Guiding Light Update Friday 8/29/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At the cabin, after Lizzie threatened to slit her wrists, Lillian tells Beth it isn’t the same as an actual attempt and they should continue the tough love intervention. Beth is confused about what to do with Lizzie. Lillian begins to cry and tells her daughter it is probably her own guilt talking because she ignored Beth when she was a little girl and the abuse she suffered.

Danny tries to comfort Michelle who refuses to press charges against Nico for mugging her.

At Company, Christopher is on the phone arguing with someone and telling them he will not put pressure on ‘her’ because ‘these things’ take time. He ends the call when he sees Reva by saying, ‘I have to go. She’s here.’ Gus and Phillip arrive at the mansion to find Alan has returned from New York. Alan is pleased to see his sons together. Phillip explains that Lizzie threatened to slash her wrists and when she returns, he and Beth will do whatever it takes to get Lizzie the help she needs – even if it means sending her to an institution.

Harley tells Lizzie they are taking the long way home – the scenic route – from the cabin, so they will have time to talk about Lizzie’s problems. Michelle continues her attempt at convincing Danny they should do something to help Nico by refusing to swear out a complaint against him. Danny agrees to go to the courthouse to talk to Nico and see if he deserves their forgiveness.

Lizzie accuses Harley of hating her because she won’t let her go without talking about her problems. Harley tells her she only wants to help. Lizzie doesn’t believe her. Harley says that’s just ‘tough’, because she has no other choice. Beth tells her mother what is happening right now isn’t about their problems when she was growing up – it’s about Lizzie and getting her well. Lillian tells Beth she has to consider hospitalization. At the mansion, Phillip tells Alan he will talk to Beth and to Lizzie’s therapist before making a decision. Phillip and Gus leave the room. Alan calls Alexandra and tells her that what she warned him about is happening, and to hurry to the mansion.

At Company, Reva finds out Chris had a wife who has passed away. When she asks if he has tried to contact her on the other side, he tells her ‘No’, and they are never to bring up the subject again. He quickly apologizes for jumping down her throat and tells Reva his relationship with his wife was so special he doesn’t want to harm her memory. He tells Reva his wife was hit by car and wondering if there was anything he could have done to prevent her death, is the reason he is so interested in her (Reva). He explains he would like to harness Reva’s powers to help foresee tragic events and avoid them. Reva is uncomfortable because she feels that would be playing with fate.

In the car, Harley tries to talk to Lizzie, who refuses until Harley tells her that the episode with the glass is going to cost her a lot more than she thought. Lizzie is confused until she realizes Harley means she may be institutionalized.

At the courthouse, Father Ray and Danny are talking when a cop brings Nico in the room. Nico chides Danny for being a Santos and tells him the Santos family ruined every one and every thing in his neighborhood when he was growing up. Danny tells him he is going to clean up the mess his mother left behind. Nico lunges at Danny and tells him to bring his parents back from the dead if he wants to do something good. Father Ray tries to tell Danny that Nico is a good kid and a good musician.

Phillip returns to the study at the mansion to find that Alexandra has joined Alan to convince him to let Lizzie get treatment at home before the press finds out she has problems. Alexandra reminds Phillip that Lillian and Beth have had mental problems of their own and he shouldn’t go along with anything they want. Lillian and Beth arrive as Alan and Alexandra are pleading with Phillip to keep Lizzie’s problems in the family.

Father Ray is asking Danny to give Nico a job when a cop rushes in and tells them Nico has escaped. Danny is afraid Nico went to find his wife. Michelle wakes up to find Nico in her living room. She is afraid when he sticks his hand in his pocket. He is asking her why she fought him over the purse. There is no way he is going to do time! Nico pulls his hand from his pocket and tries to hand Michelle some money. He tells her it’s the money he took from her, and to please take it, because he doesn’t want to go to jail. Danny and the cops storm the living and wrestle Nico to the floor. Michelle is screaming for them to leave him alone.

Alexandra accuses Lillian of being hell-bent on getting rid of Lizzie. They are arguing when Beth yells for them to stop it and tells them what ever happens with Lizzie is going to be decided by her and Phillip. Phillip agrees when Beth tells him that the Lizzie at the cabin didn’t even look like their little girl.

Lizzie, afraid now to go home and be sent away, grabs the steering wheel. Harley loses control and veers off the road.

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