Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Eden and Bill spend the morning together, making love at her place. The rest of their day isn’t as perfect. At Company, Eden sees Gus but the two don’t make any progress with each other. Shortly after that, Tony walks in. In spite of their agreement to pretend that nothing happened, Eden is affected when she sees Tony. After Bill leaves, Tony joins Eden. He tells her they agreed to pretend that NY never happened but if they ignore each other every time they see each other, people will realize something is going on. He thinks they should just deal with what happened. Eden tells him that Bill is a good man and he is good for her. She also tells him that since their encounter did not mean anything to either of them, it makes sense that they should just ignore it.

Reva meets Cassie and the two catch up. Cassie tells her that things have been going well with Edmund. She tells Reva she went to the farm and was taking a nap when Richard appeared to her in a dream. She was able to thank him for helping her move on, but when she moved closer to him, he turned into Jeffery! Reva doesn’t think that is so bad. Reva admits to Cassie that things have not been so great with her and Josh as she has been neglecting him. Cassie offers her the farm, for a romantic rendezvous. Reva accepts and convinces Josh to come by to check out the renovations.


When Josh arrives at the farm, Reva attempts to seduce him. Josh cannot stop picturing Reva with Christopher and has a hard time succumbing to his wife’s charms. He wonders if Reva is showering him with attention because she feels guilty about her feelings for Christopher. Reva is persistent and Josh finally responds. He promises her that he will not let anyone ever come between them. They make love.


Harley is not too anxious about her new ‘case’ but Gus tells her to focus on what Philip hired her for - to find Lizzie. Harley wants to hear Olivia’s version because she has no intention of acting on Philip’s version of things alone. Olivia is not too happy to see Harley and asks her to leave. When Harley says they both have a lot in common (like Beth’s children messing up their lives), Olivia tells her what happened. Harley tells Olivia that she does believe her, but she thinks that Lizzie would be better off in Springfield rather than off somewhere alone with Beth. Harley is not confident that Beth can handle Lizzie. Olivia tells her that she should stay out of it and let Beth take care of Lizzie. The best thing for the girl might very well be getting away from the Spaulding influences and dealing with her issues. Olivia begs Harley not to “bring that witch back to town”.

When Harley meets with Gus, she tells him that Olivia is genuinely scared of Lizzie. But she won’t leave Lizzie alone with Beth. She thinks the family needs to deal with Lizzie. Gus tells her he put out an APB on Beth and her car was spotted at a convenience store outside of town. Harley leaves to find them.


Jeffery and Ross go to the courthouse to close the Ben Reade case - officially. When the judge arrives, she asks Mr. O’Neil how it is that the feds knew that one of their men was close to being arrested. She thinks that it is likely that someone close to the situation tipped them off. Jeffery says his hands were tied as the feds had a right to take Mr. Hendon away. The judge asks him if he does in fact work for the state, as he appears to. Jeffery says he works for the people of Springfield. When the judge brings the hearing to a close, Ross comments on Jeffrey’s gall for going up against Her Honour. He assumes that Jeffery must have someone very big to back him up. Jeffery “pleads the fifth”, which just makes Ross more suspicious.

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