Guiding Light Update Monday 8/18/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Olivia emerges from her afternoon nap and begins to walk down the stairs to the lobby at The Beacon. Lizzie, watching from below with panic in her eyes, calls out to Olivia. Olivia glances at Lizzie and immediately trips on the piece of carpet Lizzie sabotaged on the stair. Jeffrey, Cassie and Lizzie hurry to help Olivia. Jeffrey shouts for someone to get an ambulance. Olivia, dazed, looks at Lizzie and begins to scream - ‘Stay away from me!’

Reva and Holly begin to prepare for the first live show featuring a psychic. Holly worries about the reputation of the show and hers as the producer. Reva tries to convince Holly everything will be alright.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth is doing a crossword when Jeffrey walks into the room. Beth asks if he is there to give her a bill for the cell phone she knocked out of his hand last week. Jeffrey says maybe later, but right now he’s on official business. He is trying to tie up loose ends in the Ben Reade murder investigation. Beth wants to know what that could possibly have to do with her. ‘Nothing with you’, Jeffrey tells her, ‘but it might have a lot to do with your daughter.’ Beth is alarmed. He shows her a hand drawn map the police found in Ben Reade’s car giving directions to the Bauer cabin. Jeffrey wants to know if the handwriting could belong to Lizzie. Beth tries to avoid answering until Jeffrey suggests they compare the handwriting to one of Lizzie’s school notebooks. Beth confesses that the handwriting is indeed that of her daughter Lizzie.

Reva, accompanied by Dr. Langham, introduces her live audience to the realm of the unknown. A heckler in the crowd wants to know what numbers are going to hit at the horse race today. Josh, in the crowd, turns around and yells at the guy.

At the hospital, Lizzie and Cassie are in the emergency room awaiting news of Olivia. Cassie tries to talk to Lizzie about what happened to Olivia. Lizzie becomes defensive and starts to  wonder what the baby must be feeling inside of Olivia and whether or not the baby can feel pain. Phillip flings himself into the room and wants to know ‘What the hell happened?’

The heckler at the TV station continues to rankle Reva and Dr Langham. Security forces and Josh try to escort the guy out. Reva thinks he represents doubt that a lot of people have about paranormal phenomenon and asks the guy to please stay. Reva and Chris (Dr. Langham) introduce their guest psychic – Arthur Seacamp.

In the emergency room, Phillip, unaware that Lizzie caused Olivia’s fall, tries to comfort Lizzie. He asks her what happened. She becomes angry and defensive again and wants to know why people won’t just leave her alone. Dr. Sedwick arrives to give a progress report for Olivia and the baby. Olivia is fine, understandably shaken, but there are signs that the baby may be in distress. Olivia is having contractions. It is possible the baby has suffered serious injury.

Beth tries to defend Lizzie’s actions for drawing the map. She demands to know what is going to happen with her daughter. Jeffrey can tell that even Beth is unsure of Lizzie’s motives for sending Ben to the cabin. She begins to tell Jeffrey of the mistakes she has made that may be shaping Lizzie in a negative way. Phillip is wondering if he will ever get a chance to hold his new daughter or look into her eyes when Lillian approaches. Phillip asks her to check on Olivia even though he knows she (Lillian) doesn’t like her.

At the TV station, Arthur has a vision that resonates with an audience member. Reva experiences the same vibe and reads along Arthur, though she doesn’t voice her reading aloud. Josh looks at the stage and watches Reva and Chris share a moment. Lillian talks to Olivia and tells her to stay calm for the sake of the baby. Olivia says it is clear to her now what women mean when they talk about the incredible love they have for their children.

At the station, Holly tells Reva the response to the show is huge. During a break, Josh tries to congratulate Reva on the success of the segment, but Reva ignores him to experience the moment with Chris.

Beth and Jeffrey talk more about Lizzie’s problems and the weirdness of life in the Spaulding mansion.

Lillian tells Cassie and Phillip that there are signs that the baby may be stabilizing because Olivia’s water didn’t break. Phillip wants to know if he can see Olivia. Lillian says Dr. Sedwick will allow a visitor. But! Olivia only wants to see Cassie.

Jeffrey picks up the crossword Beth was working on and says he solved one for her. A six-letter word for ‘want.’ Beth sees he filled in the word ‘desire,’ and tells him it works. Jeffrey’s pager goes off and Beth says he better get back to work. He approaches her to shake her hand. When she takes it, he pulls her to him for a kiss. Beth, dizzy, says ‘wow, was that your official business thank you?’ Jeffrey says ‘you got a problem with that?’

Beth says ‘no’ and this time she kisses him back - passionately.

In her room at he hospital, Olivia begs Cassie to keep Phillip away from her and the baby.

At the station, Arthur has an image of a little girl and uses her name. A woman in the audience knows that it is her daughter. Arthur says he is getting a strange energy from the form. He reads that the little girl was kidnapped. The woman who is crying says that the police have given up and believe her daughter is dead. Reva, who was getting the same vibes, blurts out - ‘She’s not dead!’

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