Guiding Light Update Monday 7/28/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Harley is on the phone to Gus when Blake arrives.  She tells Gus she can’t read a fax he sent to their house. Harley tells Gus she hopes he finds what he needs so he can clear Eden. Blake responds wryly that ‘anything that's good for Eden can only be bad for Ben.’ Blake tries to take the fax away from Harley.

Eden and Tony are shown to a suite in New York where they are meeting Salerno to get an alibi for Eden. Tony tells Salerno’s henchman that he wants to see his room. The henchman tells Tony ‘this is your room.’ He and Eden will spend the night together in the same room.

At the Bauer cabin, Shayne is on the phone to Josh and tells him he can’t wait for him, he needs to go and find Marina. Josh tells Shayne to wait for Frank. Frank arrives at the cabin with uniformed police officers, and instructs them to treat the place as a crime scene. Frank tells Shayne that he trusted him and then accuses him of being ‘just another one of those punks who is out to get Marina on her own.' ‘I’m not Ben,’ Shayne yells. Frank responds that he sure as hell is acting like it. Frank grills Shayne for information about why he and Marina were at the cabin, and if anyone else knew they were going there.

In Ben’s car, Marina wakes after being drugged and kidnapped. She’s surprised to discover that it’s Ben driving the car. Marina asks Ben where they are going and where Shayne is. Ben tells Marina that she is lucky he showed up when he did, because he found her passed out on the floor of the cabin. He tells her that Shayne abandoned her and asks if they had been drinking. Marina tells him they were just sitting on the couch. Ben interrupts and says that Shayne drugged her. Marina says Shayne would never do that. Ben creepily tells Marina ‘you would be surprised what a guy would do when he’s got to have a girl.’ He tells her he is taking her someplace safe and that his Grandmother left him a million bucks. This will get them back on track. He tells her he will take her to Europe and Asia where she can shop all she wants. Of course, they would have assumed names. Marina asks Ben to slow down because she is feeling woozy. She then tries to jump from the car. Ben swerves and grabs her before she can get out.

At the cabin, Shayne tells Frank he and Marina had just had dinner and then talked. After, Marina went to the bedroom to change. An officer walks in and hands Frank a bag with a chloroform cloth inside. Shayne freaks and asks if they think Marina was kidnapped. Frank tells him that Ben was just released from the hospital and orders an APB put out on Ben Reade.

At company, Blake harasses Harley until she gives up and lets her see the fax from Gus. Because of an error in transmission, the fax is barely readable. The only information legible is that it’s about a teacher in Switzerland that was fired. Blake suggests that maybe it was a teacher who used to be one of Eden’s escorts. Harley tells Blake she doesn’t want to talk about the case, but wants to talk about when she should marry Gus. Blake says ‘grab the guy’. Harley says ‘whatever, what about you and Ross’. Blake says she and Ross work better when they are ‘pending’. Blake whips out a notebook filled with wedding planning ideas.

At the suite, Tony tells Salerno’s henchman that he has the wrong idea about him and Eden - they don't share rooms. The henchman tells Tony he has no choice because it’s the only one available. Tony says he will take it up with the Boss in the morning. Eden blows if off, because all they need is to establish an alibi for her, and reminds Tony that Vinnie Salerno is one guy they do not want to tick off. Eden finds little treats Salerno left for her in the room, like perfume he always bought for her and sexy lingerie. She tells Tony that Salerno never liked for her to be with other guys. Tony says, ‘well, so what, you and I are NOT together.’ Eden teases Tony about there only being one bed. Tony says he will sleep in the chair.

At Company, Bill is pacing outside wondering out loud if he should have let Tony go to Chicago with Eden.  Ross walks up and overhears him. Ross tells Bill that he has heard from his mother, Vanessa, and she misses him. Ross jokes that he needs to go in and find Blake, because when he is left alone for too long he always manages to find trouble. Bill worries this may happen with Eden and Tony.

At the cabin, Frank is trying to get helicopters involved in the search for Marina. Shayne is yelling at Frank because he won’t get the FBI involved in looking for Marina and Ben. Frank is afraid the feds will take over the case like they did with Mitch Hendon. Josh is trying to calm Shayne down, because Shayne says it’s his fault that Marina is missing. Shayne runs off to get in Josh’s car and look for Marina himself.

In the car, Ben is holding Marina while she cries for him to let her go. Ben locks the car doors. Marina punches him in the face. Ben tells her to never do that again. ‘Or what’, she says, ‘you’re going to dope me up and lock me in the car?’ Ben tells her he lost her once, and he won’t lose her again. ‘We are going to be happy’, he tells her. Ben tells Marina that he loves her and it’s a ‘given’ that she loves him, too. From now on, they will never be apart again. Marina says they can just forget the whole thing if he will just unlock the door. Ben responds by telling her she will probably like Rome, and Milan is great, too. How about a whole month in northern Italy? Marina is staring at him in disbelief. Ben breaks his reverie to find Marina has slipped her cell phone from her pocket and is trying to make a call.

Josh catches Shayne, who is now insane with worry. He tells his dad that he loves Marina and he has to find her. Jeffrey O’Neil walks up and asks Josh if the kid is okay, he heard what happened. Jeffrey walks into the cabin and hears Frank on the phone saying he did not want the feds involved. Jeffrey wants to know what that’s all about, and maybe he can help. Frank says, ‘yeah, like you helped me with Mitch Hendon.’ Jeffrey says Frank better think about taking his help because he has friends in Washington. ‘I bet you do,’ Frank says but agrees to let Jeffrey help because he is worried about Marina.

At Company, Blake is showing Harley catering brochures. Ross can’t believe Blake still has all of these things. Harley’s phone rings and it's Frank telling her that Marina is missing. Harley wants to leave right away, but Frank wants her to find out what Ben did all day.

At the suite, Eden has dressed in the nightgown Salerno left room for her. She poses and prances for Tony who gets nervous and wants to call Marah. Tony finds that the phone is dead and they are locked in the room. Even his cell phone doesn’t work. He bangs on the door until the henchman answers. Tony grabs the thug’s cell phone from his pocket and leaves Marah a message that he loves and misses her.

Ross tells Harley that he saw Ben earlier and that Ben was just sick with regret over all the mistakes he has made with Marina. Ross tells Harley that he has dealt with Ben all of his life, except for the time he was away at Stanton. Harley wants to know where Stanton is because that’s the name of the school on the fax from Gus. It is somewhere in Switzerland! Exactly where Gus is. Ross says he will call the school for information, because he remembers a conversation he had with Fletcher about Ben acting out after returning from the school.

Ben and Marina arrive at a cabin in the woods. Marina tries to run away, screaming ‘Help! Somebody help me!’ Ben catches her and drags her into the cabin. Once inside, Ben releases Marina and returns with a roll of duct tape. He tells her he didn’t want to do this.

Harley receives a fax at Company from Gus. It says he (Gus) hooked up with the PI who was trailing Ben and he is sending a photo. It’s a photo of an angry Ben grabbing Ariana.

Blake says Ariana was one of Eden’s girls. Otherwise known as ‘victim number three.’

At the cabin, Ben has begun to tie Marina up with the tape. Marina wants to go home, but Ben tells her he can’t do that until everything happens the way it's supposed to. He says they were almost together at The Beacon. Marina, says ‘you think I’m going to have sex with you?’ Wild-eyed Ben says, ‘it is LOVE, Marina. Love.’ Ben is kissing Marina while she cries. Ben walks away to another room. Marina tearfully says ‘Daddy, please come get me’.

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