Guiding Light Update Monday 9/22/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Phillip continues to panic while trapped in the elevator. It finally opens, and he crawls out, which Olivia witnesses. Marina says she is not going to worry about school until Shayne recovers. Josh admits to Shayne that he caused his accident, and says he knows that Shayne must be angry. He promises that he will help him recover. Shayne closes his eyes and shuts out Josh when he starts talking about baseball again.

Josh suggests that Reva go home for a while, but she says no. Marina and Marah bring food, but Reva again refuses. Marah tells Shayne that he can't stay mad at Josh forever. Olivia wonders why Phillip had a panic attack. He is manic, and tells Olivia that he is afraid of failing his children. He grabs her hand, and insists that he can't do that anymore.

Tony stops by to see Shayne. Shayne's physical therapist arrives for his first session. Josh is angry that he has to go through his pain alone, but Reva says she just can't comfort him right now. Josh offers to move out so he won't be a constant reminder of Shayne's pain.

Reva thinks Josh is trying to be a martyr, but he says he isn't. Reva says she doesn't want to be this angry with him, but she can't help it. They decide it would be best if he moves out for a while. Shayne's therapist explained how hard it will be to recover, but says he has to keep fighting, because the next six months are the most crucial. Tony insists to Marah that it is in his nature to hurt people, but she says that he wouldn't hurt her again. He says he already has. Phillip is upset that he has inherited Alan's claustrophobia, even though they aren't related by blood. Olivia says that he has taken on too much responsibility, and that he needs to relax. Phillip says he is being pulled farther and farther away from Olivia's baby, and says there is one way he can stop that: they can get married.

Olivia says that Phillip is proposing out of fear, not love. He says that's not true, and that he is so proud of how maternal she has become. He says he wants to be with her for the baby's sake and his, and that he needs her. Tony doesn't tell Marah what he did to hurt her, but still insists that they weren't meant to be together. Shayne's therapist shows Marina how to help with Shayne's therapy. Reva remembers happy times with Shayne. Josh imagines what it might have been like if he had trusted Shayne to come home on his own the night of the accident.

Olivia says she is not saying yes or no to Phillip's proposal. Phillip accepts this. Marah worries when Marina says that she is going to spend all her time helping Shayne recover. Shayne hears her say she will be taking the semester off. Reva says goodbye to Josh as he heads to Buzz's boarding house.

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