Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Harley regained control of the car after Lizzie grabbed the steering wheel in an effort to avoid going home to face hospitalization. Lizzie tells Harley she can’t treat her this way, to which Harley responds ‘Oh yeah? Watch me,’ and activates the child safety locks so Lizzie can’t jump from the car. Harley tries to reach out and touch Lizzie but Lizzie shoves her hand away. Harley keeps trying until Lizzie looks at Harley with tears in her eyes and finally moves in to let Harley embrace her. At the Spaulding mansion, Alan, Alex, Lillian, Beth, Phillip and Gus are deciding (arguing, really) what to do when Lizzie returns. Alan says that no one is sending his granddaughter to some nuthouse. Lillian reminds Alan it is actually called a psychiatric hospital. Phillip offers to move back into the mansion to spend more time with Lizzie.

At Company, Marah joins her mother for lunch before she meets Sandy on the tower to protest Dean Boudreau’s decision to cancel the Sandy and The Mole radio show. As Marah leaves Company, Tony walks in. She ignores him and leaves without a word. Reva approaches Tony as he sits at the counter to order lunch. ‘Are you going to give up that easily?’ she asks him. Tony replies he isn’t giving up, he’s ‘owning up.’ He explains he sees how things really are and he has decided to just deal with it. He tells Reva that Marah is a class act and doesn’t belong with a guy from the streets. Reva sympathizes with Tony and sits next to him while he finishes his lunch.

On the tower, Marah and Sandy are preparing for the ‘sit in’ when Marah finds out The Mole won’t be joining them. Sandy explains The Mole is afraid of heights. Marah is annoyed because she is sticking up for The Mole who doesn’t seem to care. On the ground, Shayne, Remy, Marina and hordes of fellow protesters have gathered with ‘Don’t Muzzle the Mole’ t-shirts and posters. Marina, swept up in the excitement, tells Shayne they need to go out and get a bigger crowd to support what Marah is doing.

At the mansion, tension escalates as Lillian makes her case for hospitalizing Lizzie when Alex says she is ‘just about to kick that soapbox out from under you’ to Lillian. Beth intervenes before the soapbox kicking commences. Beth points out the reasoning behind the idea for hospitalization is to have Lizzie in a controlled environment – something the Spaulding mansion surely is not! Alex chuckles and tells Beth she isn’t exactly the person to hand out advice about others’ mental health. Phillip interrupts to remind Alex that nor is she the one to take on that role either. Conversation in the room stops as an exasperated Alex departs in search of the butler who she needs to make her a martini. Gus sits in the corner watching the antics of his newly found family with disbelief. Alex returns with a fresh martini as Phillip concludes he will return to the mansion to help out with Lizzie. Alex agrees and says ‘yes, I think I should move back in too.’ Everyone looks at her as if she is crazy. Phillip continues by asking Lillian to be the one to join him in moving back into the house. Lillian agrees.

At Company, Reva makes Tony try the Baklava. She engages Tony in conversation about her ‘wild-child’ past and tells him no one ever imagined she would end up with a Lewis man. Tony, recognizing where the conversation is going, tells her it’s different for him and Marah. He tells her the fears that Marah has about him is something that scares him to.

On the ground beneath the tower, Marina has organized a live broadcast to get the word out about Marah and Sandy’s protest. Marina and Remy give updates of increasing amounts of protesters all over the campus. Marah and Sandy are excited about all of the interest and participation they are getting from the students and the community. Dean Boudreau shows up with a bullhorn and says he will not be forced in to allowing the gathering of protesters. He glares at his son, Remy, who has been an active supporter of the protest.

Harley arrives at the mansion with a reluctant Lizzie. Lizzie, being dragged by Harley, finds herself in a headlock when she refuses to go into the study and face her family. Inside, Alan announces he has been quiet long enough. He is met with a chorus of ‘Oh, please!’ Unable to be quiet any longer, Gus says he has something to add as a member of the family. He tells the family he doesn’t think anyone has an idea about Lizzie or the person she has become. Alex tells Gus he hasn’t been a member of the family long enough and the fact that he is now, is not to her liking anyway. Alan tells Gus as usual his sister is ‘way off the mark.’ Phillip reminds Alex he is the owner of the house, invited Gus there himself, and by the way, ‘Aunt Alex, what are you doing here?’ Outside, Harley is listening in with Lizzie who is handcuffed to her wrist. Harley un-cuffs Lizzie who tries to run again. Harley catches her and shoves her into the study. Lizzie brightly greets everyone and announces ‘I’m home.’ She hugs everyone in the room. She tells Beth and Phillip she didn’t mean anything with that business at the cabin, she only wanted to get away from there. She says she knows it was silly and won’t do it again. Beth and Phillip tell Lizzie they want her to agree to daily sessions with Felicia Boudreau. She smiles with satisfaction when she hears Phillip is moving back into the house to be with her. Gus walks out to join Harley in the hallway.

Marina and Shayne are outside of Company when they decide to go for a midnight swim at the lake. Shayne asks if clothing is optional. Marina runs in to get her suit. Remy calls Shayne to tell him what a great turn out they have on campus for the protest. Hands cover Shayne’s face and someone moves in to kiss him. Shayne, thinking it is Marina, allows himself to be kissed -  deeply. Marina walks up and says ‘Um, excuse me.’ Shayne lets the girl go who calls herself Shayne Lewis’s biggest fan. Marina covers her mouth so she doesn’t start laughing. Shayne is embarrassed by the kiss, but relieved Marina isn’t angry. Marina kisses Shayne to remind him of what her kisses are like.

Beneath the tower, the crowd has dispersed and only Tony and one other protester remain. The protester glances at the tower and touches Tony’s shoulder saying that takes someone who is crazy (referring to Marah). Tony replies ‘Nah, you gotta be special. Really special.’ Marah and Tony lock eyes but don’t say anything. Tony walks away.

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