Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Beth returns to the mansion after her lusty date with Jeffrey to find her mother was waiting up for her. Beth was embarrassed when her mother asked what she did. Phillip walked in as Beth told her mother it has been so long since she has completely enjoyed a man. At the hospital, Marah arrives to find that Shayne is unconscious. Reva spoke to her son in his hospital bed as Josh looked on. Reva refused to talk to Josh when Shayne was taken to get a cat scan. Marina told Frank that Shayne blocked her body with his and saved her life.

Gus went to Josh to get a statement because he was the other driver involved in the accident. Cassie arrives to comfort her sister. Marah asks her mother to tell her Shayne will be okay. Reva told Marah Josh was driving the car that hit Shayne. Marah was shocked but said ‘poor Dad.’ Reva apologized to Christopher for not warming to his idea of predicting the future. She tells him now she understands Shayne’s accident didn’t have to happen.

Alan finds Olivia at The Beacon and apologizes to her for the treatment she received from the Spauldings when she realized Lizzie was in trouble. He admits Lizzie needs help and extended his thanks to Olivia for her insight. Olivia told Alan she knows his focus is on Lizzie right now but she hopes he doesn’t forget about Phillip because he (Phillip) needs him (Alan).

Josh tells Gus ‘I hit my son. I broad-sided him with my car. What else do you need to know?’ Josh says he doesn’t remember anything else and becomes upset with Gus for asking him questions while his son is unconscious. Marina tells Josh that Shayne was on his way home from the concert to meet with the Cubs executive. She accuses him of not knowing his own son well enough to have a little trust in him. Josh begs her stop but she doesn’t. She says Shayne would rather have died than miss that meeting and maybe now that’s exactly what will happen. After her onslaught, Marina walks away and Josh collapses in the waiting room. Rick has Josh on a stretcher after he regains consciousness, and tells him there is still no word on Shayne. When Rick leaves to take a call, Josh remembers conversations with Shayne about how important baseball is. Cassie finds Reva with Christopher and tells her Josh has passed out and she should go to him. Reva says she doesn’t want to, but leaves after Cassie reminds her Josh did not want this to happen. Ed finds Reva and Josh and tells them the results of the cat scan show that Shayne has extreme swelling in the areas of his brain and spine. Ed says there is no way to know if Shayne will be paralyzed until he comes out of the coma. Reva sends Josh withering looks as Ed says there is nothing else to be done for Shayne right now.

Phillip has a clipped conversation with Beth about her date with Jeffrey. Beth can’t help but smile when she remembers her evening. Beth excuses herself to go to bed when Phillip begins to compare himself to Jeffrey O’Neil. Phillip leaves a message in his voice recorder to his and Olivia’s unborn daughter. He tells his baby he will never fail her and she will always come first with him. Alan listens from the doorway.

Marah finds Reva and Josh and tells them Shayne is back in ICU. Marah hugs her father and says she is sorry about what happened. Marina is talking to Shayne about his game and tells him he has to fight because he can’t leave her. Josh and Reva watch from the window to their son’s room.

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