Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/17/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the baseball field, Edmund, Cassie, R.J. and Will arrive for a picnic. Cassie thinks that the baseball field is a strange place for a picnic and suggests that they all go down to the lake. Edmund says that ever since he saw Shayne's game he has become a baseball fan. Edmund thinks it's the perfect place for a picnic. The boys agree with him so they spread their food out and stay for a picnic.

At the hospital, an annoyed Ben reads about Shayne's big game in the newspaper. Ben finishes reading the article then crumples up the newspaper and throws it away. A cheerful nurse arrives to check on Ben. Ben tells the nurse he wants to get out of the hospital. The nurse says he can't do that until the doctor says it is okay for him to leave. After the nurse leaves, Ben calls Holly, but since no one answers the phone, Ben hangs up. Michelle and Bill arrive to visit Ben. Ben asks them for help to get out of the hospital. 

At Jeffrey's office, Gus is going over the evidence in the murders but he looks terrible. Frank arrives expecting to see Jeffrey, but is surprised to find Gus. Frank tells Gus he looks awful and he must have been there all night. Gus explains that he has the flu and has been going over the evidence all night looking for a motive for the murders. Gus and Frank go over all the evidence again.

Outside the museum, Eden and Tony share a breakfast picnic. Eden tries to find out when Marah is coming back home. Tony says he hasn't talked to Marah much. Because of the time difference in Italy, it is hard to find the right time to call. Eden asks Tony if he knows when Marah is coming back home, Tony says he doesn't know. Eden suggests they go to the lake for lunch and have a picnic. Tony knows what Eden is trying to do and puts a stop to it. Tony tells Eden that he enjoys spending time with her because they have a lot in common. Tony makes it clear that he is in love with Marah and that she (Eden) is in a relationship with Bill. Eden gets offended and says that she would never betray her only friend (Marah). Eden tells Tony she only wanted to be friends with him. Eden gets up and walks away. 

At Jeffrey's office, Gus doesn't think that Eden would have killed Jed Simmons over a lawsuit. Gus doesn't think that Ben is the killer either. Gus and Frank both agree that Mitch Hendon is the most likely suspect. Gus tells Frank he may have found a motive for the murders. 

At the hospital, Ben tells Bill and Michelle that he came back to the barbecue, after he was thrown out, because he wanted to see Danny and Michelle get married. Ben says he hid in the bushes to watch the wedding. Ben also tells his friends that Eden came back to the barbecue and that he saw her before he was stabbed. 

At the baseball field, Edmund and Cassie watch the boys play. Edmund thinks that R.J. may be a good shortstop someday. Cassie admits she feels guilty for checking up on Tammy's date. Cassie thanks Edmund for making sure Tammy's date brought her home on time. Cassie says it's nice having someone look after her and the kids. Edmund says that before she came into his life he only looked after people so he could control them. Edmund starts to say something but stops when he and Cassie notice R.J. has hit Will with a baseball bat. Edmund explains to R.J. that he always used to fight with Richard because he was jealous of him and it took him a long time to realize that he was lucky to have Richard as his brother. Edmund says that R.J. is very lucky to have Will as his brother and asks R.J. to play nicely with Will. R.J. agrees and the boys go play again. Cassie tells Edmund that the boys need space to play and they shouldn't be cooped up at the hotel. Cassie tells Edmund that before Richard died they had plans to renovate the farm. They had the plans and permits ready, but the plans were abandoned after Richard died. 

At the hospital, Bill is upset and cuts short his visit with Ben.  Ben tells Bill he didn't mean for this to cause trouble between him and Eden. A nurse arrives to take Ben for some tests . Michelle tells Ben she will talk to Bill. Michelle tries to get Bill to accept that Eden could be a murderer. Bill tells Michelle that just because Eden is a liar, it doesn't make her a murderer. 

At Jeffrey's office, Gus thinks that Renne was the one who was blackmailing Jed Simmons using all the information she and Ariana both knew about him. Gus says that he interviewed the bartender at Olivia's bar and he said that she and Ariana both bragged that they knew alot of important information about their clients. Gus thinks that Jed Simmons thought his blackmailer was Eden, and that is why he filed a lawsuit against her. Gus says the bartender at the bar also heard Renne and Ariana talking about the missing girl, and Jed finding the bones. Gus thinks Ben overheard them and had to shut them up. Frank thinks Eden could have heard the girls talking and had to shut them up.

Outside the museum, Tony thinks Eden is looking for someone to comfort and protect her with all the problems in her life right now. Eden tells Tony that if she needed comfort and protection, she would go to Bill not him. Eden leaves to find Bill. 

At the hospital, Holly arrives to visit Ben. Holly brings him magazines. CD's, and a portable DVD player. Holly tells Ben he can come and stay at her house after he is released from the hospital. Holly says that after this whole mess is over, and he is cleared of the charges, they can go on vacation to Maui. Holly thinks Ben should also go back to school. Holly tells Ben that a source at the police station told her Mitch Hendon was brought in for questioning again. Holly also brings Ben some bad news. Holly tells Ben that his grandmother - Stoddard - has had a stoke and the doctors don't think she will survive the night. 

At Jeffrey's office, Gus and Frank question Mitch Hendon with Ross present. They ask Mr. Hendon where he was when his wife was killed. Mr. Hendon says he already told him that he was with Buzz. Frank explains that Buzz told him that Mitch was gone for 20 minutes, the time they were together. Gus says that was plenty of time to kill his wife. Frank and Gus show Mitch his ring with his initials on it. They explain that the ring was found at the bottom of the Bauer hot tub. 

At Company, Bill tries to get Eden to tell him the truth. Bill says that Ben told him and Michelle he came back to the barbecue and hid in the bushes to watch Bill and Michelle get married. Bill says that he knows Eden wouldn't have known about Ben because she left the barbecue. Eden says she already told him she left. Bill wonders why Eden is lying to him. Bill tells Eden that Ben remembers seeing her at the barbecue before he was stabbed. 

At the baseball field, Edmund calls someone on the phone and tells them to get something done quickly. Cassie tells Edmund it is time to get the boys home for their naps. 

Outside the museum, Tony tells Michelle that Danny went to rent a boat for them for later. Tony admits to Michelle that he is ready to marry Marah, but she isn't ready for marriage yet. Tony says he is okay with Marah's decision but the audience can tell he isn't okay. Tony thinks that he may be leading Eden on by accident. Tony explains to Michelle what happened between him and Eden earlier. Tony worries he may have been too hard on Eden. Michelle says he was just being honest and a gentleman. Michelle advises Tony to stay away from Eden and wishes Bill would do the same. 

At Company, Bill is upset that Eden lied to him and says if she had told the truth he would have stuck by her. Bill wonders why Eden would lie if she had nothing to hide. Eden tries to distract Bill by suggesting they go to her place and make love. Bill says that won't work with him anymore. Bill tells Eden that when she is ready to be honest she should give him a call, then he leaves.

At the Beacon, Cassie goes to put the kids down for their nap. Edmund meets with a lady who gives him the plans for the renovation of the farm.

At Jeffrey's office, Gus asks Mr. Hendon some rapid fire questions. He asks how Mr. Hendon felt about his wife sleeping with gigolos. Gus does this to try to get Mr. Hendon angry so he will slip. The tactic works, and Mr. Hendon yells 'that kid slept with my wife he deserved it'. An angry Ross stops the questioning and says the ring could have been stolen from Mr. Hendon. Ross tells Gus and Frank that when they are ready to ask his client questions in the proper way, they should call him. After Mr. Hendon leaves, a frustrated Gus throws some things around in the office. Gus decides to go and question Eden again. Frank offers to question Eden because Gus is too close to her. Gus says he is the only one who can tell when Eden is lying. Frank asks how Gus knows when Eden is lying to him. Gus says that's easy, her lips are moving. 

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