Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/30/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Danny and Michelle invite Tony and Marah to celebrate Spaulding’s involvement in the 5th Street project. Tony worries about telling Danny he went to New York with Eden. Marah tells Tony that she understands and is sure Danny will understand that he was simply trying to help a friend. Danny and Michelle convince a worried Buzz (he is concerned he cannot reach any member of his family) to join them for the toast, when Tony and Marah arrive. Marah excuses herself and Michelle so that Tony and Danny can talk. She tells Michelle she does not trust Eden completely but thinks she deserves a chance. Michelle warns Marah to be careful and tells her that while she was in Italy, Eden spent an awful lot of time with Tony.

When Tony tells Danny, Danny is very angry that Tony would put himself back in Salerno’s orbit. Danny thinks Salerno and Eden are using Tony to get to him, but Tony says it's him they want - Salerno offered him a job. Danny tells Tony that has to do with getting to him (Danny) and is not about them wanting Tony. He asks Tony if he accepted the job; Tony says he didn’t and thanks Danny for having so much faith in him.

The evening goes from bad to worse when they hear a news bulletin stating that Ben may be holding someone hostage at a cabin on Lookout Rock. Buzz rushes out.


Frank and his team leave to go after Shayne, Marina and Ben. Frank tells Josh to wait at the cabin and he will stay in touch. Josh decides to call Reva to let her know what's going on but decides not to worry Marah. Josh cannot reach Reva so he leaves her a message asking her to call home. Later, Reva calls Josh and he tells her Shayne may in trouble. Reva tells Josh she is coming home.

Inside the cabin, Jeffery tells Darcy he knows she worked for, and was involved with, Salerno. He knows she went to jail for him and he left her there until recently. Jeffery warns her that Salerno must have bailed her out for a reason and she’d do good to know what that reason was. He doesn't plan to tell Frank any of this, but tells her that Frank could still find out.


As Shayne looks in through the window, he sees Ben forcing himself on Marina. Shayne starts a fire outside to divert Ben’s attention. It works and Ben leaves the cabin. Shayne rushes in and unties Marina. As they rush to the door, Ben returns. He and Shayne struggle but Ben gains the upper hand when he pulls out a syringe and holds it on Shayne. Shayne pleads with him to let Marina go but Ben wants everyone to leave him and Marina alone. Marina tells Ben that she loves him and will go away with him; she just wants him to let Shayne go. Frank bursts in and Ben grabs Marina and threatens her. Frank keeps Shayne back and orders the SWAT team to back off. Ben tells him that he wants them all to leave, but Frank tells him he will not leave without Marina. Frank tells Ben that if he lets Marina go he will make sure that he is treated fairly. He apologizes to Ben for not giving him a fair chance and tells him he knows that he truly loves Marina. Ben says he does, and wants them to be together. Frank knows that it is the love he has for Marina that will keep him from hurting her. Marina tries her best to talk Ben down, telling him that the Ben she knows is smart, sweet and wants to make it big in the world. She knows he is still in there and encourages Ben not to let her down. Ben tells her he invented that side of Ben, and that he is not real; he cannot even remember who he used; he’s empty inside. Marina tells him that it is never too late and he can still be the man he wants to be. Ben realizes that Marina truly believes that, and she thinks that he should too. Ben says he wishes he’d met Marina before and that she is the only good thing in his life. Frank tells Ben again that he knows he won’t use the syringe on Marina because he loves her too much. Ben tells Marina he does love her then he pushes her aside and injects himself. Frank calls for EMS and Marina begs Ben to hold on; he is a fighter, just like she is. Ben tells Shayne to take care of Marina. He is surprised that Marina is crying; no one has every cried for him before. Marina says she is sorry and Ben apologizes too, asking her not to forget.

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