Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/25/03

By Eva
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At the Spaulding mansion, Philip asks to talk to Dr. Langham before his session with Lizzie. Philip tells Dr. Langham that he and Olivia may get married and he wants to know how Lizzie will take the news. Dr. Langham says he doesn't know how Lizzie will react, but he will try to make things easier for her. Philip yells upstairs to Lizzie that Dr.Langham has arrived. Lizzie yells back: ask me if I care?

At the Lewis's house, Marah blasts Reva for letting Josh move out of the house.

At the hospital, Marina turns off the radio when the Sandy and The Mole show begins because Shayne doesn't need any negative thoughts right now. Shayne signals Marina to turn the radio back on. Marina turns the radio back on and walks over and gives Shayne a kiss. Marina tells Shayne she is going outside to get a soda.

Outside Shayne's room, Marina runs into Josh who tells her she can take a break and he will stay with Shayne for his therapy. Marina suggests they take turns helping Shayne and he should go home and rest. Josh and Marina both refuse to leave. Josh takes the opportunity to straighten some things out with Marina. He asks for Marina's help with Shayne's recovery. Marina thinks Josh blames her for Shayne's accident. Marina also blames herself for the accident. Josh says he is the only one to blame.  Marina says that Shayne is a grown man who is capable of making his own decisions and Josh should stop treating him like a child. Marina praises Frank for letting her make her own decision about college. Josh explains that parents want a better life for their kids. Josh apologizes to Marina for making her feel unwelcome in Shayne's life. Josh admits to Marina that she is the right person for Shayne although he (Josh) feels she came along at the wrong time. Josh tells Marina that he is the right person to help Shayne because he was paralyzed once too. Marina thinks Josh is the wrong person to help Shayne because he might push Shayne too hard. Josh asks Marina to roll her eyes or give him a signal when he is pushing Shayne too hard. Marina agrees and they both go in Shayne's room with his therapist.

At the Lewis's house, Marah tries to persuade her mom to forgive Josh and support him through this rough time. Marah reminds Reva about all the mistakes she has made and all the times Josh has forgiven her. Marah can't understand why Reva can't forgive Josh the one time he makes a mistake although it is a huge mistake.

At the Spaulding mansion, Dr.Langham goes upstairs to Lizzie's room when she refuses to meet him in the study. Lizzie says she has cramps and doesn't want to meet with him today. Dr. Langham says that excuse won't work with him and they start their session. Dr. Langham offers to arrange for Lizzie to go visit Shayne. Lizzie refuses the offer because she wants to remember Shayne the way he was before the accident. Lizzie also doesn't want Shayne to see her the way she is now. Lizzie thinks Shayne probably wouldn't want to see her now. Lizzie calls Olivia a witch and admits that she only pretended to be friends with her when she was with Alan because she wanted to get back at Beth. Lizzie says the only thing that would make her happy is if Olivia fell off the face of the earth. Lizzie calls Olivia evil. Lizzie says everyone, even Beth, is pretending to like Olivia because she is pregnant. Lizzie tells Dr. Langham that she will tell everyone he seduced her.

At the Beacon, Philip invites Olivia to dinner but she turns him down because her baby shower is today. Olivia has back pain so Philip gives her a massage.

At the Lewis's house, Marah tells Reva that Josh has been a rock for years dealing with all their problems, now its Reva's turn to be a rock for him. Marah worries that if Reva rejects Josh again he may find another woman. Marah explains that Tony is seeing other people because she (Marah) drove him away. Marah begs Reva not to do the same thing with Josh.

At the hospital, the therapist tells Shayne the first six months are vital to his recovery. Marina watches Shayne try as hard as he can, but not be able to move, and she tells him not to give up. Sandy and the mole talk about Shayne. The mole says Shayne was perfect but he finally messed up like everyone else. Josh starts to go turn the radio off but Marina says Shayne wants to listen to the show. Sandy and the mole urge Shayne to get better soon so he can pitch again. The mole tells the listeners to pray for Shayne, light a candle or find some way to show their support for the hometown hero in ten minutes.

At the Lewis's house, Marah tells Reva that she has lost Tony for good because she overreacted and if she would have stuffed her feelings inside they might still be together. Reva tells Marah that she needs time to let things settle, so that when she does talk to Josh, she can be fair. Reva says she can't stuff her feelings down. Marah leaves, telling Reva she has something to do.

At the Beacon, Philip thanks Olivia for rescuing him from the elevator. Olivia says it was nice to see that he gets scared sometimes too. Philip admits he is scared Lizzie won't get well. Philip also admits he is scared Olivia will shut him out of the baby's life. Olivia tells Philip she will never shut him out of the baby's life. Olivia and Philip admit to each other that they are scared of their feelings.

At the Spaulding mansion, Dr. Langham shows Lizzie his tape recorder and says he never underestimates her and she should never underestimate him. Dr. Langham promises Lizzie he isn't going anywhere. Lizzie says everyone breaks their promises. Lizzie tells Dr. Langham she hates him and Olivia. Lizzie tells Dr. Langham that Olivia and the baby don't belong in the family and it is her responsibility to save her family from them. Lizzie says the next time she has the chance she will do things right. Lizzie tears the head off one of her dolls. Lizzie takes the doll and puts it down and places a blanket over it. Dr. Langham ends the session. Lizzie looks out the window when she hears horns honking and is so distracted she doesn't hear the doctor say goodbye and leave. Lizzie says that she has to get out of the house.

At the Beacon, one of the waiters tells Olivia about Sandy and the moles challenge for Shayne. Olivia and Philip turn all the hotel lights off and light candles for Shayne.

At the hospital, Josh and Marina look out the window and are amazed at how Springfield is showing support for Shayne. Marina tells Shayne he should try to move his finger again.

At the Beacon, Dr. Langham tells Felicia he feels that he should warn Olivia that she is in danger from Lizzie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie gets a call from Tammy who feels she is ready to take the next step with Joey. Lizzie asks Tammy to come over so they can talk about it.

At the radio station, Marah busts in on Sandy's radio show to thank him for what he did for Shayne . Marah is stunned when she sees something the audience doesn't see..

At the hospital, Josh and Marina are thrilled when Shayne moves his finger.

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