Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Marah and Sandy remain on top of the billboard all night. When Sandy wakes up, he starts talking about Tony. He saw last night  the way Marah was looking at Tony. Sandy asks Marah why things didn’t work out for her and Tony. Marah tells Sandy that she had too many questions about the relationship and she did not feel safe. Sandy tells Marah playing it safe will not guarantee her happiness; but she will end up alone. Marah realizes that Sandy is talking about himself and not her anymore. Sandy encourages Marah to go after Tony if she still loves him. Dean Boudreau finally shows up and joins Marah and Sandy. He tells Sandy he may consider letting Sandy and the Mole back on the air if Sandy can promise to keep the Mole in line. Sandy cannot promise that so the dean says they have no deal. Seeing the number of people who have gathered to protest his actions, the dean relents. He tells Sandy that if he gets fired if the university is sued, the next dean may not be so understanding. Sandy and Marah are thrilled by their victory! He points out that they succeeded by taking a risk. She should do the same with Tony.


Michelle has a surprise for Danny: she bailed Nico out and would like him to work around the house and also to live there (in an apartment over the garage). Danny is against it but Michelle wears him down. She thinks they owe Nico, as it is the Santos family who is responsible for him losing his family. Finally, Danny agrees. When Michelle goes outside with Tony, who has a going away present for her, Danny tells Nico that he has agreed to Michelle’s arrangements. Nico tells Danny that he will not ever work for him. After a ‘talk’ with Tony, Nico changes his mind. He tells Danny he will stay with him. After Tony and Nico both leave, Marah shows up. She is looking for Tony. Danny and Michelle tell her to head over to the Beacon and she will find him there. She leaves. Shortly after, Michelle’s car comes and she and Danny say goodbye. He promises to visit her at least once a week.


Cassie and Edmund wake up together. She gets a phone call from the nanny telling her that RJ has run away again. Cassie tells Edmund that RJ is nervous about starting kindergarten and she leaves to find him. In the lobby, she runs into Jeffery, who tells her she should keep a closer watch on her children. Cassie continues her search and Jeffery ends up finding RJ – hiding under his table! He sits RJ down and the two of them talk. Jeffery shares some stories with RJ that cheer him up and make him less nervous about starting school. Cassie walks in and sees them both together. When Jeffery sees Cassie, he hands RJ over to her and tells her to keep him on a leash.

Reva comes by later to meet Cassie and runs into Jeffery, who congratulates her on a job well done. She tells him she is nervous about this because she doesn't  want to send the police out on wild goose-chases. Jeffery tells her to forget about the police and to just keep doing what she has been doing.

Beth drops by the Beacon, and runs into Edmund. When he learns that she is going to see Jeffery, he tries to tell her to stay away from him. Beth tells him that things between her and Jeffery are strictly business and that it is none of his business anyway. When she finds Jeffery she thanks him for giving her that information on Lizzie and asks him if anything new has come up. Jeffery tells her that Olivia’s case has been ruled an accident and it is closed. Beth thanks him and he compliments her on her commitment to her children. Beth tells him she is scared but he reassures her, telling her that he is certain she will do just fine. Jeffery leans in and kisses Beth, who kisses him back. When they pull away, Beth tells him he is a good kisser but his timing is terrible. He counts down from five then asks her if now is a better time. She responds by leaning in for another kiss.

In her suite, Cassie tells Reva about the exchange she witnessed between Jeffery and RJ. She is confused by Jeffery because sometimes she is sure that he is the most horrible man in the world and other times, she sees a side of him that implies he has a heart. She thinks that this is why she had that dream about him. Edmund walks in just in time to hear her mention a dream about Jeffery. Reva leaves them. Cassie starts to tell Edmund about the dream but he silences her with a kiss. He tells her that he does not feel threatened by Jeffery O’Neil because he has something that Jeffery does not - Cassie.

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