Guiding Light Update Friday 8/8/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Country Club, Cassie arrives to meet Edmund. She gives him a quick kiss and looks around. Edmund thinks she is worried about what people at the Country Club will think of her. Cassie explains that they are not alone and R.J. arrives. Cassie tells Edmund that R.J. is not the only surprise guest at dinner. Danny arrives and Edmund isn't thrilled to see him. Cassie asks Edmund to listen to Danny's proposal for her sake. Edmund agrees to listen to Danny's proposal. Danny tells Cassie that he turned his back for a second and R.J. left. Cassie goes to search for R.J. and after a few minutes finds him holding on to Jeffrey's leg. Cassie tells her son to let go of the not so nice mans leg. R.J. continues to hold on to Jeffrey's leg and looks up at him and says daddy.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Bill arrives with two bottles of beer and says they should get drunk and share memories of Ben. Michelle thinks that is a wonderful idea. She thinks that if they had paid more attention to Ben he would still be alive.

At the Country Club, Eden apologizes to Tony for dragging him into her mess. Eden swears to Tony that she never wanted any of this to happen. Tony is about to open the envelope with the pictures, when Marah arrives. Eden quickly grabs the pictures from Tony and gives him another envelope with pictures. Eden explains to Marah she was just going to show Tony some of her pictures from the lighthouse gala. Marah takes the pictures and begins to look through them. She finds a picture with her, Tony, Ben and Marina. She comments on how they all looked so happy. Tony tells Marah that he was happy because he was standing next to her. He tells Marah he will do anything to make her believe he won't hurt her again. Marah hugs Tony and promises that she will try to move past this problem. 

At Danny and Michelle's place, Bill and Michelle get drunk and remember the good times with Ben. Michelle asks Bill why they both fell in love with her. Bill says it was because they both were impressed that one minute she could be playing baseball with them, with her cap on backwards, and the next minute she could be wearing a dress with her hair pulled down, and make her hair move like it was in slow motion. Michelle wonders why she gave her first kiss to Bill and not Ben. Bill thinks it was because he was more handsome than Ben. Michelle tells Bill she is happy she got to kiss Ben on the beach that night when she and Danny were separated. Michelle asks Bill if he thinks Ben was capable of hurting her. Bill says Ben would have never hurt her. Michelle says she still can't reconcile in her mind that the sweet Ben they knew ,could be the same person who killed those girls. Bill tells Michelle he would always remember Ben as the friend who lost a race on purpose, so that Bill could win and Billy could watch his son win a race from the stands. Bill says that friendship was more important to Ben than winning a race. Michelle says that Ben had such a big heart . Michelle wishes they could turn back time so they could stop Ben from going away to boarding school. 

At the Country Club, Danny offers Edmund space in his building on fifth street for Richard's foundation. Danny remarks that for the first time they both have something in common, they are both trying to change their image for the world. Edmund tells Danny he doesn't care what the world thinks of him, he only cares what Cassie thinks of him. Cassie again tells R.J. to let go of Jeffrey's leg, but R.J. just keeps saying daddy. Jeffrey also tries to explain this to R.J. but R.J. just keeps repeating daddy. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he saved her life once and now it is her turn to do the same for him. Edmund arrives and takes R.J. off Jeffrey's leg and takes him for a walk to explain about Jeffrey. Cassie tells Jeffrey she is surprised her son couldn't feel the difference between him and Richard. Jeffrey says that maybe R.J. knows that deep down he, (Jeffrey), is a prince. Cassie smiles. Edmund and R.J. return from their walk and R.J. says goodbye Mr.O'Neil and Jeffrey says goodbye Mr. R.J. and heads for the bar. Cassie picks up her son and tells him what he just did was a very brave thing because they are going to be seeing Mr. O'Neil a lot at the hotel which is their home. Edmund tells Cassie he needs to speak with her about her living arrangements. Tony tells Marah that he will wait forever for her to feel safe with him again. Eden leaves and runs to the bathroom . Marah tells Tony to go and talk to Danny and she will check on Eden. Tony tells Danny something is bothering Eden and she doesn't want Marah to know about it. Eden cries in the bathroom and talks to herself saying she doesn't want anything to ruin her relationship with Bill. Marah arrives and thinks Eden is crying about Ben. Eden apologizes, and tells Marah she didn't know the pictures of Ben and Marina were in that envelope. Eden is very nervous and starts to get her things together and run out of the bathroom. Eden's purse drops to the floor and everything falls out. Marah bends over to help Eden pick up her things and is shocked to see the pictures of Tony. Eden explains that the pictures were set up by Salerno to pay Tony back for not accepting the job he offered him. Eden says Tony would never do something like that now because he has changed. Marah tells Eden she thinks she is going to be sick and runs out of the bathroom. Tony explains to Danny how his old lifestyle is affecting Marah since Ben's death. Tony worries that this time he might lose Marah. Danny makes a comment about how the Santos boys are looking good at the Springfield Country Club. Tony gets annoyed with Danny because he thinks Danny cares more about protecting his new image than his family. 

At Danny and Michelle's place, Michelle asks Bill if he thinks Ben is in heaven or hell. Bill says he needs to believe Ben is in heaven. Michelle thinks they should start a hotline for troubled kids in honor of Ben. Bill tells Michelle that Eden made the same suggestion to him. He tells her that Eden makes him happy and he hasn't felt this happy since he and Michelle were a couple. 

At the Country Club, Danny apologizes for his comment and assures Tony that he and Marah will work things out. Jeffrey says hi to Danny and asks why Michelle isn't with him. Danny says that Michelle didn't feel like going out since she went to her best friend's funeral this morning. Eden arrives and asks Tony if he has seen Marah. Tony says he hasn't.  Eden tells Tony that Marah is gone and it's all her fault. Edmund tells Cassie about his plan to renovate the farm. Cassie thinks it is a great idea. She thinks Edmund is asking her to move into the farm with him and she lets him down gently. Edmund explains that he doesn't intend for them to live at the farm together. Edmund says he intended to make the renovations so she and the kids could have a home. 

At Danny and Michelle's place, Danny arrives and tells Bill that Eden was at the Country Club and seemed pretty upset. Bill's cab arrives and he leaves to find Eden. Michelle tells Danny about the hotline for troubled kids. Danny thinks it's a good idea and promises to give her space in his building. Danny tells Michelle he is worried that Eden could be trouble for Tony. Michelle thinks it's ironic that Danny doesn't think it's bad that her best friend is dating Eden, but he is worried how Eden will hurt Tony. Danny says he is just happy Bill isn't mooning over her (Michelle) anymore. 

At the Country Club, Eden explains to Tony what happened with Marah. Eden apologizes to Tony but Tony doesn't want to hear her apology. An upset Tony goes to find Marah. Cassie explains to Edmund that although she feels closer to him everyday, and their relationship is moving forward, she isn't ready to move in with him. Edmund agrees that moving in is too much of a big step for them right now. Edmund tries to get Cassie to accept the gift in the spirit it was intended but Cassie notices that R.J. has run into the bar and is playing with Jeffrey. Cassie gets up to go and get her son. Edmund watches the three of them. 

At Eden's place, Eden tells Bill she is trying really hard to become a woman who deserves to be with him, but sometimes things slip away from her. Bill holds her and tries to comfort her. Eden wants Bill to tell her he loves her. Bill is holding her and from the look on her face the audience can tell he is considering if he loves Eden or not. Once he sees how upset she is he tells her what she wants to hear and they make love. 

At the museum, Tony arrives and Marah apologizes to him for thinking that those pictures were true. Tony admits to Marah that what she saw in those pictures is true. Marah is speechless.

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