Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At the TV station, Reva continues to see the image of a little girl, who earlier she had blurted out was not dead. At the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Jeffrey continue to hold and kiss in a passionate embrace. Beth, breathless, breaks away from Jeffrey who said he had to kiss her because she is a soft, sexy and intelligent woman. Besides that, he said, ‘you…needed to be kissed.’ He then asks when they can plan a real date – doesn’t matter what they do – as long as they get the talking out of the way and get down to some serious kissing. Cassie called Harley and Gus to tell them that Olivia fell down the stairs at The Beacon and may lose the baby.

At the hospital, Lillian has good news when she tells Phillip that Olivia’s contractions are slowing down. Shameless Lizzie watches on behind her father as he wonders aloud why this had to happen to his innocent child. Olivia tries to convince Cassie to keep Phillip and Lizzie away from her and the baby. Cassie thinks Olivia is over-reacting until Olivia explains Lizzie’s actions just before she (Olivia) fell. Cassie tries to convince Olivia to talk to Phillip as Lillian eavesdrops from the doorway. Lillian hears Olivia tell Cassie that she is terrified of Lizzie.

At the mansion, Jeffrey asks Beth if she didn’t like the kiss. ‘Oh that… that was fine.’ Jeffrey is telling Beth he wants to take her to dinner when Lillian calls and tells her they need to meet and talk about Lizzie - soon, it’s serious. Beth agrees to meet her mother at Company in twenty minutes. Before Beth can leave, Jeffrey backs her into a desk, caresses her hair and shoulder and moves in to kiss her. He pulls back as Beth readies for another kiss. She is stunned when he stops and with a smile tells her the ‘next move is yours’ and then he leaves.

At the TV station, Reva continues her reading for the mother who has been looking for her little girl for ten years. Reva’s vision is accurate and makes sense to the mother. Reva assures the woman that her daughter is definitely alive.

In the emergency room, Cassie emerges from Olivia’s room to an anxious Phillip who wants to see Olivia. Cassie tells Phillip to just wait, be patient and not so selfish. Lizzie asks Cassie if there is anything she can do. Cassie lowers her voice, moves closer to Lizzie and tells her ‘I think…you need…to leave…Olivia alone.’ Lizzie says, ‘Fine. Whatever.’ Lizzie leaves the emergency room but not before sneering at Cassie. Cassie recognizes that maybe Olivia was right about Lizzie.

At Company, Beth and Lillian talk about Lizzie who is desperately jealous of Olivia and the baby. Beth is concerned but not disbelieving that Lizzie might have had something to do with Olivia’s fall. Lillian vows to get help for her granddaughter after explaining to Beth what she overheard Olivia tell Cassie.

After Reva’s reading, the mother of the lost child wants to make an appointment with Reva for another psychic reading. Christopher steps in and discourages it, but she is adamant that she talks to Reva again. Josh tells Reva he is concerned about how she is going to be able to handle the pain of empathic work. Reva only wants to go home to take a bath with Josh and listen to some really loud rock-and-roll. Josh thinks it’s a great idea, but before they leave, Jeffrey and Frank approach and say they need to speak to Reva. Harley tries to comfort Phillip by telling him the baby will be fine because she’s his kid, and Phillip’s kids are survivors. Phillip walks outside and is followed by Gus. Gus asks where Rick is. Phillip says his old buddy Rick has probably had enough of him. Gus tries to fill in and tells Phillip to just hang on because that’s really all he can do.

Lizzie arrives at the mansion alone and lies on the couch. She hears her grandmother on the answering machine say she needs to talk to her - now. Lizzie looks at the phone with fright but doesn’t pick it up. Lizzie sits up and says she is sorry. She prays to God to believe her because she didn’t mean for Olivia to fall and He knows it. She cries to please not let the baby die. Oh… and also don’t let anyone find out what she did.

Frank and Jeffrey tell Reva they have been in contact with a detective who has been working on the ‘Bunny’ (the missing little girl) case for ten years. He faxed the Springfield Police his file and wants Reva to do another reading. Josh doesn’t think she should, but Reva agrees as long as Christopher is there with her. Reva continues her reading with a clear image of the girl and her surroundings. Frank and Jeffrey see a correlation to Reva’s vision and the information in the file. Everyone is amazed and thanks Reva for doing such a good job. Reva cries and says she just hopes she is not leading the mother of the child on a wild goose chase. Josh watches as Christopher holds a distraught Reva in his arms.

Harley and Gus consider the importance of Gus comforting Phillip as though they are brothers. Gus tells Harley to promise him that if he ever starts to take her for granted the way Phillip did, to just hit him and that’ll straighten him right out. Harley agrees.

Beth arrives at the mansion to find Lizzie asleep on the couch. Lizzie wakes, calls Beth ‘mommy’ and goes back to sleep. At the hospital, Lillian tells Phillip it has been forty-six minutes since Olivia has had a contraction. Phillip is relieved. Lillian says Olivia is sleeping and she will let Phillip go in and see her if he promises not to disturb her. Phillip promises and goes into Olivia’s room. He wants to reach out and touch Olivia’s stomach, but pulls his hand away. He sits at Olivia’s side and talks to his unborn daughter. He tells her to hang in there.

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