair across from him that she slowly walks backwards to leave and trips over a chair. The noise startles Sandy who wonders what Marah is doing there. Marah demands to meet the mole. Sandy tells her she can meet the mole later but right now the mole is busy. Marah tells Sandy that she saw him working alone and she knows there is no mole. Sandy denies what Marah has seen but Marah doesn't buy it. Marah blasts Sandy for his lie and is humiliated that she defended the rights of a puppet. Marah calls Sandy a wacko. Sandy explains to Marah that he tried being partners with other people but it didn't work so he created the personality of the mole and did both the voices just like a ventriloquist does except with a puppet instead of a dummy. Marah knows there is more to the story and demands Sandy tell her the whole truth. Sandy tells Marah that as a child he was abused by his father and one day he found a puppet in the attic. Sandy discovered that buy putting the puppet on his hand and creating a voice he could express all the feelings of anger he had toward his father. Sandy felt he could say all the things wanted to say but never had the courage to say in real life. Sandy says he perfected his puppet act all through elementary and high school. The puppet gave him the freedom to express his opinions without fear. When the college announced they were looking for disc jockeys he dusted off his act and sent in an audio tape. Marah encourages Sandy to do the show without the puppet since he does both voices anyway. Sandy explains the puppet is his lucky charm. Sandy admits that he is scared to do the show without the puppet or the mole personality because he may discover the mole is the star of the show.

At the Beacon, Dr, Langham tells Olivia Lizzie is out to get her. Olivia says she already knew that and she won't be intimidated by Lizzie. Olivia says she really doesn't have to worry because Lizzie can't leave the mansion and the situation is under control. Dr. Langham tells Olivia the situation isn't under control.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie asks Tammy how she plans to get back home after their visit. Tammy explains she came in a car from the hotel and when she wants to go home she just has to call them to pick her up. Lizzie smiles. Lillian overhears their conversation and tells Tammy that when she is ready to go home the Spaulding driver can take her home. Tammy admits to Lizzie that she is scared she will lose Joey if she doesn't sleep with him. Lizzie advises Tammy not to sleep with Joey because if she sleeps with him he will lose interest in her. Lizzie tells Tammy that if she decides to sleep with Joey she better get pregnant so she can make sure never to lose him. Lizzie explains that Olivia slept with Philip and now he is going to stay with her forever. Tammy is scared and surprised by Lizzie's comment but she plays it cool and a few minutes later asks Lizzie to call the driver. Lizzie explains she was only joking but Tammy tells Lizzie to hang in there and leaves.

At the Beacon, Dr. Langham advises Olivia to be extra careful and also not to go near the mansion. Olivia agrees not to go near the mansion. Dr. Langham leaves Olivia his card if she should ever need to call him.

Blake and Harley try to leave the presents and sneak out of the shower but Cassie catches them. Olivia arrives and says wow lets party.

In Jeffrey's room, Beth is curious to see the other room in Jeffrey's suite. Jeffrey says he is embarrassed by the mess and stops her from going in the other room. Jeffrey says he knows Beth has a hard time trusting people because of her rough childhood.. Jeffrey thinks Beth is a strong person but she can also be easily hurt. Jeffrey thinks Beth has never really found what she is searching for and that when Beth finally trusts someone that trust lasts forever. Beth thinks its scary that Jeffrey knows so much about her and she knows nothing about him. Jeffrey says Beth knows who he is in his heart. Beth thinks Jeffrey is smart, good at his job, follows the rules professionally but personally he likes to break the rules. Beth says that when he is with her he really listens to her and cares about her.

Sandy begs Marah not to tell anyone his secret. Marah encourages Sandy to tell everyone the truth. Sandy is scared to come out from behind his alter ego just yet. Marah promises to keep Sandy's secret. Marah thanks Sandy for what he did for Shayne.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie gets a call from Joey who is looking for Tammy. Lizzie lies and tells Joey that Tammy is downstairs and wants him to come over so they can talk. Lizzie wonders if Joey has a car . Joey says yes and Lizzie says great and hangs up the phone.

At the radio station, Marah tells sandy what happened at Danny and Michelle's house with Tony. Marah wonders if Tony really loved her at all if he could forget about her so easily and date another girl. Sandy says that if Tony forgot Marah so easily then he is stupid. Marah looks for a tissue in Sandy's locker sandy puts his hand on the locker door and says he just keeps equipment in his locker. After Marah leaves Sandy opens the locker door and takes out a framed picture of Reva and looks at it. Then he puts it back in the locker.

At the Beacon, Edmund sees Beth leaving Jeffrey's room and asks her if Jeffrey is the reason she is happy. Beth says yes and leaves. After Beth is gone Jeffrey opens the door to his other room and lets a Japanese woman out. Jeffrey says a few words in Japanese to her and they both leave the hotel together.

Beth arrives for the baby shower. Cassie makes a toast in honor of Olivia's baby.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lillian checks on Lizzie who she thinks is asleep. The audience sees Lizzie's doll in bed but not Lizzie. Lizzie is outside waiting for Joey. Lizzie sees Joey's car drive up and signals him to come over to where she is standing.

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