Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Josh oils Shayne's mitt while he tells Billy he's afraid that he's been neglecting Reva lately. Christopher has a mysterious phone call, where he tells the caller that Reva is "their lady," but that he can't rush things. Reva wonders why he seems so angry. Harley tells Gus that Beth dropped off James for them to watch, and that Beth was obviously determined not to leave James with the Spauldings. Alex tells Phillip about Lillian and Beth's trip with Lizzie, and says that Phillip must stop them before they put Lizzie in an institution. Lizzie tries to sneak out of their remote cabin, but is stopped by Lillian.

Lizzie is furious when she realizes that Lillian and Beth are keeping her at the cabin. She says they can't keep her prisoner, but Lillian says she won't be able to find her way on her own. Lillian says they're not leaving until Lizzie is honest with them. Phillip is flabbergasted that Beth and Lillian would take Lizzie, but he assured that they can't do anything to Lizzie without his permission. He says he doesn't believe that Lizzie tried to hurt Olivia. Harley is convinced that Beth's trip has to do with the Spauldings. Phillip wants to see Gus and Harley. Chris tells Reva that the phone call was from a student. She tells him that Josh is worried about her. Chris says that she gets exhausted by her visions because she has trouble "sorting" them.

Josh admits that he and Reva were having a few problems. Billy says Reva will always need adventure and excitement. He says that Josh just needs to help her remember that family is the most important. Chris takes Reva to the hospital to practice "sorting." He thinks that she may be repressing too much by holding back her impulses. Phillip tells Harley and Gus about Beth's surprise trip, and they tell him that they have James. Phillip says he is worried about Beth's frame of mind, and wants Gus's help finding her. Lillian wants Lizzie to be honest about sending Ben after Marina. Lizzie makes up a new story that Ben threatened to kill her, but Lillian doesn't believe her. She accuses Lillian of making Beth psychotic.

Phillip, Harley, and Gus wonder what could have made Lillian and Beth run off with Lizzie. Phillip wants Gus to help find them, but Gus says that legally, he can't do anything, but he says that Phillip could hire Harley. Lillian admits doing wrong by Beth, but says that's why she won't make the same mistakes with Lizzie. Lizzie again insists that she's done nothing wrong, and says Marina deserved what she got. Lillian deduces that Lizzie did what she did because she wanted Shayne, and wonders if she did something to Olivia because she didn't want her father to be tied to her.

Reva tries to get visions from people at the hospital. Reva is thrilled when she picks up on the joy of a newly-pregnant woman. Harley doesn't want to take Phillip's case, but finally relents and agrees to help. Gus is happy that Harley will help his brother. Lillian figures out that Lizzie did pull up the carpet at the Beacon, but had a change of heart and tried to stop Olivia before she fell. Lizzie promised that if Lillian didn't let her leave, something horrible would happen, then locks herself in the bathroom.

Reva gets more visions about the pregnant woman, and realizes she had a miscarriage and is now getting a second chance. Harley suggests that Gus tries to reconnect with Eden. Harley is in no hurry to find Lizzie, insisting that she is safe as long as she is with Lillian. She goes to the hospital to talk to Olivia. Lillian is worried that Lizzie will try to hurt herself.

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