Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Marah finds Tony at The Beacon and tells him while she was on the tower, she had plenty of time to think and realizes she was wrong about him. Gus receives a chilly reception from Eden when he goes to her apartment to tell her he has missed having her as a sister.

Edmond is surprised to find a baby outfit on Cassieís desk. Edmond is horrified at the memory of him causing Cassie to lose her baby and wants to talk about it with her. Cassie changes the subject to Oliviaís baby shower and admits she and Olivia are becoming friendlier with each other. Edmond tries again to talk about the baby she lost, but Cassie tells him to stop it and forget about it. Harley is visiting Olivia in the hospital when Rick comes in and tells her (Olivia) that she and the baby are doing great and can go home any time. Olivia looks fearful and says she canít go home just as Phillip walks into her room. Harley and Rick realize Phillip and Olivia need time to talk and leave the room. Olivia begins by telling Phillip she meant it before when she said she didnít want to see him. He says that was before he found out that what she said about Lizzie was the truth. He promises to keep Lizzie away from her and the baby. Olivia feels bad that Phillip is in pain over Lizzie but doesnít believe it will be enough to keep her and her baby safe. They leave the hospital.

Gus is trying to convince Eden he wants her back as his sister when he notices she has been sewing. She tells him she is doing it for Marah who needs help with her fashion show. Gus wonders why Eden spent a year chasing Marahís boyfriend and now all of a sudden is sewing for her. He asks if she has a guilty conscience about something. At The Beacon, Marah explains to Tony after everything that happened with Ben, she was scared and ran home to her old room where she felt safe. For this, she tells him, she was wrong. She knows that now. Marah is surprised to find that Tony wonít embrace the idea of taking her back. She says it is only because she hurt him so much, even he believes the things she was wrong about. She is pleading when Tony says he canít take it Ė he just canít take her apologizing to him right now. Tony looks away as if embarrassed.

Eden refuses to forgive Gus for turning his back on her during the murder investigation. She tells him she loves the brother she once had Ė Nicky Ė but since he became Gus, she canít accept him as her family and he is not welcome in her life anymore.

Tony tells Marah she was right to walk away from him. Marah, near hysterics, reminds him that it was only a few days ago he said he would wait forever. She begs him to tell her what has changed since then. Tony remembers his lusty encounter with Eden on the roof in New York. When she pleads with him to tell her what happened, he canít. He tells her there is nothing left for them except to say goodbye. He walks away and leaves Marah crying alone.

At Company, Rick tells Harley he and Mel are not going to be able to have any children because of the rejection drugs he is taking for his heart. Harley suggests adoption, but Rick says he canít do that. Rick says as long as he and Mel love each other everything will be fine. He makes her promise not to talk to Mel about it. Rick leaves and Gus arrives and tells Harley that Eden wonít forgive him for accusing her of murder. Harley feels guilty because she forced Gus to investigate Eden when he suspected Ben. Harley thinks someone needs to straighten Eden out and if Gus canít do it then it will have to be her.

Phillip and Olivia arrive at The Beacon. Olivia finds out Phillip will be moving back into the mansion, but handles it by saying itís important for him to take care of Lizzie right now. He leaves and she tells her unborn daughter it looks like itís going to be just the two of them. Cassie and Edmond meet Olivia in the lobby. Cassie makes snide remarks about Lizzie causing Olivia to fall down the stairs and now her punishment is having both parents under the same roof with her. Olivia tells Cassie itís okay, because ĎI have you.í Olivia tells Cassie that what could have been a very lonely time for her is not because of the fact that she (Cassie) is around and has made things a little less lonely. Cassie is surprised, but tells Olivia she is glad. Edmond and Cassie help Olivia get settled back in at The Beacon.

Eden is trying to finish the sewing for Marah when someone knocks on her door. Itís Marah who canít believe Eden hasnít finished yet. Eden tells her she had to stop and talk to someone and informs Marah she isnít the only one with problems. Marah realizes she was being rude and apologizes. Eden can tell there is something wrong. Marah admits that this time she is finally alone. She tells Eden that Tony wonít forgive her or take her back. Eden looks embarrassed but doesnít tell Marah about her and Tony.

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