Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa

Harley, Mel and Blake help to organize a blood drive to help Shayne. They discuss the Lori Jenson case - the missing Spaulding employee. Mel reports that her mum is extremely worried and Harley reveals that Lori was in fact having an affair with her boss. Their brainstorm is interrupted by Philip who has an offer for Harley's Angels. He would like to donate $50,000. Blake is all for it but Harley thinks they should hold off and discuss it when Philip has less to deal with. Philip insists and Mel, Blake and a reluctant Harley accept the money graciously. Philip then jumps at the chance to donate blood - something he's been meaning to do. As Philip gets ready to give blood, Harley tries to get him to talk to her, perhaps tell her what is bothering him. He doesn't take the time though; his cell phone rings and he takes off for the office (he'll give blood first). Blake, Harley and Mel puts their heads on Lori Jenson again, each of them offering different theories for her disappearance.

At Cedars, Rick is given some results that were meant for the other Dr. Bauer: Mel. After he reads them he leaves right away to find Mel. He tracks Mel down outside Company with Harley and Blake. Rick pulls her aside to show her the results. The two are thrilled and tell Harley and Blake their news: they're pregnant!

Alan and Gus run into each other after giving blood and Alan asks Gus for a favour. He would like Gus to talk to his brother and try to help him in any way he can. He knows Philip is blaming himself for everything that has gone wrong and would like Gus to encourage him not to been so hard on himself. Alan persists and Gus finally agrees.

Alan meets with Brad later, the Spaulding associate whose assistant/mistress is missing. The man tells Alan he did have an affair with Lori but he never hurt her. The night she disappeared, they had dinner and he broke it off. That was the last time he saw her. Alan thinks it might be better for Brad if he and his family left town, but Brad and his family have settled down and he is not going to leave. Brad tells Alan he knows how he and Alex do business and suggests that Alan make this problem disappear... or else.

Gus meets with Philip when he comes by to give blood. As Philip is 'hooked up', Gus sits down to have a chat with him. As Philip goes on, blaming himself for Lizzie's situation, Gus tells him he needs to slow down and he needs to stop trying to control everything. Philip says he can't sit back and let things take care of themselves. He will not do anything that would cause Lizzie harm. Gus tries to get a point across to Philip: he cannot be around Lizzie 24/7 to keep all bad things away from her. If something bad is meant to happen then it will whether he is there or not, much like it did with Zach. All Philip can do is the best he can. Gus finally tells Philip that at the very least, he needs to relieve some of his stress: jog, walk, swim... whatever, just take the day off! Philip gets another phone call and takes off.

Beth tries to reach Jeffery but he is tied up in court and cannot take her call. Edmund arrives and asks if she is having legal problems; why else would she want to contact Mr. O'Neil. They discuss Lizzie and how different things were just a few years ago, when she had leukemia. Beth tells him
Lillian and Philip have returned to the house, and about her therapy with Dr. Langham. Edmund tells her that he will help if there is any way he can. He asks her to consider attending Olivia's baby shower. Beth is reluctant and he asks that she consider it; after all, she and Olivia were close once. Edmund asks about Jeffery and she tells him to mind his own business. He persists and Beth tells him they had dinner and saw a movie. They discuss Jeffery's interests and many talents then Beth confesses that she ruined the evening because she felt like a bad mother for going on a date and insisted that Jeffery take her home. She is sure that Jeffery wants nothing more to do with her; she does not think he is in court but that he is avoiding her. Edmund advises her to set Jeffery straight. She thinks he is trying to help her so Jeffery won't be available just in case Cassie is interested. Edmund is sure Cassie has no interest in Mr. O'Neil. A law clerk interrupts their conversation and serves Beth a package from Jeffery. Beth opens it and finds a book on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and a note "Tonight, 6:00 P.M. Dress to kill."

Reva sits at Shayne's side all day. She searches herself and turns to God for help. She doesn't ask though. She DEMANDS that He bring her son back to her. She will not let Shayne suffer for her mistakes. If He wants to punish someone, He can punish her. But please, do not let Shayne lose himself. Give him back his speech and his legs and the life that he has made for himself.

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