Guiding Light Update Monday 9/15/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

In Olivia’s Martini Bar, Bill stepped in to break up a fight between a drunken Tony and three strangers. Bill is trying to convince Tony to find Marah and make up with her when Eden shows up. Tony says he can tell Bill exactly why he can’t be with Marah anymore, when Eden - worried Tony will tell about their night of passion – interrupts. Bill walks away to get Tony a band-aid for a cut on his face. Tony taunts Eden about what he could say to Bill since he has already ruined things with Marah. At the Japanese restaurant, Beth and Jeffrey make love in a private room. Afterwards, Beth is shocked at what they just did and where! Reva is having a vision about Shayne who has crashed his car in a rush to return to Springfield for a meeting with the Cubs executive. In the car, Marina asks Shayne if he is okay. Shayne doesn’t respond.

Beth is hurrying to get dressed and telling Jeffrey she can’t believe what they just did. Jeffrey, unclothed, remains lying on the floor completely unperturbed about what just happened. Beth tells Jeffrey they can’t continue because of her responsibilities and her children. They struggle over Jeffrey’s car keys that land in a fish tank in the dining room.

Eden tells Tony what they did was wrong. She apologizes for what happened to him and Marah but begs him not to ruin what she has with Bill. Bill comes back with a band-aid and tells Eden he called Marah who is on her way. Eden is afraid everything will get out of control. Marah arrives and tries to take care of Tony.

At home, Reva is trying to phone Shayne who isn’t answering his phone. She doesn’t know about the car accident but decides she was wrong about her vision. She tries to convince her self everything is fine, but she knows Shayne is in trouble. In the car, Marina is trying to revive Shayne when she hears a phone ringing in the other car involved in the accident. She pries open the driver’s side door and an injured man falls to the ground. When he stands, Marina sees that it is Josh! Josh recognizes Marina and realizes he has just been in accident with his own son. Marina grabs Josh and pulls him toward Shayne who is unconscious in the car. Marina tells Josh to help him. Josh looks in the car at his son, and backs away saying ‘I can’t.’ Marina yells at him ‘you have to!’ Josh begins to pry open Shayne’s door. Reva calls. Marina answers and tells Reva Shayne has been hurt. Marina hears an ambulance in the distance. Reva leaves her house with Christopher to meet her husband and son at the hospital. The paramedics arrive. Josh is devastated and asks himself ‘what have I done?’

In the Martini Bar, Bill asks why Eden freaked out because he called Marah. Eden lies and says it's because Marah is her friend and she doesn’t need to see Tony in the condition he is in. Marah is cleaning up Tony’s scrapes. Tony asks why she is there. Marah looks at him and says ‘you know why I’m here.’ Tony tells Marah he doesn’t want Marah to see him the way he really is. He was fighting and that proves she was right about him. He tells Marah they could never be right together. Marah tells Tony she wants their happiness back. Marah gets a phone call about Shayne and her dad.

Jeffrey tells Beth the keys are now in the bottom of a tank of poisonous fish. Beth is nervous and wants to leave. Jeffrey wants to relax and kiss a little more. Jeffrey tells Beth everything was fine until reality set in and the gorgeous fun-loving woman he just made love to is gone! He convinces her just because Lizzie is sick and she is there with him doesn’t make her a bad mother.

At the hospital, Shayne is in the emergency room with head trauma. Rick makes Josh leave while he works on Shayne. Reva arrives with Christopher. Reva sees Josh’s injuries and thinks he got them while he was saving Shayne. Josh wants to tell Reva he was the other driver involved but can’t find the words.

In the Martini Bar, Phillip is on the phone yelling into it every time it rings about things not being done and don’t call back until it’s right! Olivia talks to him about the stress he is under because of Lizzie. Phillip tells Olivia there is a possibility Lizzie may have to be hospitalized for her mental illness. At the restaurant, Beth asks Jeffrey to please understand how she feels. He says he does and sticks his hand in the fish tank to retrieve his keys.

In the emergency room Reva wants Josh to tell her what’s wrong. Josh tells her he was the one who hit Shayne and Marina. He takes her hand and tells Reva he was rushing to find Shayne in time for his meeting with the guy from the Cubs. Reva can’t and doesn’t want to believe it was Josh who hit their son. She stands up and repeatedly says ‘no…no.’ Josh takes a deep breath and says ‘it was me, Reva. I did it.’ She looks at him, screams and begins pounding his chest. Josh tries to hold her, but she breaks free and walks away from him.

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