Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle shows Danny the bag that Marah designed and says she has to go and drop off some files to the hotline office . Danny wants to go with her but Michelle says she can go alone because he can't put a shield around her. 

At the hospital, Frank brings Olivia some flowers and her favorite ice cream. Frank tells Olivia he saw Philip outside and Olivia says Philip should stay outside. Olivia says that she has to protect her baby from its own family. 

At a cabin 40 miles away from town, Beth and Lilian try to get Lizzie out of the bathroom. Lizzie thinks Lilian and Beth hate her and don't believe she is telling them the truth. Lizzie comes out of the bathroom crying and still shouting that Beth and Lilian hate her. Lizzie gets angry and grabs a vase and smashes it on the floor. 

At the hospital, Gus tells Philip that Harley has found Lizzie and Beth in a cabin 40 miles from town and is on her way there right now. Gus asks Philip how deep Lizzie's problems go. Philip insists that Lizzie has the problems of a normal teenager and they aren't as severe as Beth and Olivia think they are. Harley calls Gus from outside the cabin and tells him things are getting pretty nasty in there. Philip grabs the phone from Gus and Harley tells Philip that Lizzie is okay she is just getting a dose of tough love. Philip demands that Harley gets Lizzie out of the cabin right away. Gus grabs the phone from Philip and tells Harley to be careful because this is a domestic dispute . Harley tells Gus that Lizzie is in no danger and she won't go in the cabin unless it is necessary. Philip takes the phone from Gus and explains to Harley that confrontation isn't Beth's strong suit, and if she loses control of the situation things get worse. Philip begs Harley to get Lizzie out of there now. Beth and Lilian try to calm Lizzie down and get her to admit the truth about the things she has done. Lizzie insists she would never want to murder a baby who hasn't even been born yet. Lizzie explains to Beth and Lilian that they are both making her feel like a pod child, who came home from boarding school with no heart and no conscience. Lilian senses that Beth is getting soft and takes her outside to tell her that she has to remain tough or the intervention won't work. 

On fifth street, a mugger demands Michelle's purse. Michelle tells the mugger she will give him her money but the purse is borrowed and she can't give him it. The mugger and Michelle fight for the purse, causing the strap to break . When the strap breaks Michelle falls down. The worried mugger asks if she is okay and helps her get up off the ground. The mugger runs away when he hears the police sirens. 

At the hospital, Ed and Rick arrive to check on Olivia. Frank and Rick get beeped and leave. Harley tells Gus that Beth is handling the intervention just fine . Philip takes the phone from Gus and again begs Harley to get his daughter out of the cabin. Harley sees Lizzie pick up a broken piece of glass and put it to her wrist. Harley tells Philip to give the phone to Gus. Harley speaks to Gus and asks him to tell Philip she is going into the cabin. Beth and Lilian try to calm Lizzie down and get her to put the piece of glass down. Ed and Olivia talk about Philip. Ed tells Olivia that Philip means well but he tends to get his own way and take other people with him. Ed says that he (Ed) hasn't been the best father but his children raised themselves and they are doing fine. 

On fifth street, Frank and Danny arrive. Frank says they caught the guy who mugged Michelle and she will need to file a police report and pick the guy out of a line-up. Ray arrives because he has been mentoring the 18-year-old mugger. Ray explains that Nico's parents were killed for not paying protection money to Carmen. Nico has been living in an abandoned building on fifth street. Ray has given him odd jobs in exchange for food. Michelle tries to persuade Danny not to press charges against Nico and give him a chance. 

At the cabin, Harley tries to persuade Lizzie to put the glass down because she has a wonderful life with a family who loves her. Harley reminds Lizzie of the day she got out of the hospital from her blood transfusion and how happy everyone was because she was better. Harley also tells Lizzie she has to stay alive so she can convince everyone she is telling the truth. Lizzie gives Harley the piece of glass and then hugs her. 

At the hospital, Philip apologizes to Gus for pushing Harley so hard. Philip blames himself for having his eyes closed to what was happening to Lizzie. Gus tells Philip that he is a good father and Lizzie's problems aren't his fault. Philip is frustrated because he can't fix Lizzie's problems. Gus says Philip is a good father who needs to figure some things out. 

On fifth street , Ray continues to defend Nico and says he is a good kid. Ray thinks Nico was desperate about something in order to mug Michelle. An angry Danny tells Ray that if he (Ray) had called social services when he (Ray) first found this kid,  Nico wouldn't have been on fifth street to mug Michelle. Michelle wants Danny to make amends with Nico because his parents were killed because of Carmen. 

At the hospital, Harley tells Philip that the situation is under control. Philip thanks Harley for her help and hangs up the phone. Philip continues to beat himself up for not seeing the signs that Lizzie was in trouble. Philip vows to keep his eyes open and get Lizzie the help she needs. 

At the cabin, Beth decides to let Lizzie ride back to town with Harley. Harley takes Lizzie to get her things. Beth breaks down and cries. Lilian tells Beth that Lizzie was acting because she had an audience. Lilian tells Beth she will have to push Lizzie so she will work out her problems. Lilian says Beth will have to be ready to hear Lizzie tell her she hates her or nothing will change. Harley and Lizzie come back in the room, says goodbye and leave. 

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