Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Gus returns home from Europe and an excited Harley leaps into his arms. As they kiss, Gus tells her to feel his heart. She asks if it is for her. ‘Of course it is,’ he replies. Gus tells Harley he heard the ‘low-down’ on Ben and the murders from the DA. Before he can say anything else, Harley correctly guesses that Gus blames himself. ‘It is my fault,’ he tells her. Instead of going after Ben, he put the blame on his own sister, Eden. Gus tells Harley he wants more out of life and that means that everything is going to have to change. Harley looks at Gus apprehensively, not knowing how the changes could affect her.

At the museum, Marah finds Tony alone. Tony tries to talk to her about the ‘thing’ that happened with Ben. Before he has a chance, Marah stops him. Tony takes a different approach and tries to welcome Marah back to their place by giving her a hug. Marah tells him she is not staying there – she will be going back to her parents’ house where she feels safe. Tony is hurt that she obviously doesn’t feel that way with him.

Bill and his dad, Billy, are outside Eden’s apartment. Bill wants Billy to meet her and they will all go out to dinner. Bill is nervous that Billy may have preconceived ideas about Eden. Billy assures him there is nothing to worry about. Bill uses glowing adjectives to describe Eden to his dad, who responds by saying, ‘She sounds a lot like your mom. I bet she’s a hard driving business-woman, too.’ Nervous again, Bill says, ‘Well yes, she does have her own business. Runs it right out of her apartment, in fact.’ Billy Sr. is impressed! Eden opens the door after hearing voices in the hallway. She introduces herself, and invites father and son inside. Billy is not prepared for the decadence of Eden’s apartment. He comments that there must be quite a bit of money changing hands in her business. ‘What kind of business did you say she was in?’ Billy asks his son. Bill, of course, never did get around to mentioning the fact that Eden is the town madam.

Marah tries to explain to Tony that the reason she wants to spend the night with her family has nothing to do with their relationship. She says she always took Shayne for granted and just assumed he would be around forever. ‘Yeah, and you almost lost him to a psycho,’ Tony responds un-cavalier like. He softens and tells her he knows better than anyone what it feels like to want to hold on to someone you care about. ‘That’s what I mean. You’re used to this kind of stuff,’ Marah tells him. Tony doesn’t like the reference to his violence-riddled mob past, but understands that Marah is confused and upset. He tries to comfort her and agrees she needs to be with her family.

At the country club, Eden tries to make small talk with Billy Sr. who cuts her off at every pass. Eden says she knows he is in the oil business. ‘So are you one of those brash Texas types?’ ‘No, I’m from Oklahoma, where we hate people from Texas,’ Billy responds rudely. Bill tries to interject on Eden’s behalf by pointing out that she is from Chicago and doesn’t really care about that stuff. Billy says she should care if she wants to run in the Lewis corral! Eden ignores that remark and tries the chit-chat routine again. Billy stops her and says he didn’t know that Eden was the same as ‘Garden of Eden’. How catchy! Full of steam, Billy plows ahead with ‘Well, since we’re not in Nevada running a cat-house, you could end up in jail, isn’t that true? What’s the difference between an escort and a hooker anyway?’ Before Bill can lose control, Eden stops him and tells his father that she is moving her life in a different direction and that includes Bill. Billy asks if that could have anything to do with the fact that his family is ‘loaded.’ Bill gets up and tells his father he needs to talk to him. They leave the table.

Gus and Harley are playing at home when Gus asks her if she is truly happy. Gus thinks they’ve been using the murder investigation to hide from the really important things. He accuses Harley of not being able to stand the fact she’s not a detective anymore. Harley says, ‘well, what about you? What big changes are you going to make?’ Gus says he is going to start with his sister, and dials Eden’s number. Eden, alone at the table at the country club, snappily answers the phone with ‘this better be important.’ Gus says he needs to see her and asks where she is. She tells him, but doesn’t have a chance to tell him it’s not a good time, before he hangs up after saying he’s on his way.

Blake shows up at Harley’s. Harley grabs her and gives her the ‘are you truly happy’ speech. Blake asks if Harley has been dipping in the cooking sherry. Harley, not amused, says ‘Blake, this is your life.’ Harley reminds Blake that she (Blake) is not happy with her radio show. She tells Blake that Gus is home and Alan dropped by earlier, and now things make sense to her. ‘What made sense,’ Blake asks. ‘We did,’ Harley smiles, ‘as partners.’

Marah tells Tony she loves being with him and she loves making love with him, but she needs to forget some things. She wants to sleep in her old room at home and just be a kid again. Tony asks if he is one of the things she wants to forget. She says that Tony made sure she could never forget about him. She kisses him and leaves.

Gus arrives at the country club where Eden is watching her date and his father argue in the corner about her. Gus tries to apologize to Eden for accusing her of being the murderer and says he wants to be her brother again. He asks her to forgive him but Eden says, ‘hell no’. In the corner, Billy is trying to talk Bill into 'a roll in the hay' with Eden but nothing more. Bill wishes he had never introduced his father to her and tells him not to say another word. Billy, forewarned, says ‘Hey Bill, you’re the one that’s dating a tramp,’ which earned him a hearty punch in the face from his son. Gus races over to stand between Bill and his father. Gus tells the Lewis men that his sister is ‘good as gold’, and if they can’t see that, then it’s their problem. Gus and Eden return to the table. Billy rubbing his newly smarting jaw remarks what a punch that was. Bill quickly tells him he deserved it. Eden overhears Bill telling his father how much he cares about Eden, and if he (his father) has problem with that then he’s not needed in his (Bill’s) life.

Marah arrives to an empty house at Josh and Reva’s. Harley tells Blake her idea for their own detective agency. Blake says she’s in, and jokingly asks if they should call themselves ‘Harleys Angels’. Harley loves the idea! Shayne finds Marah sitting in the dark and asks what she’s doing there. Marah responds that she is trying to recapture the innocence of childhood. Shayne begins to tell Marah that he hates to say bad things about the dead, but he hates Ben Reade. He hates him for what he did to Marina and all those poor people he murdered. Marah understands his feelings. Alone at the museum, Tony calls his brother, Ray, to see if they can get together and talk like the old days, but Ray isn’t there and Tony has to leave a message.

Eden tells Bill no one has ever stood up for her the way he did. Bill and Eden decide it’s the two of them against the world, and agree to a committed relationship. They go back to Eden’s apartment and make love. After making love, Eden covers a sleeping Bill and finds her ‘My Life’ scrapbook. She kisses a picture of Tony in a goodbye gesture and returns to bed to cuddle with Bill.

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