Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/29/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At the museum, Bill walks into the room where Marah is reading, and says either she tells him she has heard from Tony, or he is booking the next flight to New York. Marah says yes, he left a message and he (Tony) is staying overnight. Bill says, ‘they are staying overnight?’ Marah is confused by the ‘they’ part and Bill realizes she doesn’t know that Tony is with Eden. Bill explains that Tony and Eden went to New York to confirm Eden’s alibi. Marah also finds out that it’s Vinnie Salerno they went to see.

In New York, Salerno shows up in the suite with a breakfast tray. Tony rails at Salerno for locking them in the room. Salerno says it was for ‘protection.’ Tony asks Salerno if he thinks Eden is dangerous. Salerno says no, all things considered, Eden is more of a killer than a victim.

At the cabin in the woods, Marina is trying to free herself from the tape Ben used to tie her up. Ben comes in and tells Marina to close her eyes because he has a surprise for her. He has a picnic basket. ‘Doesn’t this make you happy,’ he asks. ‘All I want to do is make you happy.’ Marina says it’s going to be kind of hard to eat while she’s tied up. Ben offers to feed her. He tells her he can make everything up to her because he has his grandmother’s inheritance. Marina tries to convince Ben that she is ready to forgive him, but her dad and the cops won’t.

At the museum, Marah tries to call Tony, but only gets his voice mail. Bill is ready to leave for New York. Marah thinks Bill is jealous and worried about Tony and Eden spending the night together. Marah regrets focusing so much on Josh and Reva before she left and not giving Tony a chance to tell her what was going on. Bill admits he really ‘has it bad’ for Eden.

In New York, Salerno tells Eden and Tony that his word doesn’t go very far with the men in blue, but agrees to provide Eden with an alibi.

At Company, Blake, Harley and Ross begin piecing together Ben’s time at the school in Switzerland. Ben’s bad behavior coincided with a teacher who mysteriously left the school at the same time. Harley has a hunch there is a connection. 

At the cabin, Ben tells Marina he can’t go on without her. He apologizes for the mess with Mrs. Hendon. Marina says she wants to wipe the slate clean, but she is scared right now. When Marina hints that Ben needs help, he responds, ‘I need YOU. Just you.’ Ben tells her that sometimes he is afraid, because he has been ‘broken’ and people take advantage of him.

At the cabin, Frank gets a lead through a global positioning device on Marina’s cell phone. Frank, the DA and the cops hurry to the location. Josh is trying to calm Shayne down, who wants to go with them.

In New York, Salerno tells Tony to go downstairs and book a flight home. When he leaves the room, Salerno grabs Eden and tells her she could’ve fooled Tony and she might even have fooled the Springfield PD, but they both know she had plenty of time to ‘whack’ that girl. ‘Yeah,’ Eden says, ‘but I didn’t.’

Shayne is at the Bauer cabin freaking out because Josh suggested that the best thing they could do was pray. Shayne says he is going outside to get some air, but Josh makes him leave the car keys behind. Outside, Shayne looks at the sky and asks for a sign, just anything. He ominously offers to trade one ‘baseball career for her.’ ‘Just show me ANYTHING!’ Suddenly, Shayne has a vision of Marina telling him about a piece of land that Ben wanted to buy. Shayne thinks he might be able to see something and runs away.

At the secluded cabin, Marina is trying to convince Ben to tell her what scares him. Ben, childlike, tells her she wouldn’t understand and then asks if he can show her something. Ben pulls a syringe out of his pocket. He said it’s like the one Ramona used to use for her insulin shots, but of course Ramona doesn’t need them anymore. Marina says ‘well, we don’t need it either. It looks scary.’

Frank and the cops close in on the location where they got the signal from Marina’s cell phone. They break down the door of yet another cabin to find a young couple on the floor making out. Frank grabs the guy and starts demanding to know where Marina is. He doesn’t know, but they did find Marina’s cell phone in a cave and say they can show them where it was.

Ben is telling Marina how beautiful and perfect she is and that he would never hurt her. Ben asks her if she was going to make love with Shayne. He reminds her that they almost made love once, but Ramona tried to get in the way and ruin everything! Ben grows pensive as he tells Marina he only wanted to love her ‘the way all young pure things should be.’ Harley gets a fax from a friend at Interpol who gave her information about the teacher who left Switzerland. Turns out she was also let go from a school in England.

Marina asked Ben what he meant when he said it would be ‘like’ his first time. Ben said his first time wasn’t ‘special and pure.’ Harley’s fax reads that a thirteen-year-old boy accused the teacher, Jane Farley, of molesting him. He was the first to come forward - many more followed. Blake, Harley and Ross realize what this means about Ben’s behavior. Ben tells Marina there are bad people out there who want to tear other people down and make them feel like they’re nothing. Blake finds out that Ms Farley was a sexual predator and Ben was her prey. Ben is now crying in despair at the cabin.

Blake wishes she had recognized the signs of Ben’s molestation. Marina offers to talk some more to Ben. Ben is laying flowers on the bed because he wants everything to be perfect for Marina. Ross says Ben was different when he came back from school. Blake begins to profile the sexually abused for Harley and Ross. Ben notices Marina is struggling with the tape on her wrists and offers to help by cutting it away. Ross hates to admit it, but things certainly do seem to be falling into place. Ben is kissing Marina who looks like she is trying not to throw up.

Josh and Jeffrey realize Shayne is missing from the Bauer cabin. Shayne finds the cabin where Ben has taken Marina. He calls his dad to tell them where he is. Frank takes the phone from Josh and tells Shayne they are on their way, and whatever you do, do not go in the cabin alone.

Eden and Tony arrive back at the museum. Eden explains to Marah that Tony was just trying to help. Before Eden and Bill leave, Eden whispers to Tony that their ‘secret’ is safe with her. She won’t tell Marah they shared the same room.

Ben tells Marina that their love can save him. Marina says she needs time. Ben wants to prove to Marina how much he loves her. He is kissing her and pushing her back on the bed. Marina is trying not to cry and let Ben see that she is repulsed by him.

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