Guiding Light Update Friday 8/22/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Lewis's house. Reva wonders why Josh is in Shayne's room by himself with the lights off. Reva figures out that Josh and Shayne had a fight. Josh asks Reva if she used her new psychic ability to figure that out. Reva says that she could read his (Josh's) mind long before she had psychic ability. Josh tells Reva the details of the fight he had with Shayne. Josh asks Reva if she has had any news about the police finding the missing girl. Reva tells him she hasn't had any news and Reva worries that she could be wrong and the mother of the girl could be getting her hopes up.

At Company, Marina tries to persuade Shayne to go back home and make up with his father. She says that he should get some sleep because he has a big game tomorrow. Shayne tells her not to worry about him because he will be fine. He wonders if she will be able to sleep. She says she won't sleep all night until she makes a decision. Shayne gives Marina a kiss and says that he will help her make a decision.

At the museum, Eden tries to persuade Marah to get back together with Tony. Eden tells Marah that she and Tony went to New York and got Salerno to admit the pictures were a fake. Eden says that she was standing on the roof with Tony when Salerno admitted the truth. Marah wonders if Tony dangled Salerno off the roof to find out the truth. Marah looks at the expression on Eden's face and knows that is exactly what Tony did. Eden says that everything Tony has ever done has been for Marah. Marah says she can't understand Tony's violent side and Tony should find a woman who is capable of understanding it.

At Danny and Michelle's place, Tony tells Danny what happened with Salerno. Tony says Salerno sent the pictures that ruined his life to get even with Danny. Tony says that Salerno didn't even respect him enough to send the pictures to get even with him personally. Tony feels like he has never been a part of the family business or the new legitimate business.

At Company, Shayne suggests they flip a coin to make the big decision. Marina thinks the money could open doors for her. She also thinks that it wouldn't be so bad to stay in Springfield. She jokes that if she stayed in Springfield, she could have her own reality show like the Osbornes. She also thinks that she could go to New York and start going to auditions. Shayne encourages Marina to go to school and take acting and singing classes. Marina tells Shayne he didn't go to school and he is doing well. Shayne says it doesn't matter what his decision was, she should choose the path that makes her happy. She isn't sure if happiness can really last or if it just happens moment by moment. Marina isn't sure acting is what makes her truly happy.

At the Lewis's house, Reva tells Josh that his fight with Shayne wasn't about him (Shayne) or Shayne's feelings about Josh, it was because Shayne has always been the perfect child and he was due for a little rebellion. Josh tells Reva he is worried about how her psychic ability will affect her physically and emotionally. Reva feels like she can finally do something to help other people. Josh encourages Reva to think about her family and not to try and save the world. Reva thinks God has given her a gift but Josh thinks her ability is a curse.

At Danny and Michelle's Place, Danny encourages Tony not to give up on Marah. Tony says Danny should have become legitimate by himself and left him where he was because he (Tony) acts before he thinks regardless of who he hurts. Tony says he got rid of the good guy, Ray and Danny thought he could be when he made love to Eden on the roof. The door bell rings and Bill arrives to talk to Michelle about the hotline. Bill apologizes to Tony because Marah broke up with him over the pictures. Bill says Tony was a victim of Salerno's lies. Bill says he feels Eden is truly sorry for her part in Marah and Tony's break up. Tony tells Bill that Salerno and Eden did Marah a favor by getting him away from her. Danny wants to talk to Bill. Danny says he is grateful that Bill was able to get Michelle through Ben's death and be a friend to her. Danny thinks Bill should stop coming to Michelle every time he has a crisis in his life. Bill thinks Danny is still jealous of him. Danny says he isn't jealous of him anymore. Danny thinks if Bill has a problem with Eden he should speak to Eden not Michelle. Bill explains he just wanted to talk to Michelle because she had the same problem with him (Danny) that he (Bill) is having with Eden. Danny advises Bill that he should start trusting Eden.

At the museum, Marah shows Eden her sketches for Eden's approval. Eden tells Marah that Tony still loves her and they deserve to be happy together. Eden encourages Marah to call Tony. Marah asks Eden to leave so she can talk to Tony alone. Marah pretends to call Tony until Eden leaves. Marah calls Adrian Pascal.

At the Lewis's house, Reva tells Josh that sometimes she feels like her visions do more harm than good. Frank calls Reva to tell her they found the missing girl and she will be with her mother soon. Frank puts the girl's mother on the phone and the mother says thank you to Reva. Reva sheds some tears as she hangs up the phone and shares the news with Josh who isn't so happy.

At Company, Shayne explains that happiness is knowing you have a place where you are supposed to be and you would rather be there than any place in the world. Shayne says that being in this place gives him joy and comfort and makes him want to get up in the morning. Marina is impressed that Shayne gets that much happiness from baseball. Shayne explains that the happiness he just described doesn't come from playing baseball it comes from being with her.

At Eden's place, Eden tears up all the pictures of Tony in her photo album and says goodbye to Tony. On the last page of the photo album there is a picture of Tony that Eden can't bear to tear up and she places it back in the album and closes it.

At the Lewis's house, Reva says that if she found a missing person once, she could do it again. Reva thinks this gift is a part of her and she can't give it up. Josh still worries about the effect this ability will have on Reva. Reva leaves to call Christopher.

At Company, Shayne tells Marina he loves her and if he had to choose between her and baseball he would choose her. Marina feels uncomfortable that Shayne would give up something he loves so much for her. Shayne tells Marina he loves her more than baseball. Marina doesn't feel she is worthy to be put on such a pedestal. Shayne is surprised Marina still doesn't understand how much she means to him. Shayne tells Marina that she is an amazing person. Shayne also says that thinking of Marina gets him through each day. Shayne gives Marina a kiss.

At Eden's place, Bill tells Eden he isn't sure she is over her feelings for Tony. Bill fears Eden is holding something back. Eden says she wants to change. Bill tells Eden he needs her and he knows she would never hurt him. She says that it is more than likely she will hurt him. She tells Bill that when she is with him she feels like she can finally stay in one place. She says she is scared of what is inside her. Bill says he will take his chances with her . Bill and Eden make love.

At the museum, Tony arrives and opens the door slightly to hear Marah's conversation. Marah tells Adrian Pascal that she can finish her designs much sooner than the deadline. Marah tells Adrian that she has more free time because there is nothing holding her back anymore. Tony leaves and Marah throws her sketch of Tony in the trash.

At the Lewis's house, Reva calls Christopher to tell him that they found the missing girl. Reva thanks Christopher for being the only person who believed in her. Reva agrees to work with Christopher tomorrow. After he hangs up the phone, he calls someone and tells them Reva is the one they have been looking for.

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