Guiding Light Update Friday 7/18/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

Outside Company, Shayne tells Marina he had to sneak out of his house to avoid reporters. Shayne tells Marina he couldn't wait to see her. Marina says he will have to get used to being a celebrity. Shayne says he just wants to concentrate on enjoying his last month at home with her. Shayne gives Marina a kiss and says he just wants to get in his car with her and drive  someplace where nobody knows them. Marina apologizes because they will have to stay there today. Marina takes Shayne's hand, and when they go inside Company, all of Shayne's friends yell surprise. 

At the hospital, Ben begs Mel to release him so he can go see his grandmother. Mel thinks Ben would be safer in the hospital, because if he is released, the killer may come after him again. Ben swears nothing will happen to him. Holly wonders how Ben is so sure the killer won't come after him. 

At the Beacon, Edmund calls Alexandra and asks her to meet him at Olivia's bar in one hour. Cassie invites Edmund to go swimming but Edmund says he has a business meeting. Jeffrey arrives and wonders if Cassie dated Joey Lupo. Cassie explains that Joey is 17 and he made some mistakes, but he completed his community service and is trying his best to change. Jeffrey makes a sarcastic remark about Tammy being just like her mother always so willing to give people a second chance. Edmund tells Jeffrey he doesn't see who Cassie and Tammy choose to date is any of Jeffrey's business. Cassie challenges Jeffrey to make all the remarks he wants to her, because those will be the last remarks she will ever have to hear from him. Cassie wants Jeffrey out of her hotel and out of her life. Cassie gives Jeffrey until 7:00 pm to find another place to live or she will personally put his things out on the curb at 7:01 pm. Edmund gives Cassie a kiss and leaves for his meeting. 

At Company, Joey and Tammy joke with Shayne about practicing his autograph for all his fans. Tammy says Shayne will have a lot of girls wanting his autograph and some of those girls will even want him to autograph their panties. Marina says that Shayne will just ask the girls for a pen and autograph their panties. Shayne tells Marina that he will just tell the girls that he can't  because he has a girlfriend back home. Buzz gives Shayne a submarine sandwich that will appear on the menu as the 'Shayne Lewis Sub'. Lizzie tells Marina that she (Marina) is just using Shayne as a rebound relationship. Lizzie also lets it slip that she (Lizzie) told Shayne that she (Marina) was visiting Ben at the hospital. Lizzie hopes that didn't cause trouble for Shayne and Marina. 

At the Beacon, Gus takes Eden to the roof in hopes of reminding her of everything they have done for each other in the past. Eden denies being the killer. Gus tells Eden they won't leave the roof until she admits she is the killer or she gives him the name of the killer. 

At Olivia's bar, Edmund meets with Alexandra to asks for her help in making Cassie's dream come true. Edmund explains to Alexandra that he wants to renovate the farm and also make a field of dreams for the boys to play. Alexandra starts to write a check, but Edmund says he wants to pay for the renovations out of his own money. Edmund wants Alexandra's advice because he isn't sure Cassie will accept his gift. Alexandra tells him that she thinks Cassie will love his gift. Alexandra wants Edmund's help to dig up some dirt on Jeffrey. Edmund refuses her offer saying that for the sake of his relationship with Cassie, he has decided to ignore Jeffrey. 

In the lobby of the Beacon, Cassie supervises her staff as they begin to bring Jeffrey's things downstairs. Jeffrey calls Cassie on her cell phone and tries to apologize for the things he said against Edmund and Tammy's new boyfriend Joey. Jeffrey's apology soon turns into another argument between him and Cassie. Cassie tells Jeffrey his time is running out and that she is hanging up on him now. Jeffrey and Cassie even argue about which of them will hang up the phone first. Cassie finally hangs up the phone and is startled to see Mr. Hendon. Mr. Hendon tells Cassie he is a murder suspect, but the police should stop wasting their time and try to catch the real killer before someone else gets killed. Mr. Hendon goes to the bar. 

On the roof of the Beacon, after some coaxing from Gus, Eden tells him that Salerno had nothing to do with the murders. Eden explains to Gus that Salerno promised to stay away from her business as long as she didn't do any extortion business. Eden admits that she was worried Salerno would come after her when Renee wanted to extort money from Jed Simmons. Eden says she couldn't go to the police with the information. Gus says she just gave him a motive for all three murders. Gus tells her the best thing for her to do is turn herself in. Gus says he won't take the fall for her anymore and she will have to save herself. Gus gets a call from Ross explaining the situation with Ben's grandmother. Gus leaves to go to the hospital. 

At Company, Shayne talks to Buzz about how much he loves baseball, but hates the fame that comes with it. Shayne says that he will miss Marina when he leaves home. Shayne says he and Marina will do everything possible to remain close. Marina arrives and tells Shayne that their relationship isn't a rebound romance for her. A reporter arrives to ask Marina how she feels about her former boyfriend being a murder suspect. 

At the hospital, Gus arrives and Ben smells the aftershave he is wearing. Gus explains he doesn't wear that aftershave but he interviewed someone earlier who was wearing too much.  Ben remembers smelling the same aftershave before he was attacked. Gus asks Ben if he remembers if his attacker was wearing a ring. Ben says he can't be sure but he remembers the attacker having something on their finger. Gus tells Ben that Mitch Hendon tried to kill him. Ben says that Mitch Hendon grabbed him after Ramona died, and he is positive his attacker had the same grip. Ross is ready to cut a deal for Mr. Hendon. Gus is ready to get a search warrant. Gus agrees to let Ross persuade Mr. Hendon to turn himself in at Jeffrey's office in one hour. Gus says if Hendon doesn't show up he (Gus) will come after him. Gus also agrees to let Ben see his grandmother accompanied by a police escort. Gus tells Ross he doesn't buy Ben's all too sudden recall of events. Gus thinks Ben didn't kill Ramona Hendon but he isn't innocent either.

At the Beacon, when Cassie arrives and interrupts their meeting, Alexandra tells her she was trying to persuade Edmund to use some of San Cristobal's natural resources to make cosmetics, but Edmund turned down her offer. Alexandra leaves with the plans for the farm. Cassie doesn't buy the story, so Edmund admits he is working on a surprise for her. Edmund invites Cassie to dinner and then he will tell her about the surprise. 

Also at the Beacon, Eden calls Salerno, but doesn't speak to him because Tony arrives and she quickly hangs up the phone. Tony apologizes to Eden for being so hard on her. He explains he is just missing Marah. Tony offers to prove she is not responsible for the murders. 

At Company, Marina tells the reporter Ben isn't a killer, although he has made some mistakes she hopes Ben can put his life back together. Shayne puts an end to the interview. The reporter asks for Shayne's autograph for his nephew. When Shayne asks for the nephew's name, the reporter says he will put it in later. Marina takes the pen from Shayne, explaining that autographs have a higher resale value if they aren't personalized. The reporter leaves and Shayne is impressed by Marina's knowledge. Shayne and Marina kiss while someone watches them. 

At Jeffrey's office, Gus fills in Jeffrey about the latest developments on the case. Jeffrey also tells Gus that Cassie threw him out of the hotel. After Gus leaves Jeffrey calls someone on the phone and tells them to pick up some merchandise and be very careful with it.

At Olivia's bar, Ross explains to Mitch that he must turn himself in because Ben remembers being attacked by him. Ross explains he can't defend Mitch because of some serious conflict of interests. Ross says he can help him during his questioning and arraignment until he can get another lawyer. Mitch says whatever happens will happen and he will be okay. Mitch wants to call Ramona's family to tell them what is going on so they won't be startled when they hear it on the news. Ross says he will wait for him at the bar. Mitch leaves to make his call. 

In the Beacon lobby, Tony tells Eden he will help her find the killer. Cassie is annoyed that it is taking so long to get Jeffrey's things out of the hotel. Cassie takes the key to Jeffrey's room from an employee and goes upstairs to get the rest of Jeffrey's things. Cassie opens the door and is shocked to come face to face with Mitch Hendon. 

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