Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/23/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Reva reads a card to Shayne from a little girl with multiple sclerosis, who was a fan of his rival team, but now says she will root for him. Reva says that Shayne has to find a way to forgive his father. Olivia comes by the hospital and offers to stay with Cassie, because that's what friends do. While picking up food for Cassie, Edmund marvels to Buzz about how the Lewis's are pulling together in times of tragedy. Jeffrey offers to take the food to Cassie. Nico catches Danny talking dirty on the phone to Michelle.

Danny chastises Nico for interrupting his private conversation. He says he wants Nico to have a family dinner with him and Robbie that night. Sandy comes by the Lewis's to pick up some papers for Josh, and shocks Marah when he tells her Josh has moved out. Jenny, a waitress at Company, talks to Tony about Shayne, then hits on him.

Edmund and Jeffrey agree to stop bickering, but Edmund says that if Beth is smart, she will dump Jeffrey. Reva tells Shayne that he needs to let go of his anger, or it will eat him alive. She says it will sap the strength he needs to recover. Nico says that family dinners are fake, and no one really does that. He tells of his childhood, when he hardly saw his parents, and how he had to eat out of the garbage after their deaths. Danny says his childhood was full of fear, and he didn't know about real family until he met Michelle. Josh tells Danny they must end their business arrangement.

Marah says she needs to talk to her dad. She also asks Sandy to make sure the Mole doesn't tease Shayne on the air, and he says he will do his best. He asks if she is getting back together with Tony, and she says it takes two to fix things. Edmund tells Jeffrey he is only concerned because he still cares about Beth. Jeffrey says she is fine. Edmund asks if Jeffrey's business at the hospital is about Shayne, but Jeffrey says he can't discuss it. Olivia and Cassie commiserate about the men in their lives. Olivia says she saw Edmund with a baby magazine, and figured it was about her shower; Cassie doesn't appear to be so sure. Olivia fears no one will come to her shower, but Cassie reassures her. When Reva overhears Olivia lament the fate that has befallen Shayne, she lashes out. Olivia understands she is in pain and leaves. Reva regrets her attitude, and Cassie asks when she is going to forgive Josh.

Danny reassures Josh that the Fifth Street project will be fine while he tends to Shayne. Marah arrives and exclaims that Josh and Reva need to stay together. Josh explains that they just need some distance right now. Sandy tells Tony that he needs to be Marah's friend, and says she doesn't seem to get that they are over.

Jeffrey tells Edmund he has no intention of prosecuting Josh for what he knows was an accident. He takes Cassie her food, and offers to call in a specialist that he knows if they need him. Reva tells Olivia that once she is a parent, that parenting will come naturally, though she will probably never think she is doing it right. She says she will attend the baby shower. Marah stays for dinner at the Santoses', and says she is worried about Tony's behavior. Just then, Tony arrives with Jenny on his arm.

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