Guiding Light Update Monday 8/25/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

In Olivia’s hospital room, Rick tells Olivia that the contractions and the bleeding have stopped and she will have a very happy and healthy baby. He also tells her she has a visitor - it’s Phillip. Rick says he knows that Phillip is annoying, but he (Phillip) is the baby’s father. Olivia has an image of Lizzie and explains that it isn’t Phillip but Lizzie that she is trying to avoid. She agrees to see Phillip. At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra arrives to a chilly reception from Thomas, the butler, who has strict orders to keep her away from the house. Alexandra laughs him off and says she is there looking for Lizzie who didn’t show up for work today. Thomas tells her that Lizzie and Beth left earlier with travel bags. Lillian arrives and tells Alexandra that Beth left her apologies but she and Lizzie had important business to take care of. Alexandra wants to know where they are, but Lillian refuses to tell her.

At the museum, Marah has enlisted the help of Remy, Shayne and Marina for a “Don’t Muzzle the Mole” campaign in an effort to get the controversial radio show back on the air. Sandy appears and is impressed with the work they’ve done to help him and his yet-to-be-seen partner - The Mole. Marina speculates that The Mole is keeping a low profile because he is embarrassed that the same people that are trying to save him are the ones he has made a life of humiliating. Sandy quickly agrees, but adds The Mole will show up as soon as Dean Boudreaux changes his policy.

At Company, Edmund and Cassie are caressing hands across the table. Cassie comments she feels like she is at the malt shop and they should have a soda with two straws. Edmund eyes Buzz and quips ‘Garcon, two straws.’ Buzz sneers at Edmond and says he doesn’t like to be called ‘Garcon,’ and comments that he can’t get use to ‘this’, referring to Cassie and Edmund together. Edmund says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks – he has never been happier. Jeffrey arrives and slides into the seat next to Cassie saying ‘scooch over, will you honey?’ Jeffrey says he is trying to track down Beth who seems to have disappeared. Cassie wants to know why he is looking for Beth and finds out Jeffrey has romance on his mind. At the counter, Buzz, Frank and Darcy are wondering what Marina will do with the money Ben left her. Marina walks in just as Darcy says it’s Marina’s decision and money isn’t good or bad, it is just money.

Alexandra continues to harass Lillian for information about Beth and Lizzie. Lillian won’t give up their whereabouts but says that they have left because Lizzie is emotionally sick. Alexandra won’t accept that, and says it isn’t only Beth’s concern where things involve Lizzie.

Phillip goes in to see Olivia who tries to tell him she suspects Lizzie caused her fall.

At Company, Edmund tells Jeffrey that Beth is out of his league. “She is refined, elegant, intelligent, sophisticated – everything you are not!” Jeffrey who is eating, talking with his mouth full and picking his teeth with his finger, says so far Beth doesn’t seem to have a problem with him. Cassie looks at him with revulsion and says there may be some things he doesn’t understand about Beth. He correctly guesses she is referring to Beth’s multiple personality episodes. Cassie says she thinks he should stay away from Beth. He responds by saying he is now even more intrigued. He gets up to leave, but stops long enough to say as far the multiple personality – the way he sees it that’s just ‘two for the price of one!’ Edmund says that while he would sure hate to see poor Beth tangled up with Jeffrey, at least he would leave them alone. Cassie says that is true, but Edmund doesn’t believe she thinks it’s a good thing to be left alone by the DA.

Lillian tries to tell Alexandra she is blind to things Lizzie has done. She says that there is something cold and ruthless about Lizzie and she needs the kind of tough love the Raines women are dosing out, and if that doesn’t work, they will have her hospitalized. Alexandra says that will only happen over her and Alan’s dead bodies. Lillian tells her to back off – ‘no one is asking for Spaulding permission, it has already been decided.’ Alexandra fires back that Lizzie is a Spaulding. ‘And don’t you forget it!’ Lillian leaves a fuming Alexandra alone in the study.

At the hospital, Phillip is making excuses for Lizzie’s actions and will not consider that Lizzie is a cold and calculating menace! Olivia patiently tries to explain events as she believed they happened. Olivia, enraged at Phillip’s blind disbelief, screams at him to get out of her room. Rick hears the commotion and arrives as Phillip is walking out. Rick asks if Olivia is okay before going outside to find Phillip. Outside, Phillip asks Rick if he believes in curses. Rick is puzzled but Phillip goes on. He is cursed for coveting his father’s wife - has angered the gods and it is a curse he will never escape.

At Company, Edmund tells Cassie he wants to forget about Jeffrey and focus on their love life. He takes her hand and leads her to what he describes as the most romantic spot. Marina arrives and says she knows what she is going to do with money. She is not going to use it to go to Northwestern University – she wants to go to Springfield U. She has decided to set up a foundation to use the money to help people.

At an old farmhouse, Edmund and Cassie are sharing a bottle of champagne when Edmund tells Cassie that he loves her. Cassie says she is better at showing how she feels than saying it. She takes his hand and they begin to kiss. After making love, Cassie has an image of ‘Richard.’ She tells him how wonderful Edmund has been to her and the children. She is really happy now and it is all because of his love. When the apparition doesn’t respond, she touches him, he turns around and it’s Jeffrey O’Neil! He grabs Cassie, pulls her to him and roughly kisses her. She awakens confused and breathless.

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