Guiding Light Update Friday 9/19/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Buzz plays with Robbie to keep him quiet because he has been crying ever since Danny dropped him off. Buzz is singing a song to Robbie when Alexandra arrives. Buzz tries to give Robbie to Alexandra so he can take a break but Alexandra doesn't want Robbie to get her clothes dirty.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip tells Beth she looks great in the outfit she is wearing for her date with Jeffrey. Philip is surprised that Beth is going to Olivia's baby shower. Beth feels like it is her duty as Philip's ex-wife, and mother of two of his children, to be supportive of him. Philip thinks it says a lot about Beth's character that she would do that for him. Philip asks Beth if she has told Lizzie that she is planning to go to Olivia's shower. Lizzie arrives and interrupts Beth and Philip's conversation.

Outside the hospital, Reva lets Josh have it for manipulating and controlling Shayne's life so much that it led to the accident. Josh apologizes to Reva for everything he has done but Reva refuses to hear his apology.

At Company, Alexandra asks Buzz if she should go to Olivia's baby shower even though she would feel like a hypocrite.

Outside the hospital, Josh gets a call from Mr. Walker (the man from the cubs). Mr. Walker says that he wants to speak to Shayne so Shayne can apologize to him for missing the meeting. Josh vents his anger at Mr. Walker and says that Shayne won't be able to talk to anyone or play baseball for a long time because Shayne was in a car accident and can't move. Josh says he doesn't care about the cubs or anything, all he wants is for Shayne to be whole again. Josh hangs up the phone and starts to cry.

At Company, Buzz asks Alexandra for help with Robbie. It takes a little coaxing from Buzz but Alexandra gets down on the floor with Robbie and lets Robbie play with some of her jewelry. Buzz thinks that Alexandra is a softy. Buzz says that Alexandra is such a compassionate person that she understands that a pregnant woman needs the support of other women. Buzz thinks Alexandra won't be able to stay away from Olivia's shower.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth explains to Lizzie that she was planning to go to Olivia's baby shower. Beth explains that if Lizzie is uncomfortable with the idea she won't go to the shower. Lizzie tells Beth that she expected her to go to the shower and it is fine with her. Lizzie tells Beth that she hasn't seen her (Beth) so happy in a long time . Lizzie says she is glad Beth is so happy. Beth tells Lizzie that she and Jeffrey are just friends. Lizzie says she knows that Beth's relationship with Jeffrey is more then friendship and she is fine with that. Dr. Langham arrives and comments on the happy family. Lizzie tells Dr. Langham his services are no longer needed.

Outside the hospital, Josh explains to Reva that everything he has done was to help Shayne fulfill his dreams. A sarcastic Reva says that Josh has really done a lot to help Shayne. Reva starts crying and hitting Josh in the chest. Soon Reva and Josh are both holding each other and crying.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth explains to Dr. Langham that she doesn't normally dress this way for an evening at home but she is going on a date. Jeffrey arrives to pick up Beth. Philip gets a call from Rick and leaves to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Josh tells Reva they need to be strong for Shayne's sake. Reva wonders how they are going to find the words to tell Shayne he is paralyzed.

At the Spaulding mansion. Dr. Langham asks Lizzie how she feels about Shayne's accident. Lizzie says she is fine and then starts giving Dr. Langham the silent treatment. Dr. Langham tells Lizzie he is a very patient man and no matter what Lizzie does he isn't going anywhere. Lizzie says she is different from all the other nuts and loonies he has treated. Dr. Langham says that there isn't anything she can do that hasn't been done before by his other patients. Lizzie takes the dare and gives Dr. Langham a kiss on the lips. Dr. Langham tells Lizzie patients have kissed him before. Lizzie gets angry and tells Dr. Langham she hates him. Lizzie says she would rather do anything at all rather then be there talking to him. Dr. Langham wonders if Lizzie has ever really known what it's like to be happy. Lizzie gets angry and tells Dr. Langham he is fired.

At the docks, Beth and Jeffrey share a kiss.

At the hospital, Rick tells Philip he and Mel are expecting a baby. Philip is excited that Rick and he will be raising their kids together. Philip starts talking really fast and telling Rick all the things they are going to do with their kids. Rick wonders why Philip is acting so frantic . Philip says he isn't fine and starts listing all his problems very fast. Rick asks his friend if there is anything he can do to help. Philip says that there is nothing anyone can do to help. Philip apologizes for ruining Rick's good news and heads for the elevator. While Philip is in the elevator he starts having trouble breathing and starts pushing all the buttons in there. Philip starts screaming to get out then he sits down in a corner of the elevator and covers his ears because he can't stand the noise from the alarm. Philip grabs his legs and pulls them towards his chest.

At the Spaulding mansion, Dr. Langham tells Lizzie she can't fire him because she didn't hire him. Lizzie says she will never spill her guts to him. Lizzie gets a strange look on her face and tells Dr. Langham their time is up.

At the docks, Jeffrey unpacks the picnic he brought for himself and Beth. Jeffrey tells Beth about his grandmother, Irene. Jeffrey continues to encourage Beth to have fun. Beth admits she was afraid that she had scared him off after their date. Jeffrey says he knew she needed some time. Beth wonders why Jeffrey wanted her to wear an evening dress. Jeffrey says he wanted the challenge of taking her dress off. Jeffrey and Beth Kiss.

At the hospital, Josh sits by Shayne's bed and tells his son how much he loves him. He tells Shayne that he is proud to be his father. He says it has been a joy to be his father. He also apologizes to Shayne for hurting him. Josh cries as he tells Shayne that he caused his accident. Shayne slowly shakes his head no. Josh repeats the words again. Josh promises Shayne that he will spend the rest of his life teaching him how to walk and talk again. Josh cries and takes Shayne's hand as Shayne cries.

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