Guiding Light Update Friday 8/1/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Olivia thanks an employee for putting together the baby's crib. Tammy arrives with some toy trucks for the baby. Tammy tells Olivia that Cassie called to say she is having a wonderful time at the hotel conference. Tammy notices the newspaper with Ben's picture on it, and suddenly goes very quiet. Olivia notices that Tammy has seen the paper, and offers her sympathy because she knew Ben was Tammy's friend. Tammy tells Olivia that Ben didn't have to die - someone did everything but stick the needle in his arm. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra arrives to tell Lizzie and Alan about what happened to Ben. Lizzie cries while Alexandra holds her. 

At Company, Marina tries to keep herself busy by waiting tables to keep herself from thinking about Ben. Buzz tries to make her sit down for a minute. Buzz tells his granddaughter, that no matter how fast she runs around, sooner or later the pain will catch up with her. Marina says she isn't running around she is working to pay for her school clothes. Marina gets up from the table and goes to take a customer's order. Someone comes up behind Marina and she quickly turns around and tells the person never to do that to her again. 

Bill and Marah arrive at the museum. Bill tells Marah he expected to see Ben drinking his beer when he walked in the door. Bill notices that the house is clean and there are flowers on the table. Eden arrives and tells Bill and Marah she just wanted to do something to make everyone feel better. Marah blasts Eden and says that she (Eden) must be happy Ben is dead because his confession clears her of murder. Bill defends Eden and says that she was Ben's friend as well, and she isn't happy that Ben died. Tony defends Marah and says she has every right to feel that way about Eden. Bill and Tony both agree that this isn't the right time for the ladies to argue. Eden says she can handle herself with Marah and Marah can say whatever she wants. The guys leave the ladies alone to talk. Eden denies being happy that Ben is dead. Marah tells Eden that she (Marah) decided to put aside their past, and go against her friends and Tony, and become her (Eden's) friend. Marah is upset because someone told her Eden has been spending a lot of time with Tony at events like Shayne's baseball game. Eden says that Michelle must have told her about the game. Marah says the person who told her isn't important. Marah demands to know if Eden has been playing her all this time. Marah asks Eden to tell her the truth. 

At Company, the person that sneaked up behind Marina turns out to be Shayne, who apologizes for startling her. Shayne says he just came to take her to his house where Ben's friends are going to gather to remember him. Shayne explains that Reva will be the only grown-up there because she will be serving the food. Marina thinks this will be like the real world and calls it a real wake.

Buzz comes in from taking out the garbage. He has a box of Marina's things - which he found by the garbage can. Marina says she needed to get rid of some things to make room in her closet for some new clothes. Buzz gives Shayne the box and whispers to him to take care of Marina. Shayne looks in the box and is surprised that she is throwing away her favorite stuffed elephant. Marina is annoyed and says she isn't a kid anymore and walks away. 

At the Beacon, Tammy tells Olivia that she thinks someone told Ben that Shayne and Marina were at the cabin. Tammy explains that she and Remy were the only ones that knew that Shayne and Marina were going to the cabin. Tammy says that Lizzie was around when she (Tammy) and Marina were talking about the cabin. Tammy thinks that Lizzie may have overheard the conversation between her and Marina, and told Ben that Marina was with Shayne. Tammy quickly dismisses the thought, because although Lizzie does have a crush on Shayne, Lizzie would never do something that mean. Tammy tells Olivia that she is sorry that she every thought such a thing about Lizzie. Tammy pleads with Olivia to tell her Lizzie couldn't do such a thing. Seeing that Tammy is upset, Olivia tells Tammy what she wants to hear, but the audience can tell Olivia thinks that Lizzie told Ben that Marina was at the cabin with Shayne. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan and Alexandra struggle to understand how the sweet, young man they knew, could turn into a killer. Alexandra tells Alan and Lizzie that Ben was the victim of the worst kind of abuse as a child. Alan is just glad Ben never hurt Lizzie. Lizzie cries and says that Ben would never have hurt anyone. Philip arrives and hugs his daughter. Lizzie tells her father she never meant for any of this to happen. 

At the museum, Eden admits to Marah that she and Tony did spend a lot of time together while Marah was gone - but just as friends. Marah says that she knows Tony is just a friend to Eden, but she wants to know if Eden wants to be more than friends with Tony. Marah wants Eden to tell her the truth. Eden says she thinks Tony is a great guy. Marah says Bill is also a great guy. The guys come back into the room. Bill decides to go and get some air and Eden goes with him. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie tells her father that she was jealous of Marina for having any guy she wanted, and there were times she wished Marina wasn't around, so that she could have a shot with some guys. Philip stops her and says that wishing for something doesn't make her responsible for Ben's death - or what almost happened to Marina. Philip says that when a good friend dies, people always feel guilty and wish  there were something they could have done to prevent the death. Philip puts his arm around Lizzie and leaves with her to go and get ice cream. Alan is determined to protect his family because this tragedy hit too close to home. Alexandra asks Alan for a fresh start. Jeffrey arrives and tells them to continue their conversation because he is dying to know how this plays out. Jeffrey says he is betting on Alexandra. Alexandra asks Jeffrey what he is doing there. Jeffrey asks Alexandra the same question. Alexandra says the family came together to mourn Ben's death. Alan sends Alexandra to light a candle for Ben. Jeffrey wonders why Alan would roll over and let his sister hand his company to Philip. 

At the Beacon, Philip tells Lizzie that he is considering buying a house where he, Olivia, Lizzie, Zach and James could live as a family. Lizzie admits that the little kid in her still wants Philip and Beth to get back together. Philip says he knew that, but he and Beth realize that they are better as friends. 

Outside the museum, Bill encourages Eden to take advantage of her second chance - even if the life she wants doesn't include him. 

Inside the museum, Marah feels guilty for not trusting Eden. Tony tries to make Marah understand that Eden isn't the easiest person to trust. Marah struggles to understand how someone like Ben could be a killer. Tony is upset that Marah expects violence from the people in his world, but doesn't think it could happen with people who grew up in her world. 

Outside the museum, Bill tells Eden he doesn't want to hold her back. Bill tells her that he doesn't want to lose her like he lost Ben. Bill tells Eden he needs her. She says nobody has ever needed her before, but she is willing to give their relationship a real chance. Bill and Eden kiss. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan wonders why Jeffrey would come to work in a small town. Alan tells Jeffrey he knows about the three-year gap in his work history. Alan suspects Jeffrey is after someone big. Jeffrey tells Alan that he suspects either Alexandra or Philip is involved in Reva's stalking, and he (Alan) is covering it up. Neither Alan nor Jeffrey confirm or deny each others suspicions. Alan and Jeffrey agree that the game is on. 

At the Beacon, Philip tells Lizzie he has to give his relationship with Olivia a chance for both the baby and Olivia's sake. Olivia overhears the last sentence of what Philip told Lizzie. Lizzie promises her father she will give her relationship with Olivia a chance. Lizzie sees Olivia standing behind Philip and tells her they were just talking about her. Philip turns around and is about to ask Olivia to sit down, when he gets beeped, and has to leave. Lizzie says she wants to stay and talk to Tammy. 

At the museum, Marah apologizes to Tony and says that her words came out wrong. Tony feels like Marah is comparing him to Ben and is offended. Tony says that although he has been around violence, he is nothing like Ben, because he took responsibility for the mistakes he made, and has tried to make up for them. Tony thinks Ben was a time bomb who kept his pain inside for so long, he didn't have a choice but to let the pain out in some way. Marah thinks Ben had a choice to do good or evil, and he just chose the wrong path. Tony thinks sometimes it isn't always as simple as that. In the end they both agree there are no easy answers to why this happened. 

Outside the museum, Bill and Eden decide to begin their relationship again. Eden reluctantly agrees to have dinner with Bill and meet Billy. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra wonders if Alan told Jeffrey she was Reva's stalker. Alan says he didn't tell Jeffrey anything. Alan tells Alexandra he has decided to leave things the way they are with the company, so he won't ruin his relationship with Gus. Alan says he just wants his Spaulding stock back. Alan tells Alexandra, if she is good, he will let her run the pharmaceutical and cosmetics division. Alexandra says Philip won't be happy about that decision. Alan says he will take care of Philip. 

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Lizzie what Tammy told her. Olivia carefully watches the expression on Lizzie's face and notices that Lizzie is nervous. Olivia figures out that Lizzie told Ben that Shayne and Marina were at the cabin. 

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