Guiding Light Update Friday 7/25/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Buzz arrives and apologizes to Frank because his cell phone has been messed up and he just checked his messages at home. Buzz says that he will postpone his fishing trip with Billy and handle things at Company. Frank says that Buzz should go on his fishing trip because he has things covered there. Darcy comes out of the kitchen with an order and asks Frank  which table it's for.

At the Beacon, Marah meets with Josh to try one more time to persuade him to go to Italy and be with Reva.

At Eden's place, Tony looks through Eden's papers to try and find an alibi for her that will clear her of the murders. Eden tries to get information from Tony about Marah and his relationship. Tony continues to look through papers and he says he doesn't want to talk about Marah. Tony finds a car rental receipt with the date and time on it that proves Eden was in Chicago on the day Renee Peters was killed.

At the Bauer cabin, Marina brings the plates of food and sets them on the table in front of Shayne. Shayne is surprised that Marina made him a gourmet meal. Ben continues to watch them through the window and listen to them through the door, which he has opened slightly. Shayne gives Marina a stuffed bear cub, so that her favorite stuffed elephant can have some company. He admits the he gave Marina the stuffed bear so she would remember him while he is away. Marina is startled because she thinks she heard a noise outside. Ben moves away from the window as Shayne and Marina move closer and see a deer run by the window. Marina tells Shayne she is glad they decided to stay the night because they got see a deer. Shayne tells Marina he is having fun with her and he is also glad they decided to spend the night. Shayne tells Marina he doesn't want her to feel any pressure to make love because he is just happy to spend time with her. Marina assures Shayne she doesn't feel any pressure to make love.

At Eden's place, she admits to Tony that she lied when she told him she was visiting a sick friend in Chicago. She tells Tony she was visiting Salerno. Tony is very angry that she lied to him once again. Tony wonders if she will ever stop lying to people. She explains to Tony that she didn't tell him the truth because she knew that he and Danny are very sensitive if she even mentions the name Salerno. She goes on to explain that she just needed to hear from Salerno that their business was in the past. Tony decides to go with Eden to New York to persuade Salerno to be Eden's alibi. Eden is very happy that Tony has offered to go with her. Bill arrives and offers to tag along on the trip, although he doesn't know where they are going. Tony thinks Bill should go with Eden to New York since he is her boyfriend. Tony explains to Bill why Eden needs to go there. Bill thinks that Tony should go on the trip with Eden because of his past with the mob. Eden gives Bill a kiss goodbye and leaves. Bill throws some things around the apartment in anger and frustration.

At the Beacon, Josh makes it clear to Marah that he isn't chasing Reva anywhere, anymore. Marah won't give up but Josh says he isn't going to Italy.

At Company, Buzz thanks Darcy for helping out at the restaurant. Darcy wonders what the chart in the kitchen was that said 'Marina Fund' was all about. Buzz explains they are trying to raise money for Marina to go to Northwestern University and surprise Marina with the tuition. Darcy wants to make a contribution but Frank overhears Buzz and Darcy's conversation and refuses her contribution.

At the Cabin, Shayne gives Marina his yearbook for her to sign. Marina looks at all the signatures from girls in the book and reads some of the mushy ones out loud. Shayne shows Marina a picture of herself that he carries in his wallet. Shayne tells Marina she is the only girl he cares about and says he will take her picture out of his wallet if it makes her uncomfortable.  Marina gives Shayne a kiss. Ben continues to watch them through the window. Marina apologizes to Shayne and says that for a long time she was so focused on being with the wrong guy, that she never noticed that the right guy had always been there for her. Marina tells Shayne she thought she loved Ben but the truth is she isn't sure if her feelings for Ben were love. Marina tells Shayne that she is glad her first time didn't happen with Ben. She tells Shayne she is glad to be at the cabin with him. Ben sits down on the ground and puts his head in his hands and begins to cry. Ben gets up with an angry look on his face and walks towards his car.

At Company, Darcy thinks Frank doesn't want her money because it isn't good enough for him. Frank explains that he feels bad enough that he has to take money from his father and sister for Marina. Frank tells Darcy he doesn't want her to think that he can't provide the things he needs for his daughter. Darcy tells Frank she thinks he is a wonderful father who is willing to do anything so his daughter can have the things she needs. Darcy says she understands if he doesn't want to take money from his girlfriend. Frank is startled by Darcy's use of the word girlfriend, because when he hears that word, he thinks of a class ring and letterman jacket. Darcy says Frank can give her his letterman jacket if he will let her make a contribution to the Marina fund. Frank agrees to the deal.

At the Beacon, Tony interrupts Marah and Josh's conversation to tell Marah he is going to New York with Eden, but before he can say anything, Marah says she is having a really important conversation with her father, and whatever he has to say will have to wait until later. Tony says okay and leaves without saying a word.

Outside the Beacon, Eden asks Tony if Marah is okay with him going to New York with her. Tony tells Eden that the subject never came up and if they leave now they can be back home before Marah knows they have been gone.

Inside the Beacon, Marah wonders why her father has changed so much that he has become so old and set in his ways, that he would turn down a trip to Italy with the woman he loves. Josh resents being called old and unromantic and decides to go see Reva in Italy.

At the Cabin, Shayne and Marina kiss some more and Marina goes into the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable. Marina looks at her self in the mirror and puts her nightgown against her body to see how it will look when she puts it on for Shayne. She goes to the drawer to get something and puts the nightgown between her teeth so she can use both hands to open the drawer. Someone comes up behind Marina and Marina screams, but Shayne doesn't hear her since the nightgown is in her mouth.

In New York, Tony and Eden arrive at the airport and are surprised to find a limo - compliments of Salerno.

At the Beacon, Bill arrives and wonders if Buzz has seen Marah. Buzz says that she and Josh were there earlier but they left. Buzz explains that he is waiting for Billy so they can go on a fishing trip. Bill tells Buzz he thinks he made a mistake by not stepping into a situation and letting someone else play the hero. Buzz thinks that if you force yourself into a situation you can't handle, just to play the hero, you might end up making the situation worse. Bill asks Buzz not to tell Billy he is dating Eden because he wants to introduce them to each other himself.

At the cabin, a nervous Shayne waits for Marina to come out of the bedroom. He can't wait any longer because he thinks Marina has taken too long. He knocks on the bedroom door and calls Marina's name. When Marina doesn't answer him, he opens the door and looks all over the room - Marina is gone.

Outside the cabin, we see Ben carrying Marina and putting her in his car. Once she is in the car, Ben starts the engine.

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