Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Olivia calls security when she hears noises in her room. She quickly hangs up when she hears Philip's voice. Philip arrives looking for tools to put together the baby's crib. 

Outside Company, Reva arrives home from the airport and hugs Josh. Josh tells her Marina and Shayne are okay but it looks as if Ben is going to die. Josh explains that Ben was rushed to the hospital and Shayne stayed at the Bauer cabin with Marina. Reva tells Josh that while she was on the plane, she had a vision of a ship sailing away and that must mean Ben is going to die. Josh tells Reva about Ben being abused as a child. Reva and Josh are both stunned that someone they knew as a little boy could be a killer. Reva and Josh decide to put their differences aside and come together to help Marah and Shayne through this ordeal. 

At the hospital, Rick and Mel work to save Ben's life. Rick tells Jeffrey, that the injection that Ben gave himself, is fatal because there is no way to get the poison out of his system. Jeffrey pushes Rick to see if he can talk to Ben. He needs to get Ben's confession on tape before Ben dies. Rick reluctantly agrees to the request and tells Jeffrey he can talk to Ben as soon as they can make him comfortable. 

At the Beacon, Philip tries to put together the baby's crib. Olivia laughs at his efforts and says she wishes she had a camera so she could take a picture of him. Olivia tries to help Philip put the crib together. 

Outside Company, Reva wonders why Shayne was with Marina at the Bauer cabin. Josh explains that Shayne and Marina wanted privacy to make love. Reva and Josh both feel that their kids have grown up and they have somehow missed it all. Josh wants to talk to Reva about her trip to Italy and her work with Dr.Langham. Reva tells Josh they should concentrate on Marah, Shayne and Marina right now, because they are the only things that matter.

At the Bauer cabin, Frank wants to take Marina to the station to get her statement. Shayne offers to go with her for moral support but Frank thinks that there would be too many reporters around since Shayne is a local celebrity. Shayne says he doesn't care - he just wants to help Marina. Marina decides she doesn't want to go down to the station and tells Frank to turn on the tape recorder so she can give her statement. Marina begins to tell everyone the details of her ordeal. 

At the hospital, Holly and Ross wait for news about Ben's condition. Marah, Tony, Remy, Blake and Ed all arrive. Jeffrey pulls Ross aside and tells him Rick has said Ben doesn't have much longer to live. Ross figures out Jeffrey needs a confession from Ben. Jeffrey and Ross both go into Ben's room. 

At the cabin, as Shayne watches Marina become more withdrawn and sad as she remembers the details he begs Frank to let him make a statement and not make Marina remember the horrible events. Shayne thinks it's time to take Marina home. 

At the hospital, Ross apologizes to Ben on behalf of himself ,Holly and Blake for not recognizing the signs of his abuse before it was too late to help him. Ross tells Ben that if he had told them what happened, they would have understood and tried to help him. Ben asks Ross why they would have helped him because it was just him. Ben begins to make his statement as he struggles to breathe. 

At the Beacon, Olivia wonders why Philip doesn't hire someone to put the crib together. Philip explains that he wants to try to become a more 'hands-on' father so that maybe this time he can have a real family. 

At the hospital , Ed tries to comfort a guilt-ridden Holly, who blames herself and her obsession with her career, for not seeing the signs of Ben's abuse. Ben tells Jeffrey that he killed Bridget because she wanted to have sex with him . Ben told her he wasn't ready and Bridget laughed at him. Ben explains that he killed Jed Simmons because he was his professor, and during one of his classes, he mentioned he found bones hidden in a cave. Ben says that he knew that is where he had hidden Bridget's bones and nobody could know what he had done. Marah, Remy and Tony are stunned that they didn't notice Ben was in so much pain. Ben tells Jeffrey that he killed Renee because Jed Simmons had told her about finding the bones in the cave, and she was planning to tell if Jed didn't pay her money. Ben says the reason he killed Ariana was because she was Renee's roommate and knew about the bones. Ariana couldn't keep her mouth shut. Jeffrey asks Ben why he didn't kill Marina and injected himself instead. Ben explains that he loves Marina and couldn't hurt her. Ben says he injected himself because he wanted the hurt to finally stop. Ben asks Jeffrey to come closer to him. He whispers to Jeffrey do you believe in hell? I do, because I'm already there.' 

At the Beacon, Olivia wonders why Philip has chosen her to be part of the real family he wants to build. Philip tells her he likes her because she is feisty and she makes love with her whole heart. Philip admits there is nothing to admire about her, that all she is, is a pain in the butt. Olivia laughs because this conversation is considered normal in their relationship. 

At Company, Marina, Shayne, Darcy and Frank return from the cabin. Reva and Josh hug Marina and Shayne, and they all go inside. A worried Buzz asks Marina if she is okay. Marina nods her head. Buzz asks Marina if she is hungry - she tells him no. Darcy explains to Buzz that Marina needs time to figure out why all of this happened. Marina says she knows why all of this happened - Ben did everything for her. Marina admits that knowing the reason is what makes this so hard for her. She wonders if she should go and say goodbye to Ben at the hospital. 

At the hospital, Ben tells Ross to make sure that all of the money from his grandmother's inheritance goes to Marina. Ross promises to handle the details for him. Ross tells Ben he did the right thing and he should rest now. Rick tells everyone waiting outside Ben's room they should go inside to say a final goodbye. Holly, Ross and Blake go in first, and Ben struggles for breath then says Holly's name twice. Holly cries as she goes to sit beside him. 

At the Beacon, Olivia and Philip finally finish putting the crib together. Philip places a teddy bear in the crib to test it. The crib falls completely apart.

Outside Company, Tony tells Marah she could have gone in to say goodbye to Ben. Marah says she couldn't bring herself to say goodbye, because she didn't know what to say to him. Marah says she needs to go inside now and be with her family . Marah explains she needs to go in alone. Marah hopes that doesn't hurt Tony's feelings. Tony tells Marah that he is just fine with that because what happened with Ben put things into perspective and made him realize how lucky he is to have her in his life. 

Inside Company, Frank thanks Darcy for her support and says he hopes Jeffrey wasn't too hard on her. Marah hugs her mother, father and brother. Reva suggests that maybe Marah and her friends would like to come over to the house and talk. Buzz gives Marina permission to go and see Ben. Buzz distracts everyone so that nobody sees Marina leave. 

Outside Company, Marina and Shayne talk. Marina explains to Shayne that she was going to go to the hospital but for some reason she couldn't go. Shayne offers to go to the hospital with her, but Marina decides not to go. Marina says she can't hate Ben because he didn't mean to hurt her, he just couldn't help himself. Marina says in the end Ben did the right thing. Marina recites a poem by Longfellow, as we see Ben's family at the hospital watching him take his last breath and close his eyes. 

Inside Company, Buzz tells everyone Ben has died. 

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