Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At Company, Cassie and Edmund tell Olivia the details of Cassie's ordeal as they find a booth and sit down to have lunch. Olivia tells Edmund and Cassie they don't have to try to cheer up a depressed, pregnant lady by keeping her company. Edmund and Cassie pretend they have no idea what Olivia is talking about and they joke that they actually felt pity for her.

Outside Company, Philip waits for Lizzie so they can have lunch together. Lizzie arrives with Beth, who Philip had no idea was coming, but he invites her to stay for lunch. Beth tells Philip that she thought Lizzie had told him she was coming to lunch. Lizzie pretends she forgot to tell her father. Philip and Beth start to go inside as they talk about James swimming the entire length of the Spaulding pool into Philip's arms. Lizzie stays behind for a while to let them talk. Lizzie's expression goes from happy to serious as she spots Olivia through the window. Olivia is shocked to see Beth and Philip enter Company together laughing and talking. Philip sees Olivia and the atmosphere grows very tense .

At the police station, Gus questions a private investigator to find out if he was hired by Mitch Hendon to watch Ben. The private investigator says that he knows nothing about Mitch Hendon or Ben Reade. A frustrated Gus tells the guy to leave, but makes him promise to tell him any information he may find out about the private investigator who was watching Ben. Harley arrives looking for Gus and is surprised to find Jeffrey with his ear pressed against the interrogation room door. Jeffrey says it is his case to, and he has every right to listen at the door. Harley asks him if Gus has found out any new information. Jeffrey says from what he heard the interrogation did not go well. Gus comes out of the interrogation room and says he got no information from the private investigator. Jeffrey tells him not to worry, just to pack his bags and leave immediately.

At the Bauer cabin, Marina wants to get a tan and have a picnic outside. Shayne loves the idea but is distracted and keeps staring at Marina.

Somewhere in the woods, Ben arrives and gets out of his car to look around because he is lost.

Outside the cabin, Marina puts suntan lotion on her legs while she waits for Shayne - who is bringing a radio and some other things from the cabin. Shayne arrives with the radio and begins to put suntan lotion on Marina's back. They talk about how nice it is to get away from all the hassles of their lives. Shayne wonders if he should tell Marina something - he decides he should.  Shayne tells Marina that he called Marah at home to tell her he had arrived at the cabin. Marah told him that Ben's grandmother died and Ben had permission to see her but he got there too late to say goodbye. Shayne tells Marina he would understand if she felt like she needed to call Ben. Marina points out to Shayne some land just beyond a rock, high above the cabin. Marina explains to Shayne, that once when she and Ben were at the cabin skiing, Ben had told her that it had always been his dream to own that land because you could see the whole countryside from there, but people would have to look way up high to see you. Marina explains to Shayne that she wants Ben to be happy and get everything he has always wanted, but most of all she hopes Ben will find someone who can share his dreams. Marina tells Shayne she now realizes that person won't be her because she has moved on with her life. Marina tells Shayne that she came to the cabin because she wanted to spend time with him and they don't need to talk about Ben anymore. Marina and Shayne kiss each other.

At Company, Philip and Olivia decide to stay and eat lunch, although they both feel uncomfortable. Everyone wonders why the service is so slow today. A frazzled waitress comes over and explains that she is the only waitress working today, since Marina is out of town. Philip decides to help the waitress by becoming a waiter. Beth and Lizzie both laugh at the idea. Philip tells them he has done the job before and he gets up to get an apron. Olivia tells Cassie that she told Philip that she (Cassie) was going to be her birthing partner. Cassie is not happy that Olivia lied to Philip and is now forcing her (Cassie) to lie to him too. Philip goes to Olivia's table to take everyone's order.

At the police station, Jeffrey gives Gus a piece of paper with the name of the private investigator Mitch Hendon hired to watch Ben. Jeffrey explains that the P.I. is working on a case in Amsterdam, and Jeffrey wants Gus to go to Amsterdam to question him personally. Gus tells Harley that Rick identified the bones Jed Simmons found, and they belong to Ben's former girlfriend - Bridget Waters. Gus wonders how Jeffrey managed to get the name of the P.I. from the F.B.I., when the F.B.I. refused to give him (Gus) the same information when he asked them for it. Jeffrey says he felt guilty for letting the F.B.I. take Mitch Hendon so he begged for the information until they gave it to him.

At the cabin, Shayne watches Marina sleep and lays down beside her. He soon falls asleep himself.

At Company, Olivia tries to persuade Cassie to be her birthing partner. Cassie thinks that it should be Philip, since he is the father of the baby. Cassie tells Olivia that if she doesn't want Philip, her partner should be a friend or a family member. Olivia says Sam is away at school and she doesn't have any friends. Cassie reluctantly agrees to be Olivia's birthing partner.

Somewhere in the woods, Ben calls Lizzie on his cell phone. Ben explains to Lizzie that he is lost thanks to the wonderful map she gave him. Ben wonders if he should even go to the cabin and wants to go back home. Lizzie tells him that Marina still loves him and not Shayne and he should fight for her. Ben decides to go to the cabin and says goodbye to Lizzie then hangs up the phone. Ben is about to get back into his car when a cop arrives and tells him not to move. The cop explains to Ben that there is a sign that says you can't stop your car or stand beside the road unless it's an emergency. The cop asks Ben if he is having trouble with his car. Ben shakes his head and explains that he was lost. The cop notices Ben's broken tail light and says Ben can either go back to town and fix it, or he can get a ticket. The cop can follow him back to town to make sure he fixes it. Ben tells the cop that he had a girlfriend that he loved very much but they had a fight, and he was going up to the cabin to try and work things out with her. Ben promises to fix the light as soon as he gets into town. The cop lets Ben go and he gets back in his car.

At the cabin, Shayne says he can't wait any longer now that he knows she has been thinking about the real reason they came up to the cabin. Marina thinks Shayne is talking about making love, but she doesn't say it out loud. Shayne tells Marina she promised to cook her famous grilled chicken for him. Marina notices there isn't any charcoal for the grill and she lets Shayne borrow her car to go to town. Shayne jokes with Marina saying he isn't sure he should leave her alone because there is a prison nearby. It takes Marina a few minutes to figure out Shayne is joking with her. Marina gives Shayne a kiss goodbye and he leaves. Marina goes inside to prepare the rest of the food.

At the police station, Harley sees the look on Gus's face and wonders if Gus bought Jeffrey's story. Gus says he did, but he is starting to see why Jeffrey is unpopular in Springfield.

At Company, Lizzie admits to Beth that she (Lizzie) wants her (Beth) to get back together with Philip. Lizzie tells Beth that Philip and Olivia don't fit together like she (Beth) and Philip do. Beth makes it clear to Lizzie that Philip and Olivia are more than likely going to get back together. Philip arrives at Olivia's table with the order. Olivia has had enough of his games, and tells Philip she needs to speak to him alone. Cassie and Edmund go outside so that Olivia and Philip can talk.

Outside Company, Cassie and Edmund kiss, and Jeffrey once again arrives and interrupts them. Cassie is surprised that Jeffrey isn't pleased with his full service suite upgrade. Jeffrey and Cassie joke around for a few minutes. Cassie gets a call on her cell phone and walks away for privacy. Edmund thanks Jeffrey for being there to save Cassie. Jeffrey makes Edmund feel guilty for being in the Beacon lobby when Cassie needed him most, then Jeffrey goes inside to have lunch.

Inside Company, Olivia tells Philip that she just asked Cassie to be her birthing partner. Olivia apologizes for lying to him and says she feels they need to be honest for the baby's sake.

At the Cabin, Marina hears noises and calls Shayne's name several times. She slowly heads for the door and opens it. Marina says what are you doing to someone the audience doesn't see.

At the police station, Gus gets his airline ticket and begs Harley to go with him. Harley says their budget can't handle paying for her ticket right now because they are getting a loan to help Marina go to college. Gus says they can still do it and tries to persuade Harley by kissing her a few times. Harley says no because she wants to go to Europe with him on vacation - not for his job. Gus and Harley make love at the office with the door closed.

At Company, Cassie goes to talk to Jeffrey about Mitch Hendon. Beth advises Edmund not to let jealousy get the best of him or he will lose Cassie. Olivia tells Philip he doesn't love her, he just can't stand the fact that he lost her. Olivia says she wants a man who can trust her and someone who she doesn't need to prove herself to every minute. Philip says he is that man . Olivia says that he isn't and gets up from the table and leaves.

At the Cabin, the person who Marina was speaking to is Shayne, who surprises her with flowers. Marina realizes they never needed charcoal for the grill, Shayne just wanted to surprise her. Marina gives Shayne a kiss. The front door is partially open as Ben arrives and watches Shayne and Marina.

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