Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Eva
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At the hospital, Shayne's family and friends wait for news about his condition.

Marina looks after Robbie while Danny is giving blood. Marina breaks down in tears.

At the Beacon, Cassie tries to do some work but can't concentrate at all. Edmund arrives and tells Cassie to stop working because Olivia has offered to handle the work. Edmund encourages Cassie to go be with Reva because Reva needs her.

At the hospital, Marah arrives with coffee for Reva. Marah wonders why her parents are waiting for news on Shayne at separate parts of the hospital instead of being together. Marah tells Reva she shouldn't blame Josh for something that was a terrible accident. Josh continues to wait outside Shayne's room. Sandy arrives and tells Josh that Bill is handling everything at the office. Sandy explains that Josh needs to sign some payroll papers since Billy is out of town. Sandy tells Josh that Bill has been unable to reach Billy. Josh signs the payroll papers and tells Sandy Shayne hasn't awakened.

Inside Shayne's room, Shayne's eyes begin to flutter.

Marina is surprised to see Nico standing nearby and wonders how long he has been there. Marina is annoyed that Nico may have seen her cry and tells Nico to leave her alone. Nico says that Danny told him to meet him there but he has no idea why. Marina tells Nico about the accident and that Shayne hasn't awakened. Nico says that Shayne will wake up and be fine. Nico explains that Shayne is tough because he has to be tough if he is dating Marina. Nico grabs Robbie who is a little fussy and starts to play with him. Marina thinks Nico is better with children then he is with adults. Nico says that kids can't hurt you like adults do. Danny arrives in time to hear Nico's last statement. Danny thanks Marina for watching Robbie. Danny explains to Nico that Buzz will be watching Robbie for the day.

Josh reads a card on some flowers sent to Shayne by the Springfield High baseball team. Josh asks Sandy to check on Marah before he heads back to the office. Marah struggles to understand why Reva isn't helping Josh deal with his pain. Reva explains that right now Josh needs to be by Shayne's room and she (Reva) needs to be in the lobby. Reva asks Marah to go sit with her father. Marah says that Shayne wouldn't want the family to be apart, he would want them to pull together. Marah cries and screams that Shayne can't tell them what he wants because he won't wake up. Cassie arrives and Reva goes to check for news on Shayne. Marah cries and tells Cassie she is afraid her family is falling apart.

Danny thanks Nico for helping Marina take care of Robbie. Nico says he (Danny) shouldn't have made Marina watch Robbie while her boyfriend is in the hospital. Danny picks up Robbie and they all leave.

Marah tells Cassie that Shayne is the glue that holds their family together and now they are falling apart when he needs them to stick together. Marah tells Cassie that every time she and Shayne would visit patients at the hospital he would always make everyone feel better and now there is no one to make Shayne feel better. Sandy holds Marah while she cries.

Reva tells Josh that Ed will be there shortly to check on Shayne's condition. Marina goes into Shayne's room to talk to him. Marina encourages Shayne to wake up. Shayne opens his eyes and Marina rushes outside to tell Josh and Reva. Josh and Reva rush into the room to see Shayne.

At the Beacon, Alexandra meets with Eden about Eden's new job. Alexandra is worried that Eden will bring negative publicity to Spaulding. Alexandra insists that Eden has to be a very good girl. Alexandra says Eden can't hang around with mobsters or have any brushes with the law. Eden brings up a list of Alexandra's recent mistakes.

At the hospital. Marah tells Sandy that Tony held her hand but he held a part of himself back. Marah explains that if Tony is going to keep doing that she would rather not be with him at all. Marah doesn't know how she will get through this crisis without Tony. Sandy tells Marah she will make it through the crisis with or without Tony because she is tough. Marah wonders if Shayne knows what a special man she thinks he is and how much she loves him.

In Shayne's room, Shayne tries hard to talk but can't say anything. Shayne blinks his eyes to show everyone he can understand them. Ed arrives and clears everyone out of the room to examine Shayne. Ed tests Shayne's feet and arms for reflexes and gets nothing. Ed asks Shayne to make a fist. Shayne tries as hard as he can to make a fist but can't make one. Ed explains to Shayne about the swelling in his brain and spinal chord. Ed tells Shayne that once the swelling goes down he may be able to move more. Ed tells Shayne he needs to have more tests but he shouldn't be afraid.

On fifth street, Danny takes a tour of fifth street with Nico and asks Nico what the buildings used to be before drugs took over. Nico wonders what the neighborhood will be like after Danny finishes fixing it up. Nico runs into Mrs. Mundio who wonders why she hasn't seen him around lately. Mrs. Mundio is sad that Nico missed her birthday. Nico apologizes to her. Mrs. Mundio asks Nico to sing her a song like he always does for her birthday. Nico hesitates a bit but finally agrees to sing to her.

At the hospital, Ed explains Shayne's condition to Josh, Reva and Marina. Ed says he hopes Shayne's condition is temporary, due to the swelling, but right now Shayne is paralyzed from the chest down. Reva runs outside to get some air. Ed says that since Shayne was reaching across the front seat the left side of his brain absorbed most of the blow. Marina is stunned.

On fifth street,  Nico sings a beautiful song for Mrs. Mundio, as he is singing we see Marina crying and everyone at the hospital in anguish over Shayne. Marina dries her tears and goes into Shayne's room to tell him everything will be fine. Marina cries as she thanks Shayne for protecting her. Marina tells Shayne now it is her turn to take care of him.

On fifth street, Danny is impressed by Nico's singing ability. Danny asks where Nico learned that song. Nico explains the song was his mother's favorite.

Outside the hospital, Reva tells Josh to leave her alone. Josh encourages Reva to vent her anger at him. Reva tells Josh that he did this to Shayne.

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