Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At her parentsí house Marah is on the couch working on designs when Reva walks in and asks her if she wants to talk about what happened with Tony. Marah says she isnít ready to talk about why she moved back home and just needs some time to herself. Reva continues to try and get information when she notices Eden at the door. Reva answers the door and tells Eden she and Marah were in the middle of something and itís not a good time. Eden responds that she is there to stop Marah from making the biggest mistake of her life. Marah tells her mother itís okay and to go to her appointment with Dr. Langham. Reva leaves. Eden tells Marah that she (Marah) and Tony are in love and it would be a mistake if Marah canít get past the issue of the photos from Salerno. Marah asks Eden why itís so important to her. Eden tells her if it werenít for Bill, she would go after Tony herself.

At The Beacon, Edmond and RJ are playing when Jeffrey OíNeil walks in and makes a wry comment about Cassie not being around her children-as usual. RJ runs to Jeffrey and calls him Daddy. Edmond tries to convince Jeffrey to move out of The Beacon so it wonít be so difficult for the kids seeing their dead fatherís look-a-like everyday. At Dannyís house, Cassie tells Danny about Edmondís idea to renovate the farm for her and the kids. Danny says he doesnít like Edmond but thinks itís a good idea. He hints that Cassie planted the seed in Edmondís mind because she might be falling in love with him. Cassie laughs that off, but thinks it is time to move out to the farm. At The Beacon, Jeffrey pretends to fancy a life away from the hotel in a house of his own as Edmond becomes excited at the prospect of Jeffrey moving out of Cassie and the kidsí lives. Jeffrey, abruptly serious again, says, Ďno, I think Iíll stay.í

At the Country Club, Reva meets with Dr. Langham who tells Reva he insists that she be the one to do the readings on air. Reva says she isnít ready. Dr. Langham tells Reva to come with him-he has an idea. He leads Reva to the ladies powder room and knocks on the door. Louise, the handmaid answers, and Dr Langham introduces her to Reva. He explains that Louise was interested in being the subject of one his experiments. Reva knows what he is about to do and tries to resist. He calms her down and tells her those feelings are natural and expected in the beginning. He asks Louise to step behind a screen and Reva will ask her some questions to which she is to respond only yes or no. Reva begins to have images of a man and then a young boy. Louise admits the man in Revaís vision is her husband who has passed on. She tearfully thanks Reva and Reva is also beginning to cry because she is having feelings that she has just violated something. Dr Langham tells her that this too is natural and she will be able to get past these feelings and begin to embrace her gift.

Eden walks into a gym where Tony is working out and tries to apologize for Marah seeing the photos. Tony says it isnít her fault, but Eden insists she didnít mean for it to happen. Tony grabs her and gets close to her and asks if this is what she wanted. He gets close enough to kiss her when Danny walks in. Danny tells Tony heís a hard person to find then looks at Eden and says maybe he was following the wrong Ďscentí. Eden can see that Danny finds her as despicable as ever and leaves the gym. Tony tries to defend Eden by saying that what Danny saw is not what he thinks. Danny wonít hear it, because he thinks Eden is after Tony and canít be trusted. Tony tells Danny it doesnít matter anyway because Marah broke up with him and shows Danny the photos from Don Salerno. Danny thinks the photos only prove that Eden set it up to come between Tony and Marah.

At The Beacon, Cassie arrives to find Edmond and RJ playing in the lobby. A steward approaches Cassie with a package that has arrived for Jeffrey OíNeil. Cassie comments that the package has been pretty badly banged up. While she is holding it, something falls out of the bottom just as Jeffrey OíNeil walks in the door. RJ runs over to grab what appears to be a doll with identical smaller dolls inside. Jeffrey accuses Cassie of opening his mail and tries to get the doll back from RJ who won't give it back, so Jeffrey roughly pries it away from him. Cassie yells at him to stop but he takes his doll and walks away. Outside, Jeffrey continues to open the dolls until only a tiny one remains. When he reaches the last doll, he opens it and removes what appears to be a computer chip. He opens the face of his watch and puts it inside.

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