Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/14/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Olivia arrives with shopping bags and tells Cassie that she doesn't have to be her birthing coach because she has decided to let Philip do it. Cassie wonders if that means Olivia wants a life with Philip. Olivia says Philip is the baby's father and he deserves to be a part of the baby's life. Cassie gets Olivia to admit she wants to raise the baby with Philip. Olivia tells Cassie she doesn't want her baby to turn out like Lizzie. 

At the hospital, Philip sits in on a session with Lizzie and Felicia. Lizzie isn't at all happy about this and starts to walk out the door. Philip stops her and says he wants to know the reason why there is such a distance between them. Felicia encourages Lizzie to tell her father how she really feels. Lizzie sits down for her session. 

In New York, Danny warns Salerno not to mess with his (Danny's) family. Salerno tells Danny he is sure that they can work something out because he (Salerno) isn't the only one who wants Tony and Eden to stay apart from each other. 

At the Harley's Angels office, Michelle and Bill begin to get their information together for their new project. Michelle tells Bill she is the only one who can make sense out of the famous Lewis filing system. Eden arrives and Michelle tells her that she (Eden) must be proud of herself. Eden wonders what Michelle is talking about. Michelle says she just meant that she must be proud that she (Michelle) and Billl are going to start a hotline for troubled kids. Michelle says that she wasn't talking about the fact that she caused Marah and Tony's break up. Bill asks Eden to tell him she had nothing to do with Marah and Tony's break up. 

At the Lewis's house, Marah checks the mail and is startled when someone arrives, so she picks up a letter opener and quickly turns around to see Tony standing there. Tony apologizes for scaring Marah and explains he was just there to fix Shayne's car. Tony tells Marah to put the letter opener down because he won't hurt her. She tells Tony she knows he wouldn't hurt her. Marah tells Tony she loves him but they can't be together anymore. Tony begs Marah to listen to him one last time. 

At the Harley's Angels office, Eden admits to Bill and Michelle that she caused Marah and Tony's break up. Eden explains about the pictures to Michelle and Bill. Bill and Michelle don't believe that Marah saw the pictures by accident. 

In New York, Danny doesn't think Salerno wants Eden back, but that Salerno is using this situation to test him. Danny says that although Salerno has backed out of Springfield, he (Salerno) wants to prove to Danny that he can still get back in at any time. Danny threatens Salerno's sister and her children if anything happens to Tony or any member of his family. 

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Cassie that she is going to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby,  because she can't stand the suspense anymore. Cassie thinks the baby is becoming more real to Olivia and the baby is bringing out Olivia's feelings for Philip. 

At the hospital, Lizzie tells Felicia and Philip that she wishes her family was normal like before the divorce. She says she wishes they could have dinner together every night like Tammy and her family. She tells Philip that she feels like she is Beth and Philip's first favorite toy and the minute she makes a mistake they will put her up on a shelf and not want to play with her anymore. Philip is concerned that his daughter feels this way and gives Lizzie a hug, and tells her no matter what she does, thinks or feels, he will always love her. Lizzie doesn't believe Philip because he (Philip) gave up on Alan and Alan gave up on him (Philip) and traded him in for Gus. Lizzie says she is scared he will give up on her and concentrate on the new baby. Philip explains that she (Lizzie) will always be his best girl. Lizzie can't understand how Philip could love her when she has made so many mistakes. Philip explains that he loved Lizzie from the first moment he held her in his arms and he loves her even more now. Lizzie tells Philip that she isn't sure if she can ever be friends with Olivia and she is scared how that will affect their relationship. Felicia finishes the session. Philip and Lizzie decide to spend the day together. He goes to schedule their next appointment with Felicia. Lizzie spots Olivia and her expression changes from happy to sad. 

At the Harley's Angels office, Eden insists that she didn't mean to show the pictures to Marah. Bill wants to know what Eden wants now that Tony is free. 

At the Lewis's house, Tony tells Marah that he was a violent man but he changed because of her. He says that he regrets hurting Marah and he wishes he could take it back. He says he faced his mistake and he fought his way back to Marah and she forgave him and they were so happy. Marah admits they were happy and lets Tony hold her. While Tony is holding her, Marah flashes back to the pictures and breaks away from Tony.

Special News Report

At the Harley's Angels office, Bill tells Eden he won't share her with Tony or anybody. Eden says she doesn't want Tony, she wants him. Eden gives Bill a kiss. Bill tells Eden to take a little time to think and if she wants to be with him she knows where to find him. 

At the hospital, Lizzie tells Olivia she doesn't like being blackmailed into going to see Felicia. Philip arrives and notices a blue baby booty in Olivia's bag. Olivia tells Philip that he is going to have another daughter. Lizzie isn't happy about the news. Olivia leaves Lizzie and Philip to talk. Lizzie cries and says that Philip doesn't need to hide his happiness because of her. Lizzie tells Philip she doesn't feel like spending the day with him anymore. 

At the Lewis's house, Danny tries to persuade Marah to change her mind about the break up. Marah explains to Danny that she can't live everyday wondering if Tony will be violent or not. Danny tries to persuade Marah to fight for Tony and not just hand him over to Eden. Marah says that Eden may be the best person for Tony because she understands his dark side and can deal with it. 

At Company, Eden writes a note to Bill telling him that she and Tony are just friends and she wants to be with him (Bill). Eden writes that he has been so good to her and she only wants a chance to be good to him. Tony arrives and tells Eden that he needs her.

At the Beacon, Edmund tells Cassie he wants to help her have a working farm. Cassie tells Edmund she is amazed at how easy it is to be with him. Cassie and Edmund kiss. Olivia arrives and tells them to get a room. Olivia tells Cassie and Edmund her baby is a girl. 

At the hospital, Lizzie tells Felicia that Philip and Olivia are expecting a little girl. Felicia tries to make Lizzie understand that having a little sister isn't so bad because Lizzie can teach her sister things. Felicia thinks that Lizzie wanted a baby brother. Lizzie says that she didn't want another baby in the family at all. 

At the Lewis's house, Marah tells Danny she can't ignore Tony's dark side anymore. Danny thinks Marah is making a mistake and asks her to think things over.

At Company, Tony pleads with Eden to help him prove he didn't hurt the girl in the picture. Tony wants Eden to use her contacts in Salerno's organization to find out the identity of the girl in the picture. Once they find the girl he will bring the girl back to Springfield to tell Marah the truth. Eden tears up the note she wrote to Bill and throws it in the garbage. She agrees to help Tony find the girl. Eden and Tony leave together. 

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