Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/22/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At Olivia’s Martini Bar, Tony tries to convince Eden that they should look for the real killer. Eden whines that it wouldn’t make a difference because everyone thinks she's just a liar anyway. Tony says they just don’t understand and she should call Bill to keep her company tonight. 

At Company, Buzz and Marina talk about throwing a going away party for her, but they both decide Harley and Frank need to get back on good terms. 

Mitch jumps off the roof at the Beacon and tries to take Cassie with him. Jeffrey grabs Cassie just in time. Cassie is now on the roof hanging on to Jeffrey, who is trying to save her, and Mitch, who is trying to kill himself. In the lobby, a frantic Edmund is demanding that someone tell him where Cassie is. Frank is angry with Ross because his client, Mitch, didn’t turn himself in the way he was supposed to. On the roof, Jeffrey tries to get hold of Mitch before he falls and takes Cassie with him. He tells him he is ‘great soldier’ and the ‘enemy could never break you.’ Mitch looks at Jeffrey and falls from the roof into the darkness. Amidst helicopter blades and search lights, Jeffrey, still holding on to Cassie, tells her she is okay to look at him, and he will not let her go. Cassie says her arms are going. She is crying and afraid. Jeffrey counts to three and pulls Cassie to safety. She lands on him and they hold each other looking into each other’s eyes. Gus enters the lobby and asks if Frank and Ross are having a busy night. He tells them to relax because he saw Hendon (Mitch) on the side of the building and they should call the coroner and the meat wagon. 

Tony is still trying to convince Eden to call Bill because Bill is the number one guy in her life. Eden says no way because Bill got to see the real Eden, and she was an idiot to think she could live a normal life. Tony tells her to stop with the self- pity. Eden tells Tony her brain is fried and she wants to go home. When she leaves, Tony asks the bartender if he is a friend of Bill’s. 

Marina is leaving Company as Harley shows up and they talk about everything that has been going on in Marina’s life with Ben, the murders, and now Shayne. Marina says she is happy for Shayne, but his baseball contract also means he will be changing his address. Harley feels bad for Marina and invites her to the Bauer cabin for a vacation. Marina’s acceptance letter to Northwestern falls out of her purse. Harley sees it and asks for an explanation. 

On the roof at the Beacon, Cassie, still gazing at Jeffrey, is now caressing his face and saying ‘you saved me’. Jeffrey says that now it’s ‘your turn to save me.’ Cassie is confused until Jeffrey says he can’t breathe. Cassie moves as Jeffrey says ‘not that it wasn’t an interesting position’. The police storm the rooftop with guns pointed. Jeffrey yells at them not to shoot because he is the DA. A shaken Cassie stares at Jeffrey who has just saved her life. 

Harley, still chiding Marina for not telling anyone about Northwestern, says she has to tell Frank. Marina says no way because she knows her dad doesn’t have that kind of money and she doesn’t want pity from anyone, and besides, Springfield U has the same programs. She makes Harley promise not to tell anyone about the letter. 

Bill shows up at the Martini Bar. Tony emerges from the shadows and says he wants to talk about Eden. Bill says it’s a waste of time. Tony says Eden was good enough to be Bill’s lady so why isn’t she good enough to be his friend. Bill tells Tony to go keep her company himself. Tony says no, ‘that’s your job.’

Edmund, now beside himself with worry about Cassie, hears that there is a woman on the roof and races up there to see if it is Cassie. Jeffrey consoles Cassie, and tells her it wasn’t her time to go - it was Mitch’s time. Cassie says he sounds like Mitch was a friend of his. Edmund, out of breath, arrives as Jeffrey puts his coat around Cassie’s shoulders. Cassie rushes into Edmund’s arms. As Cassie and Jeffrey explain to Edmund what happened with Mitch, he finds out that Jeffrey saved Cassie’s life at the last minute, Edmund responds that is certainly a debt you can’t repay. The police arrive to tell Jeffrey that he is needed downstairs because Mitch survived the fall. Jeffrey stops in the hallway long enough to call someone, and say that there has been a change of plans. 

Shayne arrives while Harley and Marina are arguing about the letter from Northwestern. Marina tells Shayne she thinks she has a place for them to hide from the reporters. Buzz almost catches Harley reading the acceptance letter. He tells her he wants to talk to her about Frank. 

Eden, in her madam’s lair, clad in a red silk negligee, is holding the Tony scrapbook when Bill shows up and tells her she shouldn’t be alone so he is going to crash on the couch. 

The feds show up at the Beacon and take over the file on Mitch Hendon because he has been working as an FBI operative. Gus freaks and says ‘No way. This is our case.’ Jeffrey tells Frank and Gus that there is nothing he can do about them losing the case, but he remembers that Mitch told him he had a PI trailing Ben Reade before his wife was murdered. 

Shayne and Marina make plans for a camping getaway. 

Still on the roof, Cassie and Edmund commiserate that of all the people to save her life, why did it have to be Jeffrey? Harley shows up at the Beacon. Outside, a federal agent tells Jeffrey that Hendon will be med-evacuated to DC within the hour and says he ‘appreciates the heads up, Colonel.’ Jeffrey bristles and says ‘don’t call me Colonel. What’s the matter with you? It’s an un-secure location’. Jeffrey says everything is over- for now. The agent agrees that it would have been a mess if Hendon had been taken to Cedars. 

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