Guiding Light Update Monday 8/4/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

The Lewis's  plan a get-together at their home to remember Ben. Marah says Tony is not there because Ben's death was not a big deal to him since he is used to violence. Marina doesn't want Shayne to tip-toe around her. Alan offers Spaulding Enterprises to Phillip, but Phillip doesn't buy it. Olivia confronts Lizzie about her role in Marina's kidnapping, but Lizzie angrily denies any involvement.

Olivia says she will call Frank and have him check Ben's phone records for the night of the kidnapping. Lizzie calls her bluff, but stops her in the nick of time. She admits to calling him, but denies doing it out of malice. Alan tells Phillip that he will drop his lawsuit to get back Spaulding - if he hires Alex as head of the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics division. He says he feels sorry for her. Shayne is furious at what Ben did to Marina. Frank and Darcy arrive and announce that the family has gathered enough money to pay Marina's tuition to Northwestern University.

Alan visits Harley, saying he has a craving for her macaroni and cheese. Shocked, Harley offers him leftovers, which he gladly accepts. Marina turns down Frank's tuition offer. She thanks him, but says she doesn't want to go right now. Reva offers to discuss it with Marina. Reva tells Marina she will eventually be ok, and that everyone will understand if she doesn't want to leave home right now. Olivia promises that if Lizzie confesses to her therapist, she won't tell Phillip about the situation - Lizzie agrees.

Harley is still not convinced that Alan is being sincere. Alan says that getting close to Gus and his family are his priority. Marina insists she is not afraid to leave home. Tammy is shocked when Lizzie arrives at the Lewis's. Olivia tells Felicia she is worried about Lizzie, saying she is afraid she may no longer know right from wrong.

Olivia tells Felicia that Lizzie told Ben about Marina's location the night of the kidnapping. Felicia isn't sure that Lizzie's actions were malicious, and doesn't make any promises to discuss the situation with Lizzie. Alan tells Harley he supports her decision to leave the force. Harley says she quit for her children, but she was also sick of the red tape. Alan suggests that Harley open her own detective agency. He offers to help, but Harley doesn't buy it. Lizzie gushes about "poor Marina," but Marina calls her two-faced. Lizzie tries to get Tammy to back her up, but she won't. Lizzie threatens to tell people that Tammy was the one who told Ben that Marina was at the cabin.

Harley thinks that Alan is trying to buy her off, but Alan denies it. Phillip thinks Olivia should maybe have a session with Felicia, and offers to go with her. Reva and Josh decide to put their differences aside and move on. Marina wants to forget the bad things that have happened, and asks Shayne to kiss her. As he does, she remembers Ben's attack, and pulls away.

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