Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/24/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Marah tells Danny she won’t be joining them for dinner but Danny insists that she stay. Tony asks Nico to drive his friend home and tells her he will make this up to her some other time. Danny leaves Marah and Tony alone to talk. Tony apologizes to her and tells her he did not know she would be there but she tells him he has nothing to apologize for. They are not together and he can bring home anyone he wants to. He says maybe it is better this way; sooner or later she was going to see him with someone else. Marah says he may have seen her and he asks her if she met someone. When she asks him why he cares, he says he wants her to be with a guy who can treat her right. Marah tells him he lost the right to know anything about her personal life and she will date whomever and do whatever she wants. Marah storms out as Danny and Robbie come down for dinner.

Danny wants to know why Tony is so determined to throw away what he had with Marah even though she is so good for him. Tony is ready to leave but Danny asks him to stay and have dinner with them. Nico returns and the four of them sit down to dinner. Danny tries to make small-talk with Nico but eventually he and Tony go at it and Tony explodes. Danny tells him he’s on a roll; he’s hurt himself and Marah, so if he wants to hurt Danny just go for it. Nico interrupts them and tells Tony he knows that he is still in love with Marah. Nico is sure that Tony found out Marah would be at dinner and he asked out the first girl he could. Danny wonders why he’d go through all that trouble just to give Marah the wrong idea and asks him what’ll happen when he sees Marah with some other guy. Tony says he will hate it and probably want to kick his teeth in. The way he handles things is not right for Marah. It may take time but she will get over him. Tony leaves and Nico turns on some music to try and fill the silence.


Alexandra tracks down Brad Green and questions him about Lori. Brad assures her that he had nothing to do with Lori’s disappearance, though he does admit to having an affair with her. He claims he tried to break it off and Lori took off. Alexandra alludes to a similar situation in Paris and reminds him that she covered for him then but will not do it again. Brad reminds Alexandra that he has been an asset to Spaulding’s pharmaceutical division and it would not be in her best interest to cause further problems for him. He also takes the opportunity to remind her that he knows several of her secrets and suggests that she do what she can to protect them.

Later, Brad runs into a woman – Blake – who claims to be an old friend from college. This woman wants to get together and catch up but Brad tells her he’ll take a rain check and leaves. Blake has finally made contact and will do whatever she can to find out what he is up to.

Marah meets Josh at the hospital. They both have their own separate problems but agree to focus on getting Shayne well again.


Gus tracks down Philip, who has taken his advice and gone for a jog. The two make small talk for a bit and Gus tells his brother he is very happy to see that he is getting his priorities straight. Gus tells Philip he is working on a case regarding one of his employees who has disappeared. Gus shows him a picture of the girl but Philip does not recognize her. Gus tells him she worked for an executive named Brad Green. Philip knows that Brad worked for the pharmaceutical division in Paris and was then transferred to Springfield. He asks Gus if there is anything he can do to help but Gus tells him to focus on what he has going on. If something comes up and he needs him, Gus will contact him. When Gus leaves, Philip calls his assistant and asks her to pull Brad’s file from HR.

Later, he calls Alex for a meeting. Alex cannot imagine why he’d want to talk there but he tells her he thought she would appreciate the privacy. Philip tells Alex he read Brad’s file and cannot believe that she gave him “the mother of all sweetheart deals”. Alex offered Brad a guaranteed twenty-year contract! Though Alex herself has doubts about Brad, she does not admit them to her nephew. She tells him Brad was an excellent catch and if she didn’t offer him a lucrative deal at Spaulding, another company would have grabbed him up. Philip warns her that if there is some other reason then it would be wise of her to tell him now and not let him find out on his own or through Gus. Alex assures him that there is no other reason. She tells him things have been going well for him at Spaulding and he should not let Gus bring any trouble for them. Philip tells her to lay-off Gus. He is the only one in the family who is honest and he helped him get his priorities straight. He tells Alex that he has a baby on the way and maybe even a wedding.


Harley and Blake meet to discuss the case. Blake tells her she has not had any luck trying to track down Mr. Green. They discuss the fact that Lori has been missing for forty-eight hours and now the police, specifically Gus, will also be on the case. Harley is worried that this could cause problems for her and Gus, especially if Alan is more involved than he claims to be. Blake warns her that she and Gus need to keep this case away from their relationship. Gus shows up and catches the tail end of their conversation. Blake leaves and Gus tells Harley that the Springfield PD is now on the case and he is taking her off it. She tells him he can't do that because Lori’s mother hired her to investigate the disappearance and she fully intends to stick with the case. He tries to convince her to drop it but she tells him to treat her like he would any other PI working a case. Gus agrees and the two make a bet: a little extra incentive to ‘win’ the case. If Harley cracks the case first, Gus owes her, Blake and Mel a spa weekend and he has to take care of the five children; if Gus is successful, he gets a weekend fishing trip with Alan.

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