Guiding Light Update Monday 8/11/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Gus walks into the room at home and gives Harley a passionate kiss. Afterwards, he tells Harley that her idea for Harley’s Angels is a fabulous idea, but she’s going to need some money to get it started. He says the name Alan comes to mind. Harley holds up her hand to stop him, but he says ‘just hear me out.’ He explains that Alan has a lot of pull in Springfield and has more money than God and maybe Harley should consider asking Alan for help. Harley tells Gus to button it up and listen to what she has to say. She smiles and tells Gus it was Alan’s idea to begin with. 

At Reva’s, she tries to convince Holly to let her do psychic readings on the television show. Holly says the paranormal thing is too risky. Reva tells Holly that maybe now just isn’t the best time to talk business so soon after Ben’s memorial service. Holly tells Reva that life goes on and she can use any distraction she can get. ‘Even so’, she says, ‘I just don’t like this hocus-pocus idea of yours - it gives me a funny feeling.’ Josh walks in the room and Holly grabs him to get his opinion about Reva’s idea. Reva explains her proposal to Josh who says he thinks it’s a great idea. 

At the museum, with the pictures in his hand, Tony tells Marah he doesn’t want to lie to her. The pictures are real. Tony says he didn’t know the woman or what her name was. He tells her it was a long time ago and things have changed. Marah holds up a picture of the woman in the photo, who has been beaten, and demands to know if Tony did this to her. Tony says he doesn’t know. He tells Marah this happened last summer when everything went down with Romeo, and he (Tony) almost killed him because ‘he had been with you.’ Marah looks embarrassed and says she would like to forget that to. Tony says he drove to the west side of Chicago and went into a dive to have a drink. After he got loaded, he said the bartender introduced him to a girl and he ended up at her place. He points to a photo and says he remembers a window in the woman’s house. He says the woman had gone over to that window, and opened the curtain. Even though he was wasted, he says, he still thought that was strange. That’s when he realized he was being set up. He said the girl denied it and he got angry. Marah thinks he should remember her if he beat her up, and Tony tells her he has no memory of anything and maybe he had been drugged. Tony tells Marah that Vinnie Salerno is behind it, but he won’t let it hurt their relationship. ‘Nothing can hurt us if we don’t let it.’ Marah doesn’t seem convinced. 

Gus tells Harley he can’t believe she just let him ramble on and on about Alan. Harley says she and Alan were just chatting when he threw out the idea for Harley’s agency. Gus tells Harley to consider asking Alan for help because maybe he (Alan) really isn’t such a bad guy. He kisses her and leaves. Holly can’t believe Josh likes Reva’s idea. Josh tells Holly that Reva is very passionate and when she is passionate about something she has a tendency to get other people passionate too and bring them on board with her. Holly says she doesn’t know how she let herself get tag-teamed by Josh and Reva. Reva explains to Holly how amazing her doctor is and what awesome work he does. Holly said it’s a bunch of New Age mumbo-jumbo. She warns Reva that if she goes on the air to tell people about her ‘gift’, the first question she will be asked is ‘if you are so all-knowing, why didn’t you know who your stalker was.’ Reva tells Holly she sounds like a non-believer from Bible class. Reva says what she’s talking about is a legitimate field of study. Josh comes to Reva’s defense and convinces Holly to agree to the show. 

Gus sees Alan at Company and admonishes him for eating a burger and fries because he has a heart condition. Gus tells Alan that he has talked to Harley and thinks she is going to go with the idea of letting Alan help with the new agency. Gus says Alan is just trying to win her over. Alan says yes, because ‘you are my son, which makes Harley important to me as well.’ Alan tells Gus not to be too surprised that he is reaching out to someone, and maybe he (Gus) should reach out to his sister, Eden. 

Tony, desperate for Marah to understand, tries to explain that Salerno is behind the pictures as a way to hurt him. Marah says it’s not about Salerno, what it’s about is that the photos exist at all. Tony points to the photograph of the woman alone and bruised and tells Marah that he isn’t in those photos and there can be no proof he is the one who beat her up. Marah doesn’t listen and only screams at Tony ‘look at her face!’ Tony begs Marah to believe that this is not what they are. ‘This is not us. This is not you and me.’ Marah says, ‘yeah, you’re right. This isn’t us. But it is you.’

Josh walks into a gym where his brother Billy is there with a punching bag. Josh asks if he has started without him. Billy says no-‘for an old guy, I’m in pretty good shape, but I had a wake up call the other day when my son just about cleaned my clock.’ He tells Josh that Bill hit him right in the jaw. Josh can’t believe it, but he laughs anyway. Billy tells his brother that he probably deserved it, because of what he said about Bill’s girlfriend. Josh remembers a time Billy hit their father, over a girl. Josh tells Billy about Reva’s idea to invite a psychic onto the show. Reva tells Dr. Langham that the idea for the show is a go. Dr Langham doesn’t want anyone else to do the readings but Reva. 

Tony is still trying to explain to Marah that they can get through the problem with the pictures. Marah says she can’t get over it, because of what just happened with Ben. She tells Tony that even if he didn’t beat the woman, it is in his nature to do it. Tony tells her people change. Marah says she doesn’t believe that anymore and she can’t pretend. Tony starts to cry. Marah says she can’t live at the museum and she can’t be with Tony anymore. She leaves Tony crying in the room alone. 

Michelle and Bill arrive at Harley’s house with their idea about the hot line for abused children. Harley thinks it’s a great idea and tells them about her new agency. Harley tells them she has done the leg-work with Uncle Sam and they should join forces. Michelle and Bill agree. 

Gus tells Alan he hurt Eden too deeply to be forgiven. Alan tells Gus it’s his business, but ‘as your father, I can tell you it smells like a bunch of horse manure.’ Alan tells Gus he should never give up on his sister. Reva tries to convince Dr Langham she is not ready to do the readings herself. They arrange to meet tomorrow and take it from there. Marah arrives and breaks down in Reva’s arms. She tells Reva she wants to move back home. She can’t talk about what happened with Tony. At the museum, Tony grabs a dish and starts to throw it across the room, but catches himself and puts it back down. He realizes what he was about to do. Marah looks out of the window of her parents’ living room and cries. 

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