Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Ben tries to ‘convince’ Marina that they deserve a second chance but she is not interested. The only reason she is there is because he was attacked and she feels bad about what happened. Ben doesn't want her pity. He thinks she’ll be sorry, because soon she will learn that he is not a murderer. Marina tells him that when it comes to him, she is sorry in more ways than she can count.

Later, Lizzie stops by and encourages Ben to continue to pursue Marina. Ben is on to her and knows she is not doing this because she cares for him. She admits that she could not care less who he is as long as he gets Marina away from Shayne.


Cassie is bothered by Tammy’s interest in Joey and tries to find out whatever she can about him. She calls her friend Nancy, and asks her to find out everything she can about Joey. Edmund thinks she should not be so hard on the boy but Cassie cannot help herself.

Gus calls Frank, interrupting his date with Darci. Frank leaves to meet with Gus.

Shayne can't focus on the game because he is disappointed and worried that Marina is not there. As a result he ends up loading the bases on walks. Josh does his best to encourage Shayne, as does everyone else in the stands. Josh asks Buzz if he knows where Shayne’s good luck charm is, but Buzz doesn't know why Marina is not there. The game is going from bad to worse then Marina shows up. Darci tells her that things are not going well and Marina begins to cheer Shayne on. When he spots her in the stands he is relieved and his game picks up. He pitches his fastest ever - 91 miles an hour - and wins the game for his team.

Shayne and Marina stay at the stadium after everyone leaves. She congratulates him on his pitching and assures him that things will be great for him when he goes pro. Shayne tells her he was very worried when he learnt that she was with Ben but she lets him know that it is definitely over for her and Ben. The two vow to make the most of the month they have left.


After the game, Buzz opens up Company for a celebratory party. Cassie hears from “the mommy network” and learns that, though Joey did get into a lot of trouble recently, he is committed to his volunteer work and has completed all his community service. Tammy tells her mom that she wants to head out for a burger with Joey. Cassie agrees to two hours. Edmund instills a little fear into Joey, who promises to have Tammy back in an hour and a half. Cassie and Edmund decide to make the most of those ninety minutes.

Eden and Tony hang out together after the game and Tony asks about Salerno. Eden insists that she is no longer involved with him, and she is certain that he is not at all involved in the murders. They talk about their similar upbringings and Tony mentions that Marah could never understand some things about him.


Gus shows Frank the ring that was found in the hot tub and theorizes that there are two murderers: Ben Reade and Mitch Henden. Ben knew the coroner was onto him and had told two of his (Ben’s) co-workers so he decided to kill both women and the coroner. Mr. Henden thought he’d get revenge on his wife and Ben, by killing Ramona and framing Ben for it; when the cops released Ben, Mitch decided to make him pay by killing him too. They decide to approach the D.A. with this new theory, though all the evidence is circumstantial.


Jeffrey listens to their theories. He won't accept them, because he doesn't think any of it would hold up in court. If Mitch were to claim that the ring was lost, then he could easily get off. Jeffrey thinks that it is more and more likely that Eden is the guilty party. Gus asks Jeffrey why he insists on going after Eden. Jeffrey shows them a complaint he found that had been misfiled. It was a complaint the coroner had made against Eden, accusing her of blackmail. This is the kind of evidence, he can use in court. Jeffrey orders Gus to investigate Eden further, and to probe her psyche if necessary to figure out what her motive could possibly be.

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